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Past articles by Amanda:

Silicon Valley Bank collapse cinches it: Tech billionaires are just as bad as Wall Street bros

After the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, can we end the myth of the benevolent tech overlord? → Read More

Double duds: Jim Jordan's and Tucker Carlson's lazy conspiracy theories bore MAGA

Is it just me, or are do these professional BS-ers seem tired of their own schtick? → Read More

Republicans try — but can't — distance themselves from Tucker Carlson's lies

Everyone knows Tucker Carlson lies — what matters is the GOP now blesses his Jan. 6 revisionism → Read More

MAGA sinks GOP trolling to genocidal lows

Republicans are competing for attention by ratcheting up anti-LGBTQ speech. The inevitable result is violence → Read More

The Alex Murdaugh verdict matters: No shame in being fascinated by this true crime

Can privileged criminals face consequences? The Murdaugh murder trial speaks to anxieties fueling current tensions → Read More

Rupert Murdoch usually settles his many lawsuits — so why is he toughing out the Dominion case?

Maintaining the image of a news outlet is starting to become almost impossible for Fox News → Read More

"Patients would come 9 or 10 times": What we can learn from the first time abortion was banned

Author Jennifer Wright on abortionist Madame Restell got rich in the 1900s — before the right drove her to suicide → Read More

"Women are regarded as a fragile vessel": Dress code fight a back door to spread Christian theocracy

Dress code fight a backdoor to spread Christian theocracy → Read More

AI companionship, toxic masculinity and the case of Bing's "sentient" chatbot

Bing chatbot conspiracy theories offer a dark window into the dangers of toxic masculinity → Read More

The Southern Baptist Convention ousting female pastors shows the Christian right's radicalization

Showily booting the famous Saddleback Church is the latest example of why the church can't keep young people around → Read More

GOP attacks on Biden's Ukraine visit are worse than partisanship — they really want Russia to win

Far-right Republicans won't come right out in support of Putin, yet they agree with his anti-democratic agenda → Read More

Fox News texts reveal the truth: The Big Lie was a con — that the viewers were in on

Texts prove Fox hosts knowingly lied about the 2020 election — here's why they won't lose viewers → Read More

Tucker Carlson vs. Chelsea Handler: Why the right-wing is steaming mad about childfree women

The Fox News tantrum over a childfree comedian says a lot more about Republicans than it does about modern women → Read More

Republicans would rather kids be shot than let them read books

It's about control, not protection: Despite Michigan State shooting, Republicans will treat books as more dangerous → Read More

Elon Musk's latest Twitter tantrum is an attempt to amplify propaganda

The "shadowbanning" myth is a pretext to boost far-right voices on social media — even if people don't follow them → Read More

Why do so many Republicans now dress like cartoon supervillains? It's what the MAGA base craves

Blame Roger Stone: On the right, playing up how they're the bad guys only makes them more popular → Read More

House GOP hearing exposes Trump's complete takeover: Republicans are now a collection of crybabies

As they prepared to take control of the lower chamber of Congress, there was extensive hype about how Republicans planned to abuse their new House majority with fake "investigations" meant mainly to generate right-wing propaganda. Certainly, in the past, the imprimatur of congressional hearings elevated Republican lies and conspiracy theories into the mainstream, turning non-stories — like… → Read More

GOP boos fool no one: Everyone knows Republicans want to slash Social Security and Medicare

The new Republicans House speaker may not be the negotiation ninja that he thinks he is → Read More

Bless their hearts! The Christian right attempts to mount a revival

The Satanic panic over the Grammys is part of a larger fundamentalist bid to make themselves relevant again → Read More

Eek, a balloon! How China easily got Republicans to beclown themselves

The more Republicans try to act tough, the more they reveal how pitiful they actually are → Read More