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New Delhi, DL, India

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Past articles by Brahma:

Europe’s Russia Sanctions Are a Shot to the Foot

Brahma Chellaney thinks the costs of rejecting Russian energy have outweighed the benefits. → Read More

Putin's War and the Mirage of the Rules-Based Order

Brahma Chellaney predicts that international law will be the main casualty in Ukraine, with China emerging as the real winner. → Read More

America Is Focusing on the Wrong Enemy by Brahma Chellaney

Brahma Chellaney warns US leaders not to allow the Ukraine crisis to distract them from the graver threat posed by China. → Read More

The Narco-Terrorist Taliban by Brahma Chellaney

By allowing the Taliban to enrich and sustain itself with drug profits during the 20-year war in Afghanistan, the US contributed to its own humiliating defeat at the hands of a narco-terrorist organization. But it is not too late for the US to start targeting the Taliban as a drug cartel through its federal courts. → Read More

Saving Taiwan by Brahma Chellaney

Chinese President Xi Jinping seems eager for Taiwan to go the way of once-autonomous Tibet, which was gobbled up by Mao Zedong’s regime in the early 1950s. This would constitute the biggest threat to world peace in a generation, and the United States cannot afford to allow it. → Read More

Xi opens a Pandora's box with antagonism of India

Chinese aggression and the breaching of border agreements has made the rise of a more antagonistic and militarily stronger India a certainty. → Read More

Biden’s Afghan Blunder by Brahma Chellaney

Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wrote in 2014 that Joe Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign-policy and national-security issue over the past four decades.” The hasty US withdrawal from Afghanistan is set to extend that pattern. → Read More

With massive dams, China finds a weapon in water

Giant dams damage ecosystems, drive freshwater species to extinction, cause deltas to retreat and often emit more greenhouse gases than fossil-fuel power plants. → Read More

Did China avoid blame for causing the pandemic?

The WHO first learned of the COVID-19 outbreak from Taiwan, news articles, a public bulletin and from an automated alert system that scans the internet for mentions of unexplained pneumonia. → Read More

The Western news media’s lurid Orientalism

Western media have been filled with images of dead bodies and other graphic scenes that generally would not be shown following a similar disaster in a Western country. → Read More

Colonization by other means: China’s debt-trap diplomacy

In stark contrast to China's loans, interest rates for Japan’s infrastructure loans to developing countries, for example, mostly run below half a percent. → Read More

China’s Himalayan salami tactics

China’s new border villages in the Himalayas are the equivalent of its artificially created islands in the South China Sea, whose map Xi’s regime has redrawn without firing a shot. → Read More

China catalyzes the consolidation of the 'Quad'

The surprise from the March 12 summit was that — unlike the past Quad foreign ministers’ meetings — it yielded a joint statement, which articulated a clear-eyed vision. → Read More

Don’t Isolate Myanmar by Brahma Chellaney

US President Joe Biden's administration must not ignore how often American sanctions against other countries have worked to China’s advantage. In this light, the US must take a cautious and prudent approach on Myanmar. → Read More

On China, Biden should be like Trump

The contrast with President Donald Trump’s divisive, isolationist rhetoric could not be sharper. But adopting a different tone is easier than reversing America’s relative decline. → Read More

Hydro-hegemony: Will China turn off Asia’s tap?

As long as the Communist Party of China remains in power, the country will most likely continue to wage stealthy water wars that no one can win. → Read More

Biden lacks strategic clarity on China

Aiding China’s rise was the greatest mistake of U.S. foreign policy in the post-World War II period. The U.S. actively contributed to the rise of its most formidable competitor → Read More

The Message of Islamist Beheadings by Brahma Chellaney

In a world wracked by violence, Islamist beheadings stand out for their savagery. While the absolute number of victims is relatively small, the threat this practice poses should not be underestimated, and the lessons it suggests about prosecuting the "war on terror" must not be ignored. → Read More

Tokyo must thwart Beijing's Senkaku strategy

Japan undoubtedly faces hard choices. But accommodation with an unyielding China is simply not possible. → Read More

China is paying a high price for provoking India

Aggression and expansionism obviously are not genetic traits, but they appear to be defining Chinese President Xi Jinping’s tenure. → Read More