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Past articles by Mia:

The Supreme Court’s dangerous abuse of religious exemptions

Another week, another totally bonkers ruling out of a federal court in Texas. Earlier this month, Judge Reed O’Connor (the same judge who tried overturning the entire Affordable Care Act in 2018 before we being overruled by the US Supreme Court) decided that employers do not have to offer insurance → Read More

Why do the Republicans keep proving their 'semi-fascism'?

After years and years of birtherism, calls to “lock her up,” antisemitic dogwhistles, delegitimizing everything the broad left does as “communism,” refusing to accept election results, stealing elections and plain-old racism and sexism – after all this, it seems that a line has been crossed and resp → Read More

Republican state attorneys general argue against saving a pregnant person’s life

Since Dobbs, many of the nightmare scenarios about abortion access have come true. Trigger bans have gone into effect. Healthcare for miscarriages has been delayed. Common prescriptions that can cause abortion (abortifacients) aren’t being filled at pharmacies. → Read More

Breonna Taylor and the Justice Department's original mandate

On March 13, 2020, police officers used a fraudulently obtained no-knock warrant to break into Breonna Taylor’s home in Louisville, Kentucky and fire 32 rounds, killing her while she slept. → Read More

Abortion as self-defense in the coming age of 'personhood'

Abortion is self-defense. Self-defense should be a defense to the criminalization of abortion. If a pregnant person is arrested for having an abortion, they should be able to claim self-defense. → Read More

Haunted by the ghosts of settled law

Last week the House passed bills to protect federal recognition of interracial and same-sex marriage as well as birth control. If you didn’t read the 200-page opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson, you might be confused about why the House is passing bills to protect rights that are already settled law. Well, → Read More

OPINION: Defeating 'fetal personhood' by taking it to extremes will fail

Since the Supreme Court issued its opinion overturning Roe, the current state of healthcare for women, girls, trans men and nonbinary people across the country has been thrown into chaos. → Read More

How the Supreme Court's worst ruling, Dred Scott, relates to the reversal of Roe

There are many Supreme Court decisions in our history that should be roundly criticized and never used as legitimate precedent. → Read More

Even if Griswold stands, states are likely to ban contraception

The demise of Roe threatens access to emergency contraception, IUDs and even the birth-control pill. Access is threatened even if Griswold v. Connecticut, which safeguards our right to birth control, remains the law. → Read More

The Supreme Court’s nod to white Christian theocracy

It’s clear the Supreme Court couldn’t care less about history, judicial precedent, basic consistency or common decency. → Read More

This week saw a trio of terrible, horrible habeas corpus Supreme Court rulings

In this term, the Supreme court has issued two decisions that limit habeas corpus and the right to judicial review of unlawful detention. A third ruling treats the death penalty with a casualness that undermines the constitutional justifications for the punishment. → Read More

Swooning liberals beware: Liz Cheney had no problem with Donald Trump until the attempted coup

Liz Cheney is one of the few Republicans to condemn the attempted coup on January 6 and to join Democrats in the investigation. Standing against an armed insurrection is a bizarrely low bar, but Cheney deserves a little credit for being one of two to meet it. → Read More

American Democracy must be vigorously fought for because the January 6th hearings may change nothing

The hearings held in the House tonight to investigate the attempted coup on January 6 are vital if we have any hope of holding elected officials accountable – but they are unlikely to change minds. → Read More

The Supreme Court has ruled that cops have 'no specific legal duty to individuals.' We need better laws

Recent tragic mass shootings are drawing attention (again) to a lot of societal problems we could fix if we wanted to but instead prioritize white supremacy, sexism, and gun culture. → Read More

How the NRA crafted the unholy matrimony of gun culture and white supremacy

Last week 19 children and two teachers were murdered by an 18-year-old who legally bought two semiautomatic rifles. The week before, 10 Black people visiting the supermarket were murdered by an 18-year-old who legally bought a semiautomatic rifle. → Read More

Abortion restrictions are also voter suppression

Earlier this month, a draft leaked of the likely majority opinion for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health overturning Roe v. Wade and declaring that abortion is no longer a constitutionally protected right. → Read More

The sneaky way the right to protest is becoming imperiled

The right to peaceably assemble and protest is dearly held in the American imagination dating back to the Boston Tea Party. While the response to peaceful protests by non-white people and women was not always embraced at the time, the narratives of suffrage parades and Civil Rights marches have bee... → Read More

'We're deeply screwed' if leaked Supreme Court abortion ruling is true

Last night Politico published what’s apparently a leaked opinion draft for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, the case that could overturn Roe v. Wade. Since the Supreme Court is currently 6-3 with at least 5 ultra-conservatives, no one is expecting it to uphold Roe or protect abortion rights. However → Read More

Right-wing judge's scrapping of the CDC's mask mandate defies common sense

Last week, a Trump-appointed federal judge struck down a CDC mask mandate for all public transit – including air travel. This decision is in the middle of a number of political fights over the authority of the administrative state, dismissiveness towards the dangers of covid in general and animosity → Read More

Texas is about to execute an innocent woman for a crime that never occurred

Melissa Lucio is set to be executed, as the first Hispanic woman in Texas, on April 27 for a crime that never happened. → Read More