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Recent articles by Sarah:

Airbnb isn’t worried about a recession, says Airbnb cofounder

When people are short on cash, hosting an Airbnb rental is one way to bring in income. → Read More

How Fred Franzia kept "Two Buck Chuck" wine so cheap

Fred Franzia used lightweight glass and surplus wine to keep prices low on Charles Shaw → Read More

Covid explains the mystery of a hot US labor market in rocky economic times

A new paper estimates that covid has prompted an estimated 500,000 people to drop out of the workforce. → Read More

New York City transportation data shows the return-to-office struggle is real

MTA data show that during ridership still wasn't back at full force during the post-Labor Day workweek. → Read More

Howard Schultz's third round as Starbucks CEO soured his legacy

Howard Schultz's leadership over the past year has been defined by Starbucks' aggressive anti-union campaign. → Read More

Why Tesla workers' right to wear union T-shirts is so important

Union apparel can play a surprisingly important role in the success or failure of a campaign. → Read More

Americans' pro-union sentiment is higher than it's been in 57 years

A new Gallup poll shows that 71% of Americans are in favor of unions. → Read More

Most popular personal finance advice contradicts economic theory

Personal-finance experts and economists tend to offer different advice on issues like saving, retirement, and paying down debt. → Read More

Business travel will never make a comeback

A new report finds that two in five Americans who took business trips before the pandemic expect to never travel for work again. → Read More

A brief history of Ben & Jerry's political ice cream flavors

The socially-progressive Ben & Jerry's frequently expresses its politics in the form of frozen treats. → Read More

Americans won't switch jobs for a salary under $73,000 a year

Workers' desired minimum salary is up 6% year-over-year. → Read More

Google searches for "remote work" and "back pain" are spiking

What's behind the rising Google search interest in "remote work" and "back pain"? → Read More

The problem with praising exceptional women in business

Lauding women for succeeding against the odds can inadvertently perpetuate sexism. → Read More

Are unions responsible for the decline of unions?

A new report argues that unions are sitting on profits rather than spending money on organizing workers. → Read More

Apple's fledgling union effort already improved benefits for its retail employees

Companies often improve pay and benefits in an effort to convince employees that they don't need a union—but that's proof that unionizing works. → Read More

Starbucks is raising pay—but only for workers at non-union stores

Labor advocates say this is the latest in a series of the company's union-busting tactics. → Read More

Are Starbucks and Chipotle union-busting by closing stores?

Labor history shows that closing stores in the wake of union activity is a classic corporate tactic to quash organizing efforts. → Read More

A US judge ordered Glassdoor to disclose the identities of anonymous online reviewers

In a case that exposes the limits of US protections for anonymous speech online, a New Zealand toy company subpoenaed Glassdoor to unmask the identities of employees who left negative reviews. → Read More

Iceland is bringing back the forests razed by Vikings

Thanks to Iceland's reforestation efforts, its forest and scrub cover is six times larger than it was in 1990. → Read More

There’s a problem with the way we talk about burnout

Burnout is a problem at once induced and approved by capitalism: You’ve earned this mental-health collapse. → Read More