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Past articles by Glendon:

Museums Will Rescue Us [Video]

Museums, art galleries and libraries are poised once again to be civilization's rescuers. And they are up to the task like never before → Read More

Content Mining: Not Just An Illustrator's Problem Anymore

Now everyone faces the same problem that illustrators have faced since the internet started. → Read More

Upcoming Streamed Talk: Future-Proofing Dinosaur Tattoos

How do you future-proof a dinosaur tattoo design? This Thursday, October 8th Symbiartic's Glendon Mellow will be at Ryerson University's new launched Social Media Lab exploring how we communicate science through social media, specifically while using images. And it's going to be live streamed on Periscope! → Read More

The Glowing Promise of AR is Realized in the InvisibleEar

The glowing promise of AR, or augmented reality, promises us vast potential when it's paraded in pop culture. AR in fiction is used for important stuff and it looks cool while doing it. The InvisibleEar, created by biomedical communicator Andréa Zariwny, hits that mark of being both cool and useful. → Read More

I Unfollowed Everyone to Build a Better Twitter Feed

The Chrome extension for Twitter was installed, and I had time for a quick shower before cycling to work. Without letting myself think about it too much, I pressed MASS UNFOLLOW, saw it was working, and ran to the shower. → Read More

Attack of the Bot Followers

When managing your social media persona, just how responsible should you be for weeding out fake followers? Can having bot followers damage your rep? And how do you get rid of 'em? Glendon Mellow shares Symbiartic's recent experience → Read More

Feathered Dinosaurs on Post-it Notes

Sometimes, the pathway to a new idea becoming universally accepted requires a steady stream of little nudges, small pebbles thrown into the lake. Plink plink plink. ... → Read More

Help Us Start a SciArt Tweet Storm

In addition to being artists ourselves, the Symbiartic team hopes to help advance the presence of images in science communication and culture. To that end, we ... → Read More

Girl Discovers the Hugs Bison

The elusive Hugs Bison has been found. Brilliant visual wordplay by the always delightful Niroot Puttapipat. We featured some of his drawings on Symbiartic back in August, ... → Read More

Designing Science Tattoos

Ink and bones. Depictions of rocky matrix embedded under the skin. Time for a peek at some science tattoo designs, including one I have not ... → Read More

Travel the Solar System! See Distant Worlds!

Mars - Valles Marineris © Ron Guyatt Sol System - Meteor Shower © Ron Guyatt In an explosion of heroic art deco design, illustrator and designer Ron ... → Read More

The Brain Stem Behind Creation

University and scientific research center programs are increasingly finding it useful to employ artists and illustrators to help them see things in a new way. Few ... → Read More

Essential Social Media Sites for Science Illustrators

During my recent talk at the AMI conference about social media and illustration, I skimmed this slide near the end. Talks were intended to be 20 ... → Read More

The Art World is Too Safe Now: H.R. Giger has Died

No. 217 from Brain Salad Surgery, © HR Giger, 1973. Cover for the album by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The art world has become safer, less ... → Read More

Pinch of Pigment: Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is a fascinating colour with a much longer history than many pigments in use today. It's also the only goblin hiding in the Periodic ... → Read More

Scatter, Adapt, and Remember

> “If you think Humans are destroying the planet in a way that’s historically unprecedented, you’re suffering from a species-level delusions of grandeur.” -Annalee Newitz, Scatter Adapt, and Remember The Doubleclicks, accompanied by the adorbs extinction cartoons of Leigh Lahav. Perhaps it’s having a 3 month old baby in the house (our second), but I’ve been thinking about the apocalypse more than… → Read More

A Fleeting Molecular Kiss Best viewed at 1080p In addition to creating science-art and blogging here on Symbiartic, I work at INVIVO Communications in QA and social media. One of the absolute ... → Read More

Pinch of Pigment: Mummy Brown

Many of the early Pre-Raphaelite paintings may have paint made from dead Egyptians. Considered to be a highly variable pigment between raw umber (almost greenish brown) and ... → Read More

Attribution is Catchy Credit is Due (The Attribution Song) by Question Copyright and artist-in-residence Nina Paley with Bliss Blood on vocals. By pairing an important message with a catchy ... → Read More

12 Things I’ve Learned About Being a Science Artist Online

After celebrating 7 years of blogging on The Flying Trilobite, I'm going to get all old guard and pompous and established and drop some wisdom about ... → Read More