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Past articles by Alex:

How the CARES Act Fixed a Tax Bias Against Green Investment

One under-discussed part of the CARES Act is a correction to a drafting error in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, often known as the “retail glitch.” → Read More

Attracting Manufacturing to the U.S. Should Start with Neutral Tax Treatment, Not Subsidies

Before considering industry-specific laws and subsidies for onshoring, policymakers should make sure the U.S. tax code is not biased against domestic investment in the first place. → Read More

Why Neutral Cost Recovery Is Good for Workers

Studies have shown that accelerated depreciation helps increase wage growth. A recent report found that states that implemented accelerated depreciation in their tax codes led to a 2.5 percent increase in compensation per employee in manufacturing, relative to states that did not. → Read More

What the Internet Can Teach Us About Capital Investment, Infrastructure, and Tax Policy

As telecom companies prepare for the push for 5G, our tax system should not get in the way of investment that could bring large benefits in terms of quality of life and productivity for the public. → Read More

Trump offers up bad policy idea that won't help struggling restaurants

During his Sunday coronavirus press conference, President Trump proposed bringing back the corporate income tax deduction for meal spending, hoping to save these restaurants. This is undoubtedly a well-intentioned move, but it is nonetheless a completely wrong-headed policy approach. Instead, we should focus on helping these restaurants directly. → Read More

Don't Believe the Hype: Sales Tax Holidays Are Usually a Ripoff

A weekend where a few items are free of sales taxes is a poor substitute for permanent reforms. → Read More

Andrew Yang Is Wrong About Shopping Malls and Amazon

Yang wants to bail out malls that are struggling to compete with online retailers, but Amazon is already putting some of those dead retail spaces to better use. → Read More

Delaney on Medicare-for-All: "This Isn't About Health Care, This is an Anti-Private Sector Strategy"

The former Maryland congressman criticized the progressive wing of the Democratic party for embracing such expansive government involvement. → Read More

Utah Is Letting Lots of Government Employees Work From Home

And it's actually kind of great. → Read More

Outraged Politicians and Official Statistics Miss the Benefits of Tech

Many innovations' benefits aren't captured by the GDP. → Read More

Rhode Island Is the Latest State To Abolish Onerous Hair-Braiding Licensing

Previously, hair braiders were required to spend 1,500 hours taking cosmetology classes. → Read More

As Tropical Storm Barry Approaches, the GAO Highlights FEMA's Past Failings

Unclear and contradictory procedure guidelines slowed down relief efforts in Puerto Rico in 2017. Will it happen again this year? Probably. → Read More

Relax, the Dominican Republic Hasn't Become Less Safe for Americans

Misleading media coverage took an immediate toll on the island's important tourism industry. → Read More

How Inflated Housing Costs Contribute To Social Security's Collapse

By 2049, the national debt will equal 144 percent of GDP. A huge portion of this is due to Social Security costs. So how do we prevent fiscal ruin? → Read More

Be Skeptical About Bernie Sanders' Financial Transactions Tax

Nonpartisan and center-left groups are casting doubt on the Vermont senator's revenue estimates. → Read More

Pennsylvania Opens Up to Workers From Other States

Gov. Tom Wolf just signed a bill to recognize occupational licenses obtained in different parts of the country. → Read More

Deceptive Data Make Georgia's Film Tax Credit Program Look Less Wasteful

Economists debunk the state government's claims about the size of the film industry. → Read More

John Delaney Won't Be President, But His Health Care Proposal Is Worth a Look

He might not be polling well, but his proposal on health care draws on work from prominent libertarian economists. → Read More

Kansas City Uses Bad Research To Justify Corporate Welfare

A local development study didn't evaluate whether government incentives had anything to do with a business's decision to invest. → Read More

Let's Move More Federal Agencies Out of Washington

There's no need for most federal agencies to be stationed in the nation's capital, one of the most expensive cities in the country. → Read More