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Past articles by Mary:

Bad Old Days: Republicans Want To Bring Back Child Labor

In 2023, turning to the past to find solutions for present challenges is taking the country down roads far darker than the song’s images of mellow trumpets, Bacardi cocktails and “dancin’ at your Long Island Jazz Age parties.” → Read More

What’s Nikki Haley’s Endgame?

It’s not clear what she even stands for. → Read More

“Fractured Bones, Mangled Limbs, Blast Wounds”: An American Surgeon’s Experience in Ukraine

First in Syria, now in Ukraine, Dr. Samer Attar goes wherever Russian bombs fall. → Read More

System Of Injustice Fails Breonna Taylor

To listen to his constant whining, to skim endless emails begging for cash, Trump doesn’t realize how lucky he is, or has been for his whole coddled life, one littered with bankruptcies and bailouts, lawsuits and settlements. Pain has been cushioned, often erased, by lawyers, toadies and loyal yes-m... → Read More

System Of Injustice Fails Breonna Taylor

You can be sure the FBI and the Department of Justice dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” on the search warrant before they went looking for classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, the home of the former president of the United States, and hit the jackpot. Though I wasn’t there → Read More

System Of Injustice Fails Breonna Taylor

To realize there really are different and inequitable systems of justice in a country that swears it isn’t so, look no further than the case of a woman who was given none of the protections or attention that those with wealth and power take for granted.Breonna Taylor was defenseless. In fact, as we’... → Read More

For The Patriots Who Love A Country That Won't Protect Them

When Wandrea “Shaye” Moss bravely testified before members of the House Select Committee investigating the events of Jan. 6, I was enraged, though I know my rage slips me into the stereotypical category of “angry Black woman.” → Read More

For The Patriots Who Love A Country That Won't Protect Them

But Donald Trump never pretended to be the president of every American. And he has displayed particular animus toward African Americans, from famous athletes to those he stomps on just to get his way. In a call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger before the attack at the Capitol, Trump ... → Read More

For The Patriots Who Love A Country That Won't Protect Them

Though the government they served seemed to desert them when they most needed its protection, it was quite a different story when Congress sprang into action with special protections for the families of Supreme Court justices. Do they deserve it? Yes. But shouldn’t the election workers who keep the ... → Read More

When Will Congress Call Domestic Terrorism By Its True Name?

I can’t imagine how Garnell Whitfield Jr. did it, how he appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to demand some sort of action from the country’s leaders on gun violence and on the domestic terrorism wrought by white supremacy. But as I was riveted by his testimony, I realized the strength an → Read More

When Did Admitting A Mistake Become 'Weakness' For Republicans?

McCarthy’s own voice reveals this witness to the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the Capitol not only blaming Trump but also worrying that members of his own caucus would be complicit in undermining democracy and would put “people in jeopardy.” → Read More

Why 'Bloody Sunday' In Selma Still Carries Lessons For Today

March 7, 1965, is a day to remember. That was never a problem for 90-year-old Ora Bell Shannon, who ran with her children from the Edmund Pettus Bridge, or for Betty Boynton, who could see the tear gas rising and baton-wielding state troopers beating peaceful marchers. → Read More

A Trump Christmas Brings Tidings Of Resentment And Revenge

I wonder if the armed mob that gathered outside the home of Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson as she was finishing up decorating with her four year-old son were some of the same folks who complain about secular attempts to "cancel Christmas." → Read More

Trump’s Re-Election Is Confederacy's New ‘Lost Cause’

As someone who likes to avoid the loser label — reportedly even hesitating about naming his son after him for fear of how the boy would turn out — why would Trump want to stand up for the losing side in the Civil War? → Read More

It's Time to Cover Black Women as the Norm and Not the “Other”

With Black women rising in fields from culture to politics, journalists must fully and accurately report on a group that has too often been ignored and stereotyped → Read More

Trump’s ‘Good Genes’ Remark Is A Harbinger Of Unending Struggle

It was one of lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg's cases before she took her place on the Supreme Court or in pop culture memes. It is only occasionally mentioned, perhaps because the details illuminated a truth people prefer to look away from, so they can pretend that sort of thing could never happen here. → Read More

Returning To His Roots, Trump Promotes Racial Discrimination In Housing

As polls show his base stagnant and his numbers dropping, Donald Trump has decided to replay an old favorite. While trying to strike fear of the invading "other" is right out of the 1968 playbook of both Richard Nixon and George Wallace, it's also a tactic Trump honed at his father's knee. → Read More

Democrats Offered An Inclusive Vision For America — It’s Your Turn, Republicans

It turns out the crowds, the balloons and confetti were merely froufrou, just window dressing. Stripped down, it was even easier for the themes of this week's Democratic National Convention — and the party's vision for the future — to break through. → Read More

How To Remember The Real John Lewis — And His Righteous Struggle

Some of the tributes to Lewis emphasized his generosity of spirit, evident in his ability to forgive and embrace those who beat him into unconsciousness. But the picture is incomplete without acknowledging the impatience, the fury to make it right, that saw him through more than three dozen arrests. → Read More

Turning Our Very American Postal Service Into A Partisan Pawn

God bless the Postal Service, an essential piece of America's history before it was America and included in the U.S. Constitution, which gave Congress the power "to establish post offices and post roads." → Read More