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Past articles by I.:

The metaverse could change the lives of people with disabilities

From education to work, social lives and entertainment, just like the internet bought tools of online banking or shopping → Read More

Energy crisis: why French households are largely protected from soaring costs while British families struggle

France's cheap nuclear energy will insulate many of its consumers from rising bills, but the system isn't perfect, says expert Renaud Foucart → Read More

Hellfire R9X 'Ninja' missile is the worrying next step in 'killer robot' drones

The missile that killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has made campaigners fearful of the future of warfare → Read More

Why the unique baby name you’ve been treasuring might become annoyingly popular within a few years

Parents-to-be often keep their chosen baby name a secret to avoid their friends stealing it - but when they get to sending their little one to nursery they realise it isn't as original as they thought → Read More

Keep gossiping, there are benefits for life and work

Gossip is often dismissed as dangerous talk - done mainly by women - but it can be used for good. → Read More

Thor: Love and Thunder: Why it’s so hard for Marvel to get its female superheroes right

When Natalie Portman was cast as "female Thor" Marvel felt the backlash from fans about their supposed feminist agenda underpinning the studio’s direction - and it wasn't the first time → Read More

Why clutter vs minimalism is the new generational battleground

Why do some people revel in collections of novelty eggcups? Or have so many framed pictures you can barely see the (ferociously busy) wallpaper? → Read More

How Russia turned tiny exclave Kaliningrad into an 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' on Nato's doorstep

Once a highly inter-mixed area with a population of Germans, Poles, Lithunanians and Jews, it was ethnically cleansed of most of its German population by Stalin → Read More

China can't back down from its harsh Covid response now, but it's gambling its economic future

In a bid to remain in power, possibly for life at the next Communist Party Congress in six months, leader Xi Jinping has gambled on harsh lockdowns to keep deaths low, but at what cost? → Read More

Women have fewer orgasms than men because of old-fashioned gender beliefs about sex, not lack of desire

Most people's idea of “regular sex” means the practices most likely to result in a woman having an orgasm, such as oral sex, are seen as alternatives to the main event → Read More

Sweden and Finland joining Nato could tip the balance against Russia in a way that creates new problems

Putin has clearly signalled that the nuclear option is one he will use if faced with a threat he cannot confront by other means → Read More

Lobsters and octopuses are recognised as sentient beings but a new law won’t protect against cruel practices

The Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill has passed through Parliament and is about to become law, but the Government says it won't stop seafood restaurants boiling lobsters alive or asphyxiating octopuses → Read More

What to do if your pet cat or dog is overweight, from ‘trick training’ to avoiding giving them leftovers

Animal experts Jacqueline Boyd and Anne Carter share weight-loss tips → Read More

Why we feel so ‘blah’ after Christmas and New Year, according to psychologists – and what to do about it

Coming up with an exciting goal for January may become a motivating force to boost your wellbeing. But setting goals is not enough to shake off the negative feeling. → Read More

Winning the EuroMillions jackpot might not actually make us as happy as buying a ticket in the first place

Behavioural scientist Nattavudh Powdthavee investigates the impact winning big in the lottery has on your well-being and mental health → Read More

Even with energy prices rising, driving an electric car can still keep your costs down

If you're smart about how and when you charge your EV you could have low fuel costs for years to come, writes Tom Stacey → Read More

Why 7,000 steps a day is the new 10,000 steps a day

A new study finds huge benefit in taking just 7,000 steps a day. Which may come as a relief to those who never quite make it to 10,000 → Read More

Large numbers of giant lion’s mane jellyfish are appearing off Scotland – here’s what to do if they sting you

Despite what you may hear, don’t pee on a jellyfish sting – urine can be more alkaline than acidic → Read More

How mask etiquette is changing: From commuters opting for them, to less clear 'social rules' elsewhere How mask etiquette is changing: Most commuters want to wear them, but 'social rules' less clear elsewhere

Everyone in a crowded indoor area should wear a mask if they can → Read More

Space travel: Rockets ‘produce 100 times more carbon than planes’ – raising questions on environmental effect

As Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson compete over space travel ventures, high CO2 levels are likely to be created as a byproduct → Read More