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Past articles by Cas:

What is behind Ron DeSantis’s Stop-Woke Act?

The strategy behind this Republican battle is to fight off the federal state until they have re-established federal power themselves → Read More

Are Democrats messing up their midterm messaging? Our panel responds

Democrats have come under fire from critics like Bernie Sanders, who say the party isn’t focusing enough on the economy. Is that right? → Read More

Giorgia Meloni has won big in Italy, but there are many more obstacles to come

The far-right leader may have little impact on European politics, says Guardian US columnist Cas Mudde → Read More

Republicans are fueling extremism and terror like the Buffalo shooting

There is no easy fix to dealing with far-right terror. But we should stop assuming Republicans can help, when they are part of the problem → Read More

The Democratic party needs new, younger leadership before it’s too late

The party’s leaders came of age in a distant era and haven’t grasped that today’s Republican party belongs to the extreme right → Read More

It’s not just Whoopi Goldberg: Americans are deeply misinformed about the Holocaust

While Whoopi Goldberg’s ignorance of the Holocaust is painful, it is far from striking. Many Americans don't know what it is → Read More

Should Spotify ban Joe Rogan? Our panel weighs in

The fight over Covid misinformation has put Spotify’s Joe Rogan Experience in the crosshairs. So what should be done? → Read More

A year after the Capitol attack, what has the US actually learned?

The government is finally taking the threat of far-right militia groups seriously. But the larger threat are the Republican legislators who continue to recklessly undermine US democracy → Read More

Kyle Rittenhouse has walked free. Now it’s open season on protesters

Demonstrators in the US must fear not only police brutality but also rightwing vigilantes → Read More

Surprised to see US Republicans cozying up to the European far right? Don’t be

Before Trump, only relatively fringe American conservatives had open connections to the international far right. Today, the ties have mainstreamed → Read More

‘Critical race theory’ is the right’s new bogeyman. The left must not fall for it

Rightwing politicians and media outlets are attacking a strawman version of antiracism. A disappointing number of liberals and leftists have bought into it → Read More

Strategies for a world without right-wing populism and nationalism – Cas Mudde

The radical right has been setting the agenda in terms of identity and security. Social democrats need to recapture it and redefine Europe. → Read More

Ignore the hype of Republicans threatening to ‘break away’ over Trump

Anti-Trump Republicans get lots of media attention. That doesn’t mean they are relevant within the Republican party → Read More

A far-right threat shut down US Congress this week. Why aren't we talking about it?

It’s hard to know how serious the threat was, but either way House Democrats’ decision was terrible for US democracy → Read More

Far-right extremism in the US is deadly serious. What will Biden do about it?

The Capitol attack was the tip of the iceberg. The Biden administration must confront the full threat of the US far right → Read More

What happened in Washington DC is happening around the world

Far-right attempts to storm parliaments and government offices have happened in Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands in recent years → Read More

Unlike Trump, Europe's far-right leaders haven't been damaged by the pandemic

A study of 31 countries shows other rightwing populists have not been ‘exposed’ by Covid-19 in the way the US president was, say political scientists Cas Mudde and Jakub Wondreys → Read More

With Trump gone, can we talk about the fear of fascism we had about him?

It’s time to start a critical self-assessment of our analyses and commentary of the past years. What held up and what didn’t? → Read More

Make no mistake: Biden's success is an important win for the world

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the popular vote with a record number of votes. That is worth celebrating → Read More

How does the rest of the world feel about the US election? Like the US, polarized

Most people globally are keen to be rid of Trump. Yet a far-right minority likes Trump and has become more committed to him → Read More