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Past articles by Wendy:

If You’re Worried About The Presence Of Lead In Your House, Look In Your Spice Cabinet

It turns out that certain spices in our kitchen cabinets have high levels of lead and other harmful heavy metals. → Read More

There’s A Correct (And Incorrect) Way To Cut Grapes For Kids

If you really want to protect your child from choking, you’ve got to cut grapes (and other round foods) lengthwise. → Read More

Here’s How To Ask People Like Your Doctor Or Hairstylist If They’re Vaccinated

If someone isn’t vaccinated (or won’t share their vaccination status), there is a vaccinated person who can do the job instead. → Read More

I’m Really Freaking Tired Of Being The Family Pandemic Decision Maker

The pandemic sucks for us all, but when you are the designated family decision maker, it sucks in its own special way. → Read More

Why This Might Be The Most Depressing Stage Of The Pandemic For Parents

I’m sure like every other stage of the pandemic, I will need to make risk assessment calculations and keep revising what makes the most sense. → Read More

Have Kids Under 12 & Still Taking The Pandemic Seriously? You Can Sit With Me

Until my little guy gets his shot, I can’t fully celebrate. → Read More

This Is The Difference The Right Size Bra Can Make

A whopping 80% of women are not wearing a properly fitting bra. → Read More

If Your 6–8-Year-Old Kid Is Acting Moody AF, You Can Blame Adrenarche

Unlike puberty, adrenarche is not something that has many external signs. Its hallmark characteristics are mostly mood changes. → Read More

The Two Critically Important Words You Forget To Say To Your Kids

Teaching Kids Please And Thank You Means Taking The Time As A Parent To Instill Values. → Read More

I Lived In A 600-Sq-Ft Apt Just So I Could Stay Home With My Kids

By Living In A Small Home With Kids, One Mom Explains How It Was The Best Thing Possible For Motherhood. → Read More

If You Are Not Taking COVID-19 Seriously At This Point, I’ve Got A Strong Message For You

If you are not following basic COVID guidelines, you are complicit in the spread of this virus that is killing innocent people. And I have no chill for you. → Read More

Op-Ed: Going Trick-Or-Treating During A Pandemic Is Ridiculous

The concern here isn’t just your kid or your family contracting the virus. This is about making sure you don’t spread it all over your community. → Read More

I Had No Idea I Should Be Cleaning My Kids’ Water Bottles Daily

Bacteria, viruses, and fungi thrive in moist, warm environments like water bottles. → Read More

15 Reasons I’m Keeping My Kids Home Next Year

I drove myself and my family bonkers trying to weigh the pros and cons of this decision. → Read More

I Thought I Was Having A Stroke But It Was Actually An Ocular Migraine

The aura part of a migraine attack can be the freakiest thing ever, but the good news is that they're normal, common, and usually nothing to worry about. → Read More

I Think I Had COVID-19 — Should I Get An Antibody Test?

I took a few of my most pressing antibody tests questions to Dr. Niket Sonpal, a New York-based Internist and Gastroenterologist. Here’s what he said. → Read More

I’m Totally Judging You If You’re Out There Trying To ‘Socialize’ Your Kids Right Now

We're worried about our kids. But that doesn't mean we should make choices that put their lives, or the lives of others, in danger. → Read More

To The People Who Refuse To Wear Masks

The least we can do is wear a damn mask. It’s a small gesture. It’s a very small sacrifice. And basically, you’re an asshole if you don't wear one. → Read More

Why We F*cking Love Andrew Cuomo

I began listening to his news brief one Saturday morning as I was cleaning my house – and I was hooked. Cuomo was exactly the leader I’d been looking for. → Read More

Let’s Talk About Joe Biden And Gun Violence Prevention

Joe Biden isn't trying to "take everyone's guns" -- but he is passionate about gun law reform, and that is exactly the kind of president we need. → Read More