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Recent articles by Brett:

Want to fix Social Security? Here's a genius idea

People say America is a hopelessly divided country. Phooey! There are plenty of issues that could bring people together across the spectrum. And if you don’t believe me, look no further than an excellent survey conducted last month by The Harris Poll, on behalf of retirement firm PlanGap. The subject: Congress and Social Security—the retirement plan that most of America is going to rely on, but… → Read More

Trump, Biden, the election, and your 401(k): The (shockingly…boring) truth

Do we want a Hoover or Coolidge market? It isn’t that simple → Read More

The inventor of the '4% rule' just changed it

Bill Bengen says the now-iconic rule was always treated too simplistically → Read More

Trump’s COVID-19: What the latest election turmoil might mean for your 401(k)

It's likely good news, at least for your investments → Read More

If Donald Trump has a plan to save Social Security, he should tell voters what it is

Otherwise 80 million Americans face brutal retirement income cuts within about a decade → Read More

Citigroup CEO’s postretirement payouts worth a new Porsche 911 – a month

You get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car! How about one of these new every month? Sean Gallup/Getty Images Eight months can be a long time in retirement planning. Don’t believe me? Just ask Michael Corbat. The 59-year old CEO of megabank Citigroup C, -3.28% has just announced he is standing down, to be succeeded by fellow executive Jane Fraser (the first woman to run a major U.S.… → Read More

Will Biden’s 401(k) plan help you or hurt you?

If you’re a single person with a taxable income below around $40,000 a year or a married couple below around $80,000, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a proposal that could help fatten your retirement savings. That’s according to independent expert calculations. And if you earn substantially more than those levels, the plan is supposed to raise your taxes—but there is a relatively simple way to… → Read More

The assault on Social Security is under way

Pandemic panic is the perfect cover for gutting the program → Read More

Investors should be wary of Warren Buffett’s crash warning

Leaving the party too early can cost you as much as leaving too late → Read More

Apple investors: Watch out for the winners’ curse

Quick: What was the most valuable company in the world 10 years ago? If you guessed Apple AAPL, +1.19% — the most valuable today, with a market capitalization above $2 trillion—you’d be wrong. In 2010, number one was oil giant Exxon Mobil XOM, +2.95%. Returns since then? Zero. The stock has dropped from $61 to about $41, but even with dividends you’ve barely broken even—and that’s before… → Read More

A strategy to outsmart the S&P 500 ‘bubble’

Two modern economists are walking down the street, chatting away amicably, marveling at the perfect wisdom of the stock market. Then one of them looks down, stops, and holds out his hand to stop his companion. “Look!” he says, pointing down. The second economist follows his gesture. And there, on the sidewalk, he sees a giant pile of money. The two gawp for a second. Then the first economist… → Read More

Uh-oh: Investors predict ‘Dow 50,000’ — in just five years

The average U.S. investor must be even higher than the stock market. What else can explain the results of a new survey, which found that, among a sample of 1,500 people here in the U.S. who manage their portfolios, the average person expected the stock market to generate sky-high returns of 15.4% a year over the next five years? After accounting for dividends, that would mean stock prices would… → Read More

Eeek! Why I don’t trust S&P 500 index funds (especially not now)

Diversification? What diversification? → Read More

The stock market is cheating us all—and here’s by how much

We should be getting as much as 30% more, study suggests → Read More

Bye, boomer: The coming cull of workers over 50

Employers seize on slumps to purge more expensive, more experienced workers, study warns → Read More

The hidden risk in your S&P 500 index fund

Jason Statham as That Surprised Index Fund Investor Warner Bros. /Courtesy Everett Collection How much of your retirement savings are you now gambling on the fortunes of just six companies? If you’re holding them in an S&P 500 SPX, +0.28% stock market index fund, the answer is: About a quarter. That’s how much the so-called “FANMAGs”—Facebook FB, +0.45%, Apple AAPL, -0.20%, Netflix NFLX,… → Read More

No U.S. stock funds? Is this 25-year old investor crazy — or on to something?

Do-it-yourself retirement saver goes against the Wall Street crowd → Read More

Watch out: This is the age where you should definitely stop trading stocks

Study finds the point where our money skills start falling faster than our confidence → Read More

The real reason Social Security is in crisis

Another day, another warning that Social Security is running out of money. University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business warns that the costs of the coronavirus pandemic, and the economic shock from the lockdown, may cause the Social Security trust fund to run out of money in as little as 12 years from today. The $3 trillion fund, which was heading for depletion by 2035 or 2036, could… → Read More

AT&T boss retires with $274,000 a month for life

Not everyone gets personally insulted by the president of the United States when they announce their retirement. But when you’re walking away with a pension plan big enough to buy a typical U.S. house every single month — yes, really — do you really care? AT&T T, -0.72% honcho Randall Stephenson landed a complimentary insult from the chief executive of the United States two weeks ago when he… → Read More