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Past articles by David:

Andrew Sullivan, No One’s Ally, Tells It as He Sees It

Sullivan’s new collection, “Out on a Limb,” traces his opinions and battles across 32 tumultuous years. → Read More

Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws Are Un-American

We differ in our views on critical race theory. But we agree that the current attempts to ban it from K-12 education are misguided and dangerous. → Read More

National Review's David French Farewell

A message to National Review colleagues and readers from David French. → Read More

In His Defense of Free Expression, Mark Zuckerberg Spoke an Important Truth

If our culture of free speech falters, it won't be because one of the biggest players in "Big Tech," Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, suppressed national debate. → Read More

More Evidence the Guardrails Are Gone

The Syrian crisis is hardly the only example of President Trump's collapsing guardrails. → Read More

When Cops Create Their Own Risk, Innocent People Die for Their Mistakes

Absent compelling evidence not yet revealed to the public, it appears that the man who killed Atatiana Jefferson committed a criminal act. He deserves to face criminal justice. → Read More

Elizabeth Warren Is Wrong, and Facebook Is Right

Even if Elizabeth Warren did get her way, and fact-checkers ruled, she might not like the results. Her own campaign rhetoric is often false and misleading. → Read More

A Tale of Two Battles

Fallujah and Raqqa: the difference between fighting enemies of America with allies and fighting without allies. → Read More

Woke Capital Has Exposed Itself

American corporate complicity in Chinese censorship and Chinese suppression is now revealing itself as an issue that clearly transcends the partisan American divide. → Read More

Trump’s Most Loyal Allies Are Putting Him on the Path to Impeachment

Trump's most extreme allies have built a large media following, but the most important person in that audience is the current occupant of the Oval Office. → Read More

Don’t Misunderstand the ‘White Christian’ Reaction to Brandt Jean’s Act of Forgiveness

We can and should thank God for Jean’s remarkable act and repent of our own pettiness and vindictiveness. → Read More

Will the Justices Be Bold on Abortion?

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could significantly reduce the legal protection now provided to abortion. → Read More

Joe Biden’s Gun-Control Plan Is a Constitutional Disaster

The heart of Joe Biden's gun-control plan is a constitutionally and morally disastrous attack on the gun industry and the self-defense rights of law-abiding Americans. → Read More

California Takes Righteous Aim at the NCAA Cartel

The NCAA runs a monopoly that refuses to compensate its most important workers fairly and often treats athletes substantially worse than their student peers. → Read More

The Ukraine Scandal Shows That the Safeguards around Donald Trump Are Breaking Down

There’s no longer any difference between ‘Twitter Trump’ and the man himself — and his advisers may not be able to save him from his worst instincts. → Read More

Once Again, Progressive Anti-Christian Bigotry Carries a Steep Legal Cost

Masterpiece Cakeshop continues to pay religious-liberty dividends. → Read More

The Trump–Ukraine Transcript Contains Evidence of a Quid Pro Quo

It shows one abuse of power and suggests another. → Read More

How To Read the Trump–Ukraine Transcript Tomorrow

Trump's tweets strongly imply that he's going to circle his wagons around the lack of an express proposed deal in the call. → Read More

The Sixth Circuit Pounds Another Nail in the Coffin of the University Speech Code

Thanks to the courts, the day when universities are forced to rediscover their historic role as guardians of open inquiry and debate is coming, whether they like it or not. → Read More

It Would Be Nice if Critics Stopped Straw-Manning Classical Liberalism

Classical liberalism is the frame, the structure through which a pluralistic society makes competing arguments for the common good and the Highest Good. → Read More