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Past articles by Cate:

13 Things Marginalized Americans Wish Male Politicians Knew

As a proud Latina and Mexican-American, I'm used to people saying hurtful things about me. Rarely are these insults more painful than when they come from a politician, however. Whether or not a politician actually represents me in office, I still tak… → Read More

White Men Commit Mass Shootings More Than Any Other Group — Why Aren't We Talking About That?

The latest mass shooting in America is almost perfectly playing out the familiar patterns that the nation has come to recognize in the wake of these tragedies. A white man killed dozens of people in Las Vegas on Monday night, just as a white men did … → Read More

Was The Las Vegas Attack The Deadliest Mass Shooting In History? This Trend Is Startling

A horrific shooting on the Las Vegas strip Sunday night broke one of the country's most somber records, but it may not stand for long. The attack in Las Vegas suggests that mass shootings will only keep getting worse unless there's radical change at … → Read More

Why Isn't The Las Vegas Shooting Being Called Terrorism? A Troubling Double Standard's At Play

The deadliest mass shooting in American history happened Sunday night on the Las Vegas strip, where over 50 people died and over 500 were injured when a gunman opened fire at a music festival. The heartbreaking incident has brought millions to social… → Read More

Indian Court Overturns Rape Conviction Because A “Feeble No” From A Woman "May Mean A Yes"

India's slow march toward gender equality suffered a setback this week after a key legal ruling cast doubt on the nation's commitment to prosecuting sexual assault. A Indian judge overturned a Bollywood director's rape conviction, and the reasoning b… → Read More

Is Taking A Knee Protesting The Flag? Football Players Are Making A Much Bigger Point

Athletes across the country joined together to protest this weekend to challenge assertions of disloyalty to their country. While many Americans interpret the act of kneeling during the national anthem disrespectful to the flag, this nationwide prote… → Read More

"I Was Healthy" On Twitter Tells The Stories Of Americans Who Never Knew How Much They'd Need Health Insurance

One of the GOP's primary arguments for the Graham-Cassidy bill is that people shouldn't have to pay for more coverage than they personally need. However, most Americans know that this isn't how insurance actually works — indeed, it's antithetical to … → Read More

This Mexico City Earthquake Video Shows An Entire Building Wiped Out In The Blink Of An Eye

A large portion of central Mexico was struck by a devastating earthquake Tuesday that has claimed more than 200 lives. The level of destruction can be difficult to fathom for those who have never witnessed this particular type of disaster firsthand —… → Read More

What Is Assembly Bill 569? California Wants To Prevent Companies From Firing People Who Use Birth Control

Religious organizations in California have long held employees, particularly female ones, under strict behavior contracts, but that practice may soon be outlawed thanks to the state's legislature. A new bill would finally prohibit California corporat… → Read More

Jimmy Kimmel Rips Trump & Melania's Painfully Awkward Handshake At Andrews Air Force Base — VIDEO

The latest twist in the ongoing mystery of the president's marriage occurred over the weekend, and one late night host took the opportunity to point out exactly how bizarre it was. Jimmy Kimmel mocked Melania and Donald Trump's awkward handshake from… → Read More

What's Happening In St. Louis? Here's What You Need To Know

St. Louis, the sixth-most segregated city in America, is fighting back against its local government in the third straight day of protests. If you're just catching up on this news story, there's a lot to break down — here's what you need to know about… → Read More

What Is ToolBank USA? Helping Hurricane Victims Doesn’t Require A Boatload Of Cash

Americans have come together in creative and inspiring ways to support each other after two back-to-back storms battered the United States coast over the last month. The national focus on financial accountability during these disasters has also highl… → Read More

The Video Of Trump Shaking Marco Rubio's Hand Even Left Twitter Saying "Ow"

Following Irma's blow to south Florida, Donald Trump was brought face to face with one of his biggest rivals from the 2016 presidential campaign. The resulting interaction was so painfully awkward that the brief, nearly missable moment had Twitter cr… → Read More

Who Is Jemele Hill? The ESPN Anchor Tore Into Trump & Ignited A Debate

A black female sportscaster spoke out against the president this week — sparking a surprising amount of controversy, given the current approval ratings of the chief executive. Jemele Hill, the ESPN anchor who dragged Trump on Twitter, has a history o… → Read More

How Is The iPhone 8 Different From The iPhone 7? Apple Unveils Its New Products With A Bang

This year's annual Apple event was one of the most highly anticipated in years due to the release of the new iPhone 8. Although the latest release in the Apple product line isn't actually the brand's premiere model, the iPhone 8 may still be the most… → Read More

How To Donate Clothes To Hurricane Irma Victims & Make Sure You're Doing It The Right Way

The second hurricane to slam the United States in less than a month hit Florida this weekend, and Americans are preparing to mobilize a nationwide response. If you want to get in on the relief effort, there are a few simple guidelines to follow in or… → Read More

"Hurricane Karma" Doesn't Exist. Stop Saying Conservatives Deserve It.

The relentless series of natural disasters across North America this month has a lot of people existentially stressed and as Americans are apt to do, many have tried to cope with humor. People have found comfort in the post-hurricane antics of Texans… → Read More

Ending DACA Endangers All Latinxs & Here's What You Can Do To Support Them

The Trump administration confirmed Tuesday that it is ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which grants legal status to some immigrants who arrived in the United States as children. This program won't end in a vacuum however, an… → Read More

How To Get A DACA Facebook Profile Picture & Lend Your Voice To The Silenced

Donald Trump is officially rescinding DACA, putting nearly 1 million previously legal immigrants at risk of unemployment, poverty, and deportation. Millions of Americans are speaking out in opposition to the Trump administration, and there are a few … → Read More

Will Hurricane Irma Be As Bad As Katrina? The United States Needs To Be Prepared

Another major hurricane is headed toward the United States with each passing day its likely trajectory and intensity upon impact become clearer. The National Hurricane Center says it could be a "potentially catastrophic" storm that seems to be taking… → Read More