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Past articles by Dan:

Pando: Who is Meera Kaul?

A look into founder of the controversial Women in STEM conference brings up more questions than answers. → Read More

Pando: Waymo vs Uber: Was it worth all that attention?

As the douche settles, let’s take a moment to ask: What was that all about? → Read More

Pando: The kimono closes: Pando goes to the Uber/Waymo trial, pt 3

With the benefit of court-ordered document disclosure, the public has been given an intimate view of the cult of toxic masculinity. → Read More

Pando: How laser is the sauce? Pando goes to the Uber/Waymo trial, pt 2

Just before noon on Tuesday, former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stood before the tall wooden double doors of a federal courtroom in San Francisco... → Read More

Pando: Pando goes to... the Uber/Waymo trial

After a year of anticipation, the opening day's arguments landed with a whimper. → Read More

Pando: Pando goes to... "The Startup Mingle Party and 'Summer Seduction' Lingerie Fashion Show"

How did a guy who makes folding shoes come to represent “everything that's wrong with Silicon Valley’s culture of sexism.” → Read More

Pando: "Nobody is hiding at Uber": Dispatches from the Waymo vs Uber courtroom

Google vs Uber. It's Silicon Valley's Rumble in Jungle, and Dan Raile will be there for every jab . → Read More

This Startup Is Quietly Packing S.F.’s Empty Luxury Rentals with Millennials

What does a developer do when its luxury housing sits empty? Partner with a shadowy startup to divvy it up and stock it with millennials. → Read More

Pando: San Francisco lawmakers vote 10-0 to force Airbnb hosts to register with the city

New law could see up to 75% of SF Airbnbs removed from the site in July. → Read More

Pando: Welcome to SV. Magazine: an alternate reality where the weather's always just right, the future bright, and bubbles don't pop...

“If things are so bad, why haven’t we heard anything about it?” → Read More

Pando: Pando goes to the San Francisco police bodycams hearing

“It goes against everything else you tell me. It tells me you don’t trust me. If you don’t trust me, I’ll go.” → Read More

Pando: Persistent Surveillance founder: “We have more fun than we should be allowed"

“Most of our operations have been in friendly countries... like Russia, but way before Crimea and things went downhill. But we wouldn’t do business with like a North Korea.” → Read More

Pando: EFF files FTC complaint against Google for spying on schoolchildren

“Google promised not to use student data without authorization from students or parents, and they have gone back on that...” → Read More

Pando: "I’m crossing all the snitches, and Curtis will do the undercovers": Pando goes to the “Shrimp Boy” Chow trial (Pt II)

“He is a kind of confidence man, preying on people's vanity, ignorance or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse.” → Read More

Pando: Is Donald Trump really an American fascist?

Let's ask Vice President Henry Wallace in 1944! → Read More

Pando: A day in the life of the future built by Hax Accelerator

The demo day is the Silicon Valley corporate equivalent of a debutante ball. A handful of bright-eyed young technology companies take turns on stage performing an elaborate power-point curtsy before a crowd expertly stacked with eligible investors. The companies are selected, sponsored and coached for months in advance by accelerators and incubators. Thus the raw and pliable material of idea is… → Read More

Pando: Cogito raises $5.5m to monitor the "tone" of call center workers

U mad, bro? You seem stressed. Y u mad tho? → Read More

Pando: Lucky Day is giving away free money to attract ad eyeballs. How could it possibly fail?

Twenty-year-old Joshua Javaheri has boiled the mobile app economy down to its very essence. His free app, Lucky Day, lets users play virtual slot machines and scratchers, and pays them out with real money. “Is it more entertaining to play games for no money, or for a bunch of money?” he asks. If this sounds like gambling, keep in mind that Lucky Day is completely free to play – there’s no chance… → Read More

Pando: Here's a photo of yesterday's SF hospital gunman moments before he was shot dead by police

There’s no tech angle to this story, but news is news -- especially when it happens on our own doorstep. → Read More

Pando: “Are you not shocked...? I hope you’re shocked”: Pando goes to the “Shrimp Boy” trial

An FBI investigation that netted the state senator from San Francisco and cast its eye across the city’s political elite finally came before a jury on Monday. → Read More