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New York, United States

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Past articles by Jill:

Summer’s here. Travel, for many of us, is not just wonderful but essential

Agnes Callard has her view – but we’d be better off if more people were willing to experience new places with open minds → Read More

Biden is America’s oldest president – but tripping over a sandbag tells us nothing

Age, cognitive health and physical fitness are all fair concerns but the president’s tumble in Arizona could have happened to anyone → Read More

The US debt ceiling crisis is more proof of Republicans’ cynicism and bad faith

Republicans want to force spending cuts by threat instead of legislating – and the cuts they’re asking for are appalling → Read More

E. Jean Carroll's Victory Shows the #MeToo Movement Is Far From Dead

The verdict against Donald Trump in the E. Jean Carroll case signals that there are at least some limits to what rich and powerful men can get away with. → Read More

What’s behind all the US media firings this week? Hint: it’s not equality

Fox News, CNN and NBC Universal all let go of male anchors and bosses accused of sexism – for self-interest → Read More

‘Safety beats idealism’: our panel reacts to Biden’s decision to run again

Joe Biden has confirmed he will campaign for a second term as president. Guardian US contributors weigh in → Read More

America continues to sacrifice its babies to the altar of guns

Why does America allow civilians to amass weapons of war, but not to live free of a constant threat of random violence? → Read More

Book review of The Aftermath: The Last Days of the Baby Boom and the Future of Power in America by Philip Bump

Philip Bump explores the impact of this huge, and hugely influential, generation in “The Aftermath.” → Read More

How did gas stoves ignite a culture war in the US?

I recently moved from a gas stove to an induction range, and I love it. Other Americans probably will, too → Read More

American voters just sent a crystal-clear message: they believe in abortion rights

Abortion rights voters delivered several key elections for Democrats. Now Democrats had better deliver for them → Read More

The attack on Paul Pelosi should be a moment of national reckoning

All political violence is a problem, but in terms of sheer numbers, rightwing violence is a much more significant problem than leftwing violence → Read More

Is Herschel Walker the worst candidate the Republicans have ever run?

Republican men can be accused of any number of horrors, and not risk their party’s support → Read More

Democrats’ midterms hurdle: Americans are getting used to eroded democracy

While a whopping 71% of voters said that American democracy is at risk, just 7% named it as the most important issue in this election → Read More

#MeToo is five years old. These trials show how far we’ve come

As Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Paul Haggis are all in court, it is clear that there has, in fact, been forward motion – in the courts, in our workplaces, in society → Read More

Book review of Lady Justice: Women, the Law, and the Battle to Save America by Dahlia Lithwick

Dahlia Lithwick's look back at the legal battles of the Trump era, and the women who waged them, is unexpectedly timely. → Read More

Florida calls teen ‘too immature’ for an abortion. But forced motherhood is fine?

The Florida court’s decision is shameful, nothing less than an ideological assault on a teenager → Read More

Americans lose faith in the US supreme court

The US supreme court has struck down the constitutional right to an abortion, which will affect the lives of millions of Americans for decades to come. Jonathan Freedland and Jill Filipovic discuss whether it’s still possible for a deeply divided court of nine judges to keep the promise to the American people of ‘equal protection’, and what happens if it can’t → Read More

Americans lose faith in the US supreme court: Politics Weekly America – podcast

Jonathan Freedland and Jill Filipovic discuss whether it’s still possible for a deeply divided court of nine judges, a group that now has a 6-3 conservative majority, to keep the promise to the American people of ‘equal protection’, and what happens if it can’t → Read More

Why were Democrats caught flat-footed by the end of Roe v Wade?

Democrats can’t fix the past. But the least they can do is learn from it – and change course accordingly → Read More

It’s time to say it: the US supreme court has become an illegitimate institution

With its decision on Roe v Wade, the court has signaled its illegitimacy – and thrown the American project into question → Read More