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Recent articles by Bethany:

What's the Right Strategy to Deal with Fake News?

In 2019, Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth was involved in the fakest controversy I can remember seeing in a long while. While on air, he very plainly joked that he hasn’t washed his hands in a decade and didn’t believe in germs. His cohosts immediately laughed and the segment moved on. But those who […] → Read More

The End of Dentists?

Over the last two months, I haven’t honestly missed much since Before Times. We were already homebodies, we already homeschooled. It’s been nice having my husband home all the time to help out with childcare, and a dream to sit down to a family lunch and dinner together every single day. The thing I’ve missed […] → Read More

Hello COVID, Goodbye Common Sense (Mask Edition)

The mask has become a political statement. President Trump is being criticized for his refusal to wear one. And in response, Democratic candidate Joe Biden made his first public appearance in one today at a Memorial Day ceremony: Joe Biden has left his house for the first time in two months for a Memorial Day […] → Read More

The CDC Wants You to Homeschool

Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard from a trickle of parents considering homeschooling. Thanks to the CDC, that’s about to become a flood. The individuals responsible for these guidelines have, quite plainly, never encountered a child. They don’t know about how they operate or about what’s in their best interest. These recommendations are shocking […] → Read More

Will COVID Decimate NYC Demographics?

Anecdotally, I’m watching an exodus from New York City among dozens of friends, and I can’t say I blame them. They’ve spent months trapped inside tiny apartments that they signed on the dotted line for in exchange for what’s outside their walls, not inside. You trade the space and comfort of the suburbs for the […] → Read More

New School Protocols Will Guarantee a Homeschooling Surge

The only polling data we have on how parents are feeling about homeschooling in light of all of the coronavirus restrictions is from a school-choice organization, but the results were shocking: A survey of just over 2,100 people, conducted by the school choice advocacy group American Federation for Children, says 40% of parents are considering continuing […] → Read More

PA Secretary of Health Removed Her Mom from Nursing Home

While state officials and bureaucrats were moving COVID+ patients into nursing homes, introducing the virus to the population at most risk for complications and death, what were they doing with their loved ones? This is a question we should start asking. We know where the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health has her mom: out of a […] → Read More

The Nursing Home Scandal

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio is one of the most ghoulish politicians in America. This latest appearance discussing nursing homes is yet another example: .@NYCMayor De Blasio on nursing homes: "A lot of these are for-profit organizations. I think there’s going to be a lot of questions about whether they put their residents first … → Read More

Americans Are Done Waiting for the All Clear

Protests to ease restrictions and end the coronavirus lockdowns are popping up all across the country, even in the most unlikely places. Even in Orange County in California, protests clogged the streets after the announcement that on top of every other restriction, beaches would be added to the list of places inaccessible to the public: … → Read More

What Rights Do Children Have in Public School?

By now you’ve likely heard about the piece in Harvard Magazine on homeschooling leading up to its upcoming anti-homeschooling conference. The piece asks “What rights do children have in homeschooling?” Erin O’Donnell writes, A RAPIDLY INCREASING number of American families are opting out of sending their children to school, choosing instead to educate them at home. … → Read More

Are There "Extra" COVID Deaths?

There’s a troubling phenomenon taking root: an effort to count any “extra” deaths towards the COVID death count, even if they have not been officially deemed related. NEW: a lot of data on reported Covid deaths is highly suspect, so we’ve been looking into excess mortality — how many more people than usual have been … → Read More

Parents Need to Be Able to Grocery Shop

Outside every supermarket in my area, and in all of Maryland, there are signs: One person per family can enter, and everyone in the store must wear a mask. The only folks I see not abiding by the mask rule are the employees, who often have them hanging around their necks. And I understand it; … → Read More

Stop complaining about your husband on Facebook during coronavirus quarantine

In Facebook groups these days, many posts read, “I just need to vent...” in the first sentence. What always follows is an extended complaint about the poster’s husband. → Read More

CNN: King of the Gaslighters

One of my favorite stories about CNN, and one I keep coming back to, is from the end of 2017, when anchor Anderson Cooper had an anti-Trump tweet sent from his verified account. What clearly happened was someone else with access to the account accidentally tweeted under Cooper’s account instead of their own. The tale … → Read More

The Coming War Over the Subways

Over the last week or so, Florida resident John Ekdahl has noticed the mainstream media come out gunning for his state. This weekend, the beaches reopened, and the New York Times is on it. Ekdahl tweeted screenshots of the Times headlines and noted, “Called this two days ago. Anything to take attention away from how … → Read More

"Experts" Need to Stop Gaslighting Us About Possible Lab Origins of COVID

Anyone who has dared mention the possibility that coronavirus was created in a lab in Wuhan has been treated like a tinfoil-hat wearing lunatic. When Senator Tom Cotton broached the possibility, he was labeled a fringe conspiracy theorist by the New York Times and was the subject of similar disdain across the media landscape. Just a … → Read More

A Message on Homeschooling From an Original Homeschooler

To cope with the stress of ::waves arm around:: this, I have been lesson planning for our homeschool year next year. Reading and preparing for homeschooling, not to mention actually homeschooling, is how I unwind. I’m weird like that. I’ve been home with my kids and educating them in some form or another since my … → Read More

Believe All Women? An Easter Morning NYT News Dump

After a random party we’re not even sure happened, or that he went to if it did, we saw the absolute destruction of Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation. The esteemed Mollie Hemingway literally wrote the book on it, and it is a must-read for anyone looking to understand how the media coordinated the assassination attempt on the … → Read More

New Ricochet Podcast with Charlotte Pence Bond

Ricochet is the best place on the internet to discuss the issues of the day, either through commenting on posts or writing your own for our active and dynamic community in a fully moderated environment. In addition, the Ricochet Audio Network offers over 50 original podcasts with new episodes released every day. → Read More

The Other COVID-19 Death Toll

With the media and public’s focus on the directly related COVID-19 death toll and the related economic downturn, there isn’t nearly enough attention on the mental and emotional toll this crisis is taking on millions of Americans already vulnerable to mental health or substance abuse issues. The data is sparse, but it isn’t pretty. In … → Read More