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Past articles by Gary:

Calligas: Alert authorities if you suspect elder abuse

Approximately 1 in 19 Americans who are 60 and older have or will experience some form of elder abuse. It is estimated that as high as 5 million elders are abused each year, but sadly only 1 in 14 cases of abus → Read More

Calligas: Some interesting predictors of longevity

According to recent studies, we are aging at a slower rate and living longer due to the improvements in our life styles and habits, coping better with environmental issues, but also due to an increase in exerci → Read More

Calligas: Things you regret you did not do when young

One afternoon while gazing over the calm waves at the beach in Destin in my chaise chair, I was in a peaceful daze but stopped to think about those many things that I accomplished, but also those many things that I regret that I should have done, but → Read More

Calligas: DNA testing for genealogy, research has increased

Not surprisingly, the use of DNA testing has both increased in use by individuals throughout the world as a result of increase interest in genealogy, but also due to extensive medical research being conducted o → Read More

Gary Calligas: Seniors are enjoying doing their genealogy research for their families

It is very important to do share your genealogy findings with family members as it will tend to be a great family gathering topic of discussion, and may help you in verifying information as well as locating new → Read More

Gary Calligas: Misunderstandings and myths about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

It is important to know the facts about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, so one can better interact with those family members and friends who are living with these conditions. → Read More

Gary Calligas: The most visible sign of aging is skin health

So, in part, the aging of human skin can often be modifiable with proper steps and interventions. → Read More

Gary Calligas: May is Older Americans Month with the theme

Many retirees are finding new inspiration in a second career, helping others, discovering new interests, and pursing their dreams. → Read More

Gary Calligas: Online criminals are targeting seniors/boomers for scams or to access information

Use the most secure process you can when logging into financial accounts or online shopping accounts. → Read More

Gary Calligas: Stroke awareness and prevention is extremely important for mature adults

Strokes are the third leading cause of death in the US, with more than 140,000 deaths annually. → Read More

Gary Calligas: Beware of the signs that your aging parent(s) can’t live alone anymore

Seek guidance and advice from others to help you make this difficult decision and avoid you being stressed out as well. → Read More

Many distractions can cause automobile accidents

According to recent studies, distracted driving continues to be the number one cause of car accidents. → Read More

Gary Calligas: Seniors and Boomers can stay active by attending events and expos

You will definitely learn about products and services available for you and others to keep you healthy and active. → Read More

Gary Calligas: Caution should be exercised when hiring caregivers

A family should consider utilizing an established home health care providers to provide this needed care on an hourly basis with professionally trained, supervised, and bonded caregivers. → Read More

Gary Calligas: 1 and 3 American adults are deemed obese

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that $315 billion dollars are spent by Americans to treat obesity-related medical treatments. → Read More

Gary Calligas: Resistance training exercises can help improve strength and muscle function in Boomers, Seniors

It is estimated that over seven percent of adults over the age of 70; and 20 percent over the age of 80 are affected by sarcopenia, the natural age-related loss of muscle mass, strength and muscle function. → Read More

Gary Calligas: New technology allows Seniors to easily stay in touch

Seniors and boomers have joined the FaceBook bandwagon in increasing numbers over the past years. → Read More

Gary Calligas: Sustained weight loss can be tough for seniors

Weight loss in seniors require more concentration to focus on what proper foods and nutrients we should be eating daily, on how we prepare the foods we eat, on how active we should be, and to focus on ways to d → Read More

Gary Calligas: Seniors who are lacking needed sleep could result in serious health issues

For older adults, a good night’s sleep is very important as it aids to improve our concentration, memory formation, allows our bodies to repair themselves, and does refresh our immune system. → Read More

Gary Calligas: Seniors now can easily fact check information received

More boomers and seniors, are searching the internet and visiting internet websites to verify all types of information, facts, and statements. → Read More