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Past articles by Tom:

Polaris: On the front lines of fighting human trafficking

For today’s podcast, we're talking with a leader in the battle to end human trafficking. Bradley Myles and Polaris have been working for 15 years to end it. → Read More

The new age of humanitarianism is over: Insights from Skoll World Forum

The world appears to be in a deep crisis that has confused those who want to emphasize global progress against poverty and inequity. → Read More

RIP Hans Rosling: The data wizard who helped us visualize a better world

The Swedish physician and statistics expert Hans Rosling died today, age 68, from pancreatic cancer. Humanosphere has met with and reported on Rosling's wo → Read More

Islamic State terrorists claim credit for deadly attacks in Turkey and Iraq

Islamic State on Monday claimed responsibility for the New Year's attack at a popular Istanbul nightclub that killed 39 people and wounded scores of others. → Read More

Voices in the Humanosphere 2016: Ghana at forefront of education reform

For today's Year-in-Review podcast pull from the archives, we're revisiting the chat we had with Patrick Awuah, founder of Ashesi University in Ghana. → Read More

News Rounds: Indian government's 'war on cash' causing harm, disruption

People are dying because of India's audacious cash modernization strategy. Few peacetime episodes in India’s 70-year history have proved as contentious or → Read More

Voices of the Humanosphere 2016: Preparing for a world without enough jobs

One of the things almost everyone agrees on in the fight against poverty and inequity is that the battle cannot succeed based on charity or aid efforts alo → Read More

News Rounds: Waiting to see if Syria ceasefire agreement will translate into peace

Syrian ceasefire to begin today. A cease-fire arranged by Russia, Turkey and Iran is intended to take effect across much of Syria from midnight Thursday in → Read More

Voices in the Humanosphere 2016: How massive global tax avoidance fuels poverty

It's odd how little attention the issue of tax avoidance gets within the humanitarian and aid/development community given the negative impact this has on all of our lives - and especially the poorest of the poor. So as part of our year in review calisthenics, we are talking about it again with Alex Cobham. Revisiting the podcast on tax justice. → Read More

News Rounds: Syria ceasefire agreement reached by Russia and Turkey

Russia and Turkey reportedly agree on a ceasefire plan. Reports in Tyrkish state media citing unnamed sources say Turkey and Russia have agreed to a nation → Read More

Voices of the Humanosphere 2016: Oxfam keeps warning of widening gap between rich and poor

The World Economic Forum takes place again at Davos in a few weeks. The most newsworthy and powerful message that usually comes out of this confab of the rich and powerful is not some speech by Bono or Bill Gates but rather an Oxfam report that reminds everyone, as they have for the last few years, that less than a hundred people on the planet today own more than half the world's population.… → Read More

News Rounds: Israel rebuffs UN, which Trump calls 'just a club ... so sad'

Defying the United Nations, Israel prepares to build more settlements. Undeterred by a UN Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlements built in a p → Read More

Voices of the Humanosphere 2016: Fred Bauma of Congo

For today, I'd like to re-introduce you to Fred Bauma. Would you like to see peace and stability in Congo? Then Bauma is someone you need to watch. → Read More

News Rounds: Fake news causes Pakistan to rattle nuclear sword at Israel

Fake news creates real news as Pakistan threatens to retaliate in kind to an Israeli nuclear strike after apparently being tricked by a fake news site. Pak → Read More

No end to poverty without reducing inequality, World Bank says

Extreme poverty has declined worldwide while wealth inequality in many countries has increased, the World Bank reports. → Read More

Hilton Foundation honors most influential, invisible group in global health

Hilton Foundation honors most influential, invisible group in global health → Read More

Vivek Maru and Namati: The barefoot lawyers brigade

For today's Humanosphere podcast, we're talking with Vivek Maru, an activist attorney and CEO of an organization called Namati. Maru is one of this year's → Read More

Social progress advocates can't decide if it's enterprise or entrepreneurship

OXFORD, England – Here at the Skoll World Forum for social entrepreneurship, there seems to be some confusion as to the meaning and relative transformative → Read More

Al Gore spreads the ‘good news’ about climate change at Skoll forum

OXFORD, England – On the opening day of the Skoll World Forum, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore took a new tack and presented the “good news” about clima → Read More

Survey says: Our readers are devoted and wonderful

Survey says: Our readers are devoted and wonderful → Read More