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Recent articles by Bethany:

"You Look Just Like Your Father"

I say it a lot to my almost-three-year-old son: “You look just like your father.” A lot of people say it to him. I have three blue-eyed, curly and red-headed kids, and then the third kid out of the four randomly looks completely different; dark skin, dark chocolate eyes, straight black hair. Before our fourth … → Read More

Homeschool Adventure in Jamestown Settlement

I have dreams of what homeschooling my four kids will look like in five to ten years. A few months of the year will be spent learning about the history, geography, basic language, food and politics of a country, and then, we go to spend a few weeks there. My husband will likely never have … → Read More

Must Watch Video: I'm A Lesbian Woman & I'm Leaving The INSANE "Progressive" Left

Arielle Scarcella is a well-known lesbian YouTube personality; she has been on the platform for ten years and boasts over 630,000 subscribers on her channel. Normally she posts videos of sex toy reviews and other graphic non-family friendly content. She isn’t someone you’d normally see mentioned here, but she just posted a must-watch video about … → Read More

There Goes Another One

I had a strange college experience; while I watched all of my classmates become more liberal thanks to the indoctrination on campus, I found myself veering much further to the Right. While classes were canceled so students could protest, I found myself hanging out with James O’Keefe & company (of Project Veritas fame), hanging out … → Read More

The Mobbing of an Innocent Grieving Family

Almost two weeks ago, NBC published a piece about the death of a young boy in Colorado due to complications from the flu. The piece wasn’t written highlighting the importance of flu prevention or about the suffering of the family after the death of a child, but instead, as an attack on the parents’ decision … → Read More

How Many Friends Have You Lost?

A new study confirms what we all already knew: open-minded liberals aren’t quite as open-minded as they’d like you to believe: "Roughly 92 percent of conservatives said they would be friends with a liberal, and just 3 percent said that they would not have a liberal friend. Among liberals, however, almost a quarter said they … → Read More

Overshooting the Target on Social Issues, Yet Again

I am fairly agnostic when it comes to gay marriage; perhaps libertarian is the better word. I don’t really care what other people do, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Those on the opposition on the gay marriage issue always said “if gay marriage is legalized, there is absolutely no reason why polygamy … → Read More

The Politics of Privilege

Most of the problems that young progressives complain about are a product of one thing: They have never experienced actual hardship. It’s easy to get worked up about Donald Trump when you’ve never experienced a President you didn’t vote for; most of them have little memory of life before Barack Obama. It’s even easier to … → Read More

The Jewish Left is trying to hijack Israel

Few people in the United States are aware of a major election happening online, but last week the World Zionist Congress opened voting. Every five years American Jews vote for delegates sent to the Congress, and delegates represent various religious and political movements within the Jewish community. The body sounds like a vast Jewish conspiracy to those outside the Jewish community, but it… → Read More

Vote for Us, the Adults in the Room

For many Americans, President Trump’s actions; the things his administration has accomplished, are worthy of reelection. But it’s his tone, his Twitter feed, his words, that leave much to be desired. It isn’t presidential and it makes one long for a more dignified period in American politics. The Democratic Party can’t run easily against President Trump’s … → Read More

Don Lemon's Apology Proves How Little He Thinks of Us

After the President tweeted the video of Don Lemon and his guests laughing and mocking Trump supporters, the CNN anchor was forced to address the controversy and did so last night on air: CNN’s @donlemon on the viral clip of him laughing at Trump voters: “I didn’t catch everything that was said. Just to make … → Read More

CNN's Latest Ad for Trump 2020

While in one breath decrying the divisiveness that has infected our politics and criticizing our President’s role in breeding that anger, we have this from over the weekend on CNN’s evening show with Don Lemon, The arrogance, the dismissiveness, the smug cackling, the accents. If Donald Trump wins re-election this year, I’ll remember this brief … → Read More

Live by the Mob, Etc. etc.

Do you believe in karma? We may be seeing it play out in real-time. One of the most memorable long-form pieces of last year came in Reason from Emily Yoffe, and discussed the canceling of a journalist at the hands of #MeToo activists. I highly recommend opening another browser window to read it in full, … → Read More

The Fix is In: Media Edition

This morning the Daily Beast broke a new “bombshell” about Bernie Sanders, basically accusing him of racism: EXCLUSIVE: As Sanders floats at the top of the polls, previously unreported statements from the '70s where he compared predominantly white workers in his home state of Vermont to black slaves may put his past and judgment into … → Read More

The Fix is In

As it was last time around, Bernie Sanders is rising a bit too high and getting a bit too close to the nomination for the comfort of Establishment Democrats. Two pieces of news today indicate that they aren’t playing games anymore, and they’ll be using their voices and their power to kneecap the candidate: A … → Read More

Ladies, Don't Cheer on Brad & Jen

Last night at the SAG Awards, a few pictures worth 1,000 words raced around the Internet. Folks… 📷: Emma McIntyre — Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) January 20, 2020 Across my female social circles, hearts were aflutter. Brad and Jen, reunited! Why is any self-respecting woman cheering this? Many years after publicly cheating on his … → Read More

On NR's (Several) Disgraceful Swipes at Jews

Several days ago, National Review ran a news item about the rise in anti-Semitism in the tri-state area. It had this bizarre quality of trying to give both sides of the situation, but here’s the problem: on one side of the “issue” are Jews getting massacred and on the other, people who call those same … → Read More

What Was the Lesson of #MeToo?

Journalist Julie Ioffe had an interesting observation about the tiff between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and it shows how #MeToo could be a bomb about to detonate inside of the Democratic primary: Still thinking about the Warren-Bernie squabble and I have a question to people who have accused Warren of lying: isn’t the lesson … → Read More

A Ninja Turtle at a Cocktail Party

A major focus of our homeschool is an emphasis on the arts: fine literature, fine music, and fine art. We’ve been going to the Kennedy Center and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; both nearby classical music options, to take in concerts and shows. The BSO offers discount tickets for students under the age of 18, and … → Read More

One of Those Posts That Makes You Stop Scrolling

I am no fan of comedienne Amy Schumer for all of the reasons I don’t have to explain to a Ricochet audience. It’s not just a difference of politics; that difference comes with an entirely different worldview. This is the kind of stuff she posts on the regular: Our reproductive health, our immigrant communities, our … → Read More