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Recent articles by Ken:

Herman: Trump wins. Trump loses. Either way, we could lose.

One of two things will happen Nov. 3. The nation either will re-elect Donald Trump or, having seen too much of this surreality show, it will come to its → Read More

Herman: Snapshots from a pandemic

The weather folks tell us it’s going to be pretty toasty the next few days. So we could be transitioning to swelter in place.Funny, right? Except when it’s not. Yes, we’re all in this pandemic together. But, like everything in life, it’s more challenging for some of us than others.And the coming hot spell should serve as another reminder that while many of us have everything we need — and more —… → Read More

Herman: A chef questions Texas restaurant reopenings

Ready, set, shop! And go out to eat!Or not. Your choice. Always is.But many of you who are ready for some retail therapy starting Friday when Gov. Greg → Read More

Herman: Are you ready to return to normal?

Looks like sometime, perhaps some version of sometime soon, government will let you do more things outside your home than government now lets you do. → Read More

Herman: A food line for our troubled times

It’s a Rorschach test for our troubled times. See what you see in this picture:Wednesday morning, just prior to 8 a.m. Three hundred or so vehicles in the parking lot of a high school that should be in session but isn’t.For some, with the picture broadened out to show the Central Texas Food Bank trucks and volunteers, it’s a picture of despair as hungry households lined up for a 28-pound box of… → Read More

Herman: Been there. Done that. Looking back at my days with coronavirus.

Coronavirus can kiss my aspirin. (OK, I actually took Tylenol, but you get the point.)Been there. Done that. Beat that. Not impressed. I’m over it, the doc says.Woo hoo! Wuhan!I got from Point A (non-COVID-19) to point B (COVID-19) and back to Point A again with hardly a symptom. As I previously told you, I credit this to my friend Lora Ann Gerson’s banana bread and, in a new finding (OK, a… → Read More

Herman: Coronavirus pandemic, pizza, chips and love

Under the unparalleled pressure of a pandemic, people are being people — sad and silly, poignant and prayerful, worried while nostalgic for the → Read More

Herman: Dan Patrick is willing to die. Are you?

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who’s as pro-life as they come, says he’s ready to give up a life — his own — if it means better post-coronavirus lives for his six grandchildren.And, by extension, he says he’s ready for give up other lives — yours? — for the same cause.Patrick’s comments came Monday night on Fox’s "Tucker Carlson Tonight" show. And they came after Patrick reached out to Carlson earlier… → Read More

Herman: Traveling in the time of coronavirus, Pt. 2

OVER AFRICA — Hello, friends. I’ve been out of the country. I’m told some things have changed back home while I’ve been gone. → Read More

Herman: Lakeway cops star in H-E-B commercial

You know what would be weird, in addition to being down to three viable presidential candidates who, in a few years, might not be viable, if you know what → Read More

Herman: What does H-E-B have to do with construction on RM 2222?

What’s the road construction project on RM 2222, that twisty, scenic stretch of urban roadway loved by some local motorists and feared by others? → Read More

Herman: Stupifying Super Tuesday oddities in Texas

Random observations from a random Tuesday some call super:Statewide, President Donald Trump got about 94% of the Texas votes in the seven-candidate GOP → Read More

Herman: Jewish joke by an Austin Jewish kid now a federal case

You know what’s great about being a federal judge, I mean in addition to never-out-of-style black robes and lifetime employment?Federal judges get to hear and decide interesting cases. Here’s one from a local family that’s made a federal case out of their son’s dismissal from Anderson High School’s robotics team.It’s an interesting topic, one that raises interesting questions about who can say… → Read More

Herman: Columbus makes safe landfall

SALADO — I have an update from about 50 miles up the road and 11,000 feet up in the air.In the clear blue skies over Salado, Valentine’s Day was Columbus’ day. Ernie Columbus’ day.I told you last week how about 80 of his relatives from coast to coast had gathered to celebrate his 100th birthday on Feb. 8, a milestone Columbus planned to mark by skydiving, just as his 103-year-old Sun City buddy… → Read More

Herman: For his 100th birthday, Ernie Columbus wanted to skydive

SALADO — Let me tell you a nice story about something that didn’t happen Saturday just east of I-35 in Salado.The genesis of it is Al Blaschke, the kind of guy who can make an impression on impressionable younger friends, so much so that he can influence them to do things some of us might consider dangerous.Like jumping out of the proverbially perfectly good airplane.Blaschke and his friend… → Read More

Herman: The magic and math behind your presidential primary vote

Now, that we hope we can soon forget about the Iowa caucuses (circuses?) for four more years (or forever?) let’s try to decipher the semi-cipherable process by which your primary vote will be counted here in Texas.Warning: Math ahead. (And before I get pelted with corn, let’s note that I like Iowa. Been there on caucus nights. Vacationed there. Biked across it.)Early voting in Texas is Feb. 18… → Read More

Herman: How an Austin musician got his groove back

OK, boomers, this one’s for us. Those of you who not fortunate enough to be proximate progeny of the Greatest Generation are free to leave. But stick around if you like an interesting life story.Like all lives, this one’s had ups and downs. Unlike most lives, this one includes careers in music, diamond cutting, truck driving, bus driving and, after a long hiatus, a return to playing music for as… → Read More

Herman: Bill of Rights monument on wrong track?

Because I’m your one-stop shop for play-by-play tick-tock on the minutiae of the machinations of monumental movements in government, please be advised there’s an update in the long and twisted history of the effort to erect a Bill of Rights monument near the Texas Capitol.Short version: Erection day won’t be anytime soon.The update: Yet another wing of state government now is involved, which… → Read More

Herman: Mike Bloomberg zags through Austin

Mike Bloomberg was in town Saturday. You know him from TV, where his ads appear constantly. Bloomberg wants to be your president. And he’s spending a small fortune on TV ads to get your vote.Not to worry. Bloomberg has a large fortune.On Saturday, in front of a crowd of several hundred people, the first note of interest at the Bloomberg event was that Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk kicked off… → Read More

Herman: In Democratic Senate race in Texas, Mexican heritage becomes an issue

Ready or not, and whether you know anything about it or not, we’ve got a pretty good race brewing on the Democratic side for the nomination to → Read More