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Past articles by Alexandra:

Saving the iconic Colorado River — scientists say latest plan is not enough

US states pledge to cut their use of water from the river, which has been drained by climate change and drought. → Read More

JWST spots biggest water plume yet spewing from a moon of Saturn

The huge watery cloud spurting from Enceladus could carry the ingredients for life farther into space than previously known. → Read More

Ethics in outer space: can we make interplanetary exploration just?

The prospect of settling the Moon, Mars and elsewhere requires urgent conversations about issues such as labour and reproductive rights far from Earth. → Read More

Hard feelings over mission change for NASA’s Pluto spacecraft

US space agency plans to shift the New Horizons planetary probe to studying heliophysics, and some scientists don’t agree. → Read More

Moon mission failure: why is it so hard to pull off a lunar landing?

The ispace lander's failed touchdown highlights the challenges Moon landings pose, especially for private companies. → Read More

Private companies are flocking to the Moon — what does that mean for science?

A raft of commercial lunar missions are taking off in 2023. The first lander is set to touch down this month, signalling a new era for Moon science and exploration. → Read More

Will an AI Be the First to Discover Alien Life?

SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, is deploying machine-learning algorithms that filter out Earthly interference and spot signals humans might miss → Read More

It's possible to reach net-zero carbon emissions. Here's how

Cutting carbon dioxide emissions to curb climate change and reach net zero is possible but not easy. → Read More

Why the Hubble telescope is still in the game — even as JWST wows

NASA’s nearly 33-year-old observatory still has plenty of top science to do, and astronomers want to extend its lifetime. → Read More

2022 was a record year for space launches

180 rockets lifted off successfully, with SpaceX driving the pace. → Read More

NASA really, really won’t rename Webb telescope despite community pushback

Investigation by agency historian finds no evidence explicitly linking former director James Webb with anti-LGBT+ actions. → Read More

Dying NASA Spacecraft Records Epic ‘Marsquakes’

As the InSight lander reports the largest-ever meteorite strikes on Mars, scientists wish it a fond farewell → Read More

‘Bit of panic’: Astronomers forced to rethink early Webb telescope findings

Revised instrument calibrations are bedevilling work on the distant Universe. → Read More

Fresh images reveal fireworks when NASA spacecraft plowed into asteroid

Astronomers are ‘stoked’ as data pour in from the celestial crash. → Read More

This spacecraft just smashed into an asteroid in an attempt to change its path

NASA’s DART mission is testing whether humanity could deflect a space rock if it were going to hit Earth. → Read More

NASA’s Mars rover makes ‘fantastic’ find in search for past life

Perseverance has collected four rock samples from an ancient river delta where organisms might have thrived. → Read More

This naval oceanographer couldn’t go to sea but was key to planning wartime landings

Mary Sears led a mostly female research team that was crucial to US operations in the Pacific theatre in the 1940s. → Read More

How Mars rovers have evolved in 25 years of exploring the Red Planet

Over 25 years, remotely controlled rovers have uncovered Mars’ watery history and continue to search for evidence that life once existed there. → Read More

Surprising dust strike on Webb telescope has scientists on alert

Weeks after being hit by a micrometeoroid, the landmark observatory prepares to release its first scientific images. → Read More

NASA’s Perseverance rover begins key search for life on Mars

Rolling up an ancient river delta in Jezero Crater, the rover starts crucial rock sampling. → Read More