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Past articles by Sady:

The Parent Trap

Working In These Times is dedicated to providing independent and incisive coverage of the labor movement and struggles for workers' rights. → Read More

The Parent Trap

Working In These Times is dedicated to providing independent and incisive coverage of the labor movement and struggles for workers' rights. → Read More

The Tara Reade Saga Is a Failure of Journalism

Reporters haven't done their due diligence with Biden's accuser, and she is paying 100% of the price. → Read More

The Media Gaslighting of 2020’s Most Likable Candidate

At CNN’s town hall event on Monday, the American people saw something we’d been told was impossible: Elizabeth Warren winning over a crowd. The Massachusetts senator took aim at a variety of… → Read More

How Capitalism Turned Women Into Witches

Sylvia Federici’s new book explains how violence against women was a necessary precondition for capitalism. → Read More

You Can’t Fight Patriarchy Without Fighting Transphobia

Transgender rights are reproductive rights, and vice versa. It’s a connection that is not stressed often enough in a world where cis women and trans people are pitted against each other by bad-faith… → Read More

Sady Doyle: Megan Fox and the 'unlikable' women #MeToo left behind

We've created a system that is inherently rigged against some of the women whom we most need to hear. → Read More

Tumblr Was a Safe Space for Women to Consume Porn. Now It's Banning Adult Content.

Women will keep making and consuming porn, but the sense of community Tumblr fostered will disappear. → Read More

It's Trans Remembrance Day, and It's Way Past Time Cis Women Show Up for Trans Rights

If we don’t have their backs, it shows that we care about gender equality and human rights less than we think. → Read More

Misogyny has become central to the Republican mission — and the GOP is dying as a result

The GOP cannot pivot to regain female support because institutionalized misogyny — like racism — has become central to its mission. → Read More

False Sexual Assault Allegations Have Officially Been Weaponized—By Men

Not only do these men see false accusations as an easy way to smear enemies like Robert Mueller, they relish the opportunity to cast doubt on survivors. → Read More

How to Prepare for a World Where Abortion Is Illegal

With Roe v. Wade almost certainly on the chopping block, here's a guide for what to do if abortion access becomes even more curtailed. → Read More

The Cost of Male Comfort Is Female Pain – Power Trip –

“I was very emotional last Thursday,” Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in the Wall Street Journal a few days before his confirmation, “more so than I have ever been. I might have been too… → Read More

Reality Now Outstrips My Feminist Paranoia

After a life spent explaining our culture’s patriarchal roots, it's bizarre to be able to just turn on the TV and see the President openly affirm them. → Read More

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Was Perfect. It Probably Won't Matter.

The problem, for plenty of witnesses, was not what Dr. Blasey had to say, but the fact that she’d been allowed to speak at all. In the end, every woman sounds too female to be believed. → Read More

Women Shouldn't Have to Make Heroic Sacrifices Just to Hold Their Abusers Accountable

Until we live in a culture that values women more than the powerful male predators they confront, women will still be asked to throw themselves on the tracks to save us. → Read More

Exactly How Many Women Does a Guy Have to Attack Before You Conclude He's Got Problems With Women?

On Brett Kavanaugh, Les Moonves, and a culture where violence against women is personal and structural. → Read More

Protecting Legal Abortion Is About More Than Women Dying. It's About Women Living.

This is about more than women dying. It’s about women living; about the quality of life we can expect, the rights we are guaranteed as citizens within this country. → Read More

Louis CK’s Comedy of Complicity Doesn’t Need a Second Act

The 50-year-old comedian is already attempting to make a comeback, just months after he confirmed sexual assault allegations made against him were true. → Read More

Republicans Are Resorting to the Age-Old 'Blame Women' Strategy to Try to Win the Midterms

The 2018 midterms are close upon us, and for Republicans looking to keep control of Congress, the face of Democratic iniquity definitely has a certain...look. → Read More