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Past articles by Neal:

Fully Charged: The Electric Car Revolution Is (Almost) Officially Here

It’s hard to say exactly when the glorious fully-electric vehicle future will arrive. But at Fully Charged Live, one of every three cars in the parking lot was electric. → Read More

How ‘Ford v Ferrari’ Created the Most Realistic Car Races You’ve Ever Seen

Stunt-driver Robert Nagle reveals the revolutionary tool that made the car race scenes in ‘Ford v Ferrari’ possible. → Read More

Has Maserati Lost Its Luxury Appeal?

How the smooth-looking, loud mini sports car became a relic. → Read More

‘BH90210’ Proved Itself To Be The Ultimate Meta-Commentary on Generation X

Who'd have thought that Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling, of all people, would be the ones to help an entire generation look soberly at their own reflection in 2019? → Read More

Brooklyn’s Formula E Race Reveals What We Can Expect From Electric Cars of the Future

The once-promised electric car future appears to finally be materializing. It’s not noisy, it’s more than fast enough and it doesn’t smell like exhaust. → Read More

Is the US Inhospitable to Electric Car Ownership?

You need more than disposable income to buy an electric car in the U.S. You need disposable time. → Read More

Who Is Rolls-Royce Targeting to Buy Its $325,000 Ultra-Luxury SUV? The Car Contains Clues.

Who is in the market for a Rolls-Royce luxury SUV that starts at $325,000? The car leaves its own clues. → Read More

On Loving Off-Roading, Even When You’re Pulling for a Future That’s All-Electric

Explaining the allure of off-roading, even when you’re personally hoping all-electric vehicles will take over the world. → Read More

The 2020 Range Rover Evoque Goes Electric for Europe, While the US Gets a ‘Mild Hybrid’

The Range Rover 2020 Evoque debuting in the US is what they call a 'mild hybrid.' It saves a tiny bit of gas, but mostly it makes car companies feel better. And it's an example of how we're falling far behind Europe. → Read More

Audi Reveals the Writing on the Wall: Gas-Guzzling SUVs Will Soon Be Shameful Relics

Manufacturers say that consumers only want SUVs, but driving these gas-guzzlers increasingly feels like swanning around at a tacky costume ball on the night the comet hits. → Read More

Driving Be Damned: How Life Without Cars Could Save the World

Imagine a world without cars. The Green New Deal actually tries to do that. At the very least, it imagines a world without combustion-engine cars, proposing a society where electric vehicles would be rare supplements to a massive network of high-speed rail and public transportation → Read More

‘The Kominsky Method’ Excels At Capturing The Particular Dynamics Of Men Dealing With Grief

Anyone who's experienced great loss should be able to relate to this show. → Read More

‘The Final Table’ On Netflix Is A Pretentious Display Of Global Overconsumption

There's more than a faint whiff of colonial noblesse oblige behind all the cooking. → Read More

Why Can’t Every TV Show Be As Entertaining As ‘The Last Kingdom’?

The Last Kingdom walks the line between historical realism and high camp. → Read More

How I Used a Hellcat Redeye to Finally Get My 16-Year-Old Son to Like Me

Dodge's muscle car, the Challenger Hellcat 'Redeye,' offered a chance, possibly the last one, to get my 16-year-old son to think I'm cool. → Read More

My Teenage Son and I Went to the Same Music Festival. Our Experiences Were Totally Different.

At Austin City Limits Music Festival, the heat, the hype and musical acts like Metallica and Travis Scott provided very different experiences for a father and son. → Read More

Warhols for Fast Cash: Why Collectors are Pawning Expensive Art

The number of pawnbrokers in the U.S. has increased 40 percent in the past decade, and lending against art makes up a surprising share of the market. → Read More

Chevrolet’s New Safe-Driving App Might Actually Give You Road Rage

Chevrolet's new safe-driving app Call Me Out is meant to remind drivers to put their phones down and keep their eyes on the road. However, a recent test of the 'audible alert system' didn't seem to reduce any perils of the road. → Read More

No One in Politics Is ‘Punk Rock’—Not Even Beto O’Rourke

In Austin, Texas, a debate has emerged over which senatorial candidate, Beto O'Rourke or Ted Cruz, is more 'punk rock' than the other. But when it comes down to it, conservatives and liberals occupy the same basic position on the cultural spectrum—and it's not punk. → Read More

Crazy Middle-Class Korean-Canadians: Why ‘Kim’s Convenience’ May Just Be The Best Family Sitcom On TV

The premise of "Kim's" couldn't be simpler: A Korean couple owns a convenience store in Toronto. Their older son, the assistant-manager of a rental-car agency, is lightly estranged from his father. Slices of life ensue. → Read More