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Past articles by Jessica:

The Woman Behind ‘Birds of America’

An upcoming book gives voice to Lucy Bakewell Audubon, whose invisible labor fueled her husband John James Audubon's famous works. → Read More

A Tiny Snail’s Overlooked Role in a ‘Downward Death Spiral’ for Corals

New research shows that snails that prey on coral play a bigger role than realized in coral health. But the good news is that reducing fishing can help keep snail populations in check. → Read More

A 'Paris Agreement for shipping' could lower maritime emissions

Along with sustainable aquaculture and stronger ocean biodiversity laws, the world will see a deep dive into marine conservation this year. → Read More

An App and Volunteer Army Are Improving Local Tidal Flood Forecasts

Hundreds of people came out to map the king tides in coastal Virginia in November. Virginia Institute of Marine Science researcher Derek Loftis explains how that is helping the region better prepare as flooding worsens. → Read More

A Big Change in How a Small Fish Is Protected Could Help Save Whales

The menhaden is a tiny fish key to the Atlantic Ocean ecosystem that has supported a thriving fishery since the 19th century. Now regulators are considering a novel approach to ensure there’s enough fish to feed the fishery and other marine animals. → Read More

Canary in the Climate Mine: Arctic Seabird’s Future Is on Thin Ice

Alone on a remote northern Alaska island, biologist George Divoky has been monitoring a population of sea ice-dependent black guillemots for four decades. Now he fears he’s watching the colony in a slow-motion collapse as temperatures rise and its prey disappears. → Read More

Welcome To The First Day Of Work For The Class Of 2025

This year’s high school freshmen will graduate on the front lines of a rapidly changing economy. How are they preparing to head straight into the AI revolution? → Read More

Apple Wants To Stop Internet Ads From Following You Around

The company tried to differentiate itself on privacy at its annual developers conference → Read More

The Tech Titans Pushing For A ‘Virtual’ Border Wall

Border surveillance technologies are having a revival → Read More

These Fans Think ‘The Americans’ Is Basically A Reality Show

Will Paige work for the Trump administration some day? Fans ask burning questions about the FX Cold War drama → Read More

How New York's Businesses Are Preparing For The Next Sandy-Sized Storm

Natural disasters are deeply damaging to small businesses. Now a program in New York is trying to build resiliency into this community before the next... → Read More

This Very Big Anti-GMO Ad Is Made From An Entire Cornfield

Aliens didn't make this art; organic farmers did. → Read More

See Life Inside The Calais Jungle, The Heart Of Europe’s Moral Failure On Refugees

Outside of the French city, some 9,000 refugees are creating a community out of nothing, as they wait for European governments to properly mount a response to the crisis. → Read More

NASA’s New Artist Has An Amazing Climate Change Tattoo

Want to see temperatures spike over the last few decades? Check out Justin Guariglia’s arm. → Read More

Creating A Refugee-Ready, Refugee-Friendly World

The worldunstable, warming, and increasingly connectedneeds not only to respond to this refugee crisis, but to be better prepared each and every time... → Read More

The Missing Voices In The Refugee Crisis Response: Refugees Themselves

Around the world, organizations led by refugees are aiding their own people in ways only they know how. Is it time they get more support? → Read More

The World Is Unprepared For The “Truly Staggering” Warming Of The Oceans

Fisheries and corals are in grave danger, hurricanes are increasing, and toxic algae blooms are on the rise. The world is ignoring the oceans at its peril. → Read More

Civil Rights Groups Say Predictive Policing Isn't Doing Much Predicting Or Policing

A Minority Report world where police stop crime before it starts might sound ideal, but police are already using algorithms to help find criminalsand... → Read More

Welcome To The Anthropocene: Scientists Say The Earth Has Entered A New Era

Humankind is now the strongest force shaping the planet. → Read More

Welcome To The Anthropocene: Scientists Say The Earth Has Entered A New Era

Humankind is now the strongest force shaping the planet. → Read More