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Past articles by Christopher:

The Urgent Need to Adjust America’s Approach to the World

America must assess the utility of its military power and be willing to rely more heavily on its diplomatic, economic, and other capabilities to shape a better future that preserves the peace, and advances prosperity and human well-being. → Read More

Will a Global Pandemic Change How We Perceive Threats?

COVID-19 presents an opportunity for the public and policymakers to reevaluate what is important. We should strive for an accurate perception of threats to our health and safety, and aim to ensure that resources are being directed where they are most needed. → Read More

A Useful Corrective to China Fearmongering

Fareed Zakaria assails many of the leading arguments for why we should be panicked by China's growing wealth and power. If the United States continues on its present course, he warns, it is setting itself up for a costly failure. → Read More

America’s Ill-Fated Syria Intervention: The Lessons Washington Must Learn

Policymakers should commit U.S. forces to wage war only when vital interests are stake, the mission is clear, and the objectives are attainable. The Syrian escapade never met any of these criteria. → Read More

Fuel to the Fire

How Trump Made America’s Broken Foreign Policy Even Worse (and How We Can Recover) → Read More

It Is Time to Relinquish America’s Global Interventionist Foreign Policy

A new article in Survival critiques America’s foreign policy of global interventionism and makes the case for a grand strategy of restraint. → Read More

Americans Love the Military -- but They Don't Think It Needs More Money

Public reluctance to spend more spells trouble for a grand strategy of primacy. Thankfully, there is an alternative. → Read More

Preparing for Peace? Or Just More War?

Preparing for war hasn’t brought peace, but rather just more war. → Read More

Meet the Organization Pushing Regime Change in Iran—and Its Willing American Accomplices

Will the U.S. media learn from when they supported the invasion of Iraq? → Read More

Here's How the Road to Iraq Is Repeating Itself with Iran

America had better hope that its leaders and media learn from the clamor for invading Iraq in 2003. → Read More

A Clash of Generations over American Leadership?

America's generational gap has the potential to redefine the role that the United States plays in the world. → Read More

A Clash of Generations over American Leadership?

America's generational gap has the potential to redefine the role that the United States plays in the world. → Read More

Can America's Credibility Survive the Death of the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement further isolates the United States. → Read More

Are New Teacher Uprisings Justified?

Featuring Neal McCluskey and Caleb O. Brown The fights in Oklahoma, Arizona, Kentucky, Colorado, and West Virginia are over money. How justified are the complaints? Neal McCluskey comments. → Read More

#Rexit at State Department, Mike Pompeo, and Gina Haspel

Mike Pompeo is expected to replace Rex Tillerson at the State Department, and Gina Haspel, a longtime intelligence agent who oversaw black sites for the CIA, may replace Pompeo at CIA. Chris Preble and Emma Ashford comment. → Read More

Trump's Budget Is a Bonanza for Hawks

Over the next five years, the Trump administration expects to spend $3.6 trillion on the nation’s military. → Read More

How We Got Trump's Clash with the Deep State

Had the deep state gotten its way, Donald J. Trump would never have come close to the Oval Office, let alone be sitting in it. → Read More

Could North Korea be America's Next Forever War?

One would have hoped that we learned something from our other still-open-ended conflicts. → Read More

The Benefits of Engaging with China Outweigh the Costs and Risk

Labeling China a strategic competitor while downplaying areas of continued convergence could prove disastrous for American prosperity and American safety. → Read More

When It Comes to Foreign Policy, Hope Is Not a Strategy

The Trump administration’s budget priorities, and the president’s rhetoric, imply that defense is the only thing that matters in foreign policy. → Read More