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Columbus, GA, United States

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Past articles by Scott:

He pretended to be a woman to put hit on ‘ex-fiance’ — but he was the target, cops say

Taylor Eric Bedolla of Santaquin, Utah, faces a criminal solicitation charge after police said Bedolla pretended to be a woman and offered $5,000 for a hit man to kill his “ex-fiance,” which was actually himself. → Read More

Santa in skinny jeans? Here’s what people think a ‘rebranded’ Santa should look like

A survey found that about 26 percent of Americans thought a “modern” Santa would be gender neutral or female. Others thought Santa would have tattoos and use a flying car. The survey was made by GraphicSpring. → Read More

People ditched their cars to grab cash after it was ‘snowing money’ on a NJ highway

A Brink’s security truck crash on New Jersey’s Route 3 caused a flurry of loose cash, which video showed motorists leaving their cars to snatch it up. The chaos caused other crashes, police said. → Read More

Slew of bomb threats reported across the nation at businesses and media organizations

Police around the country are responding to bomb threats that have been made to businesses, media outlets, banks, and libraries according to Twitter and social media reports, though many are hoaxes cops say. → Read More

Deadpool movie poster sparks outrage with foul-mouthed superhero painted like Jesus

More than 30,000 people signed an online petition condemning a poster for a new Deadpool movie that showed the Marvel anti-hero replacing Jesus in a rendition of a famous Mormon painting, “The Second Coming.” → Read More

Your risk of heart attack is greatest at this specific time on Christmas Eve, study says

A new study found that the risk of heart attack rises around holidays and peaks at around 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve, with around a 37 percent increased risk at that time. It’s most likely due to emotional stress. → Read More

World’s fastest creature snaps its jaws shut with the speed of a bullet train, study says

Scientists say the Dracula ant, a type of ant found in the tropics, moves faster than any known biological creature, by snapping its jaws shut at 200 mph, about three times faster than a sprinting cheetah. → Read More

Man who called himself ‘shark bait’ is attacked by shark, family says

Joel Mason, a surfer and father, reportedly called himself ‘shark bait’ and was attacked by a shark and bitten in the leg in New South Wales in Australia. He lost blood but was stable. Family said he’d likely return to the water. → Read More

Giant ‘choco-pancake’ forms in German street after chocolate leaks from factory

A tank of liquid chocolate from DreiMeister sprung a leak and seeped liquid chocolate into the street of Werl, forcing workers and firefighters to respond with shovels to clean up the hardened candy. → Read More

Porch pirate leaves trail of glitter after Massachusetts woman sets cunning trap

A Massachusetts woman used a glitter bomb to sabotage a package thief. The thief took her package and opened it, leaving a trail of glitter. They haven’t been caught, but she hopes it will act as a deterrent. → Read More

‘Y’all wanna play Smash?!’ Cops checking noise complaint stay for video game battle

St. Paul, Minnesota, police were called to check out a noise complaint, but they stayed and played Super Smash Brothers, Jovante Williams said. The story about the surprise video game battle went viral. → Read More

‘Jump! Jump!’: Watch police scale flaming building to rescue kids and grandparents

A North Brunswick, New Jersey police officer scaled a burning condo building to rescue two children and their grandparents from a massive blaze. Video shows the officer climbing the building. → Read More

Mom jumps in freezing Michigan water to save Lola, her pup. Only the dog survived

Tracy Cashman drowned in Wyoming, Michigan while trying to rescue her dog, which fell through ice into frozen water. The dog eventually got out and returned home, and officials found Cashman dead. → Read More

Man spends $4,000 on giant statue to give town the middle finger. It’s art, officials say

Westford, Vermont man Ted Pelkey erected a giant statue of a middle finger, costing $4,000, amid a dispute with the town over permitting for a large garage he wants to build. Officials said it was public art. → Read More

She used tap water to clean her sinuses. Then doctors found amoebas eating her brain

A Seattle woman died after doctors believe she used filtered tap water for her Neti pot instead of sterile water. They thought she had a tumor but instead found amoebas eating her brain matter. → Read More

Man discovers a ‘genius’ use for those enormous CVS receipts

A Twitter user won viral fame after posting a picture showing that he had replaced a broken window blind with a CVS receipt. The drug store receipts’ abnormal length is a running internet meme. → Read More

Toddler wouldn’t sleep, so day-care worker ‘slammed’ her bloody, Georgia cops say

A Cobb County, Georgia, ex-day-care worker faces an attempted murder charge after police say she shoved a 16-month-old’s head into a mat and then slammed her into it when the toddler wouldn’t sleep, causing a cut. → Read More

‘Living coral’ is Pantone’s new color of the year

Pantone picked living coral as color of the year, a pinkish peachy hue. How do they choose a new trending color each year to predict, why did they choose living coral this year, and where did it get its name? → Read More

Baby Jesus locked in cage for church nativity scene. ‘It makes the point.’

Dedham, Massachusetts, church St. Susanna Parish drew controversy after unveiling a nativity scene showing baby Jesus in a cage. The pastor said it was supposed to show a mirror of the scene if it happened today. → Read More

‘Oh my heart’: Video of scientist feeding a tiny rescued baby turtle spreads joy

Ecologist David Steen captured hearts on Twitter after he posted a video showing him feeding a baby terrapin turtle some food at a turtle hospital. The turtle had been rescued when its mother was killed. → Read More