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Past articles by Daniel:

The best Batman Christmas stories (and there are weirdly a lot of them!)

There are a pretty good number of stories that have Batman dealing out justice during the holidays. In honor of this joyous season, here are some of the best. → Read More

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Camp Cretaceous understands that the key ingredient to Jurassic Park’s success is a constant feeling of unease, followed by an atmosphere of almost inescapable peril. → Read More

The Batman Before The Batman: In Defense of the 2004 Cartoon

The great series was always stuck in another cartoon's shadow. But if the Penguin throwing a flying roundhouse kick brings you glee, give it a try. → Read More

Love Is Blind: How Netflix's Muddled Series Uniquely Thrives on Discomfort

The muddled series finds ways to uniquely thrive on discomfort. → Read More

Jackass' Legacy Is Its Friendly Fellowship of Pain

From TV series to franchise, the camaraderie behind the stunts is what solidified Jackass' legacy. → Read More

Yes Gotham Was Weird, but Sometimes That's Exactly What a Batman Story Needs

Batman's origin story is well known to pretty much everyone at this point, but Gotham proved that it didn't need to be boring. → Read More

The Sad, Wannabe Heroes of Danny McBride

McBride avoids the sympathetic route. → Read More

TV Rewind: It’s Never a Bad Time to Return to Deadwood

Deadwood is more than just a relic from the early “Golden Age” of prestige TV; it's a portrait of humanity, sometimes grim and sometimes relishing in the joys of community → Read More

Why Batman: The Animated Series Remains a Beloved, Nostalgic Hit

Batman: The Animated Series has avoided the cycle of being in and out of favor among superhero shows, and it's not hard to see why. → Read More

King Kong's Skull Islands, ranked: Which prehistoric jungle is a true wonder of the world?

King Kong may be the Eighth Wonder of the World, but Skull Island—the prehistoric jungle the giant ape calls home—is an awe-inspiring wonder in its own right. → Read More

Why the Recent Wave of TV Reboots Is Nothing New to Anime Fans

In an uncertain entertainment world where cancellations are frequent and unexplained, and artists lose control of their series, some stories are powerful enough to remain--and worth returning to. → Read More

Remembering 'Electric Tale of Pikachu,' Pokémon's first (and strangest) English manga

The Electric Tale of Pikachu is not just an exciting, vibrant series, but one that also reflects Pokémon’s former status as a burgeoning wunderkind franchise. → Read More

FEATURE: How The Pokémon Trading Card Game Became a Recent Gold Rush

A few days ago, as part of the cross-medium celebration of Pokémon’s impending 25th anniversary, McDonald’s released a Happy Meal set emblazoned with Pikachu’s i → Read More

FEATURE: Dragon Ball Super Proves That Dragon Ball Never Needs An Ending

The first episode of Dragon Ball Super sees Goku sittin' in a tractor, plowing a field with the kind of indifference you'd expect from a dude that's spent most of his li → Read More

QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About One Piece's Nico Robin

Test your knowledge of the Straw Hat Crew's archaeologist! → Read More

QUIZ: How Much Do You Remember About The Original Digimon Adventure?

It's no secret that I'm a pretty big fan of the Digimon Adventure: reboot (now streaming on Crunchyroll!) That said, the original series remains extremely close to my heart and i → Read More

ESSAY: Dropping The Weights — How The Chunin Exams Define Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto is one of the defining series of both the '00s and the 2010s, the original manga spanning 15 years and the accompanying anime lasting a few years aft → Read More

FEATURE: Black Clover Didn't Need To Go That Hard...But It Did

WARNING: LIGHT SPOILERS FOR BLACK CLOVER EPISODE 151 AHEAD. PLEASE WATCH THIS EPISODE. Let's not lie to ourselves — we know the reputation that anime original → Read More

Wrong Turn and other insane, gory, early 2000s horror makes me feel like I'm home again

Wrong Turn is the story of a group of twenty-somethings (featuring a pre-Dexter Desmond Harrington and post-Buffy Eliza Dushku) who get into a car accident in the mountains of West Virginia. Nervous and eager to, ya know, not be stranded in an Appalachian forest, they accidentally run afoul of three inbred mountain men, and soon most of the group is eviscerated in some manner. → Read More