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Past articles by Josh:

Please Don’t Throw Your Old Xbox Or PlayStation In The Bin

Did you know the old Xbox and PlayStation consoles contribute massively to e-waste? Here's ways to keep yours from going to landfill. → Read More

An Earth Day Reminder: Don't Throw Your Old Xbox Or PlayStation In The Bin

While used PS4s and Xboxes may not make up a significant portion of e-waste, that doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing... → Read More

If You Work During the Daylight Saving Time Change, Check Your Paystub

Daylight Saving Time ends early this Sunday. (Here’s our post on the history of the time change.) Aside from changing your clocks, there’s another reason it’s worth noting the change, particularly if you’re an hourly employee. → Read More

How to Reduce Your Food Delivery and Takeout Waste

According to Grubhub’s annual “Year in Food” report, the food delivery platform averages more than 450,000 orders a day. Inexplicably, cauliflower pizza was also the single most ordered dish in 2019. → Read More

Update Your Airline's App Before a Flight

When you’re in a rush and see a line of restless passengers standing at the check-in counter, having your airline’s app downloaded is key. → Read More

See All the Flight Delays and Cancelations at U.S. Airports

Earlier this week, a winter storm affecting states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado meant flight delays and cancelations en masse—at Denver International Airport, at least 600 flights were delayed and 40 canceled on Monday. Meanwhile, more than 1,200 flights were delayed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International and at least 400 flights canceled at Charlotte Douglas International because of… → Read More

How to Watch Tonight's Democratic Presidential Debate

Tonight, seven presidential candidates will take the stage in Manchester, New Hampshire for another Democratic Presidential debate, ahead of the state’s primary. Co-hosted by ABC News, local affiliate WMUR-TV, and Apple News, the debate will likely include discussions of the Iowa caucus and President Trump’s recent acquittal. → Read More

Can You Recycle Those Annoying Wire Hangers?

Over the years, you may or not have assembled a collection of flimsy wire hangers in your closet from years of dry-cleaning winter coats. As it turns out, those hangers have a long history. In a story for Vox, writer Dan Greene recently took a deep dive into the origins of the wire hanger—a tale that goes as far back as the Industrial Revolution—and one of the greatest takeaways from the story… → Read More

How to Download Your Entire Netflix Viewing History

In 2017, Netflix reported its users watched nearly 140 million hours of content a day, or a little less than an hour on average per subscriber. Total that up and it means you and I and every other binge-watcher spent nearly 13 days on Netflix, likely watching re-runs of The Office. → Read More

Find Your Carbon Footprint Using This Emissions Calculator

Last month, JetBlue announced plans to become carbon neutral on all domestic flights in 2020 and offset up to 17 billion pounds of carbon emissions. And on the consumer level, airlines like United have long offered carbon offset options for environmentally-conscious travelers—but how exactly do carbon offsets even work? → Read More

These Are the Most Common Airbnb Scams

We here at Lifehacker HQ have written a lot about the troubles associated with booking an Airbnb property. Worried hidden cameras are spying on you? We’ve covered it! Worried you’ve booked a fake listing? We’ve also covered it (a handful of times, in fact). → Read More

How to Watch Tonight's Iowa Caucus Coverage

Tonight in Iowa, several hundred thousand people will gather in libraries, community centers, and even bars to debate and select their candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination as part of the state’s caucus. → Read More

What to Do When Your Travel Partner Doesn’t Have TSA Precheck

Back in 2018, the House passed a bill that would ban most passengers who weren’t enrolled in TSA Precheck from entering its expedited security lines at airports—much to the collective groan of Precheck-enrolled passengers traveling with those who aren’t. → Read More

How to Ditch Single-Use Plastic Bags Forever

On March 1, New York will join states like California in the fight against plastic bags by banning most carryout plastic bags from grocery stores and other retailers. → Read More

Don't Bother Recycling Your CVS Receipts

Back in 2018, Vox reporter Rachel Sugar investigated the reasoning behind those annoying long receipts you receive at CVS stores. As it turns out, it’s not an accident; according to a statement, the drugstore intentionally prints out long receipts to show customers “rewards they’ve earned or what savings they can take advantage of,” which apparently, takes a few feet of explanation on paper. → Read More

Get a One-Way Ticket on Southwest for as Little as $59

Over at the New York Times, reporter Julie Weed described the difficulties of finding cheap airfare when it’s you versus airline software technology, which changes airfare prices multiple times a day to benefit the airline. The greatest takeaway? There’s no single “right time” to buy a flight, given the fluctuating prices. → Read More

How to Avoid Sitting Next to a Crying Baby on a Flight

Back in September, Japan Airlines made headlines for changing some of its flights’ seat maps to including “child icons,” meaning young children would be seated in those spots—a change designed for other passengers to find seating away from those infants on flights. → Read More

Create a Vacation Recovery Plan

Over on NBC News, writer Sarah DiGiulio described that imminent sense of dread you experience after taking time off, otherwise known as the post-vacation blues—by Monday morning, you’re back in the office, at your desk, and wondering if it was all a dream. → Read More

Where to Find Space in a Crowded Gym

It’s January⁠—which means your gym is swarmed with resolution-havers. And that’s okay! If people want to better themselves, then they’re just as entitled to work out as you are. The downside, however, is that you’re often forced to wait for a free squat rack, bench press or elliptical. Curious where you can find a little space in an especially crowded gym? → Read More

The U.S. Airports With the Best and Worst Food

There’s a reason why bars at airports are so common—it’s because the food’s terrible. No one loves a cold egg sandwich and watered-down coffee at 6am, after all, and beer might make everything taste a little better. → Read More