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Recent articles by Tom:

Mark Cuban cold-called the Dallas Mavericks' CEO to get her to take the job

Cynt Marshall, the Dallas Mavericks CEO, had never heard of Mark Cuban when the billionaire cold-called her with a job recruitment pitch in 2018. → Read More

CEO who summitted Mt. Everest 8 times: How to achieve success without chasing risks

Adrian Ballinger is the founder of Alpenglow Expeditions. He's been a climbing guide for 25 years and scaled the world's tallest mountains. → Read More

Here are the 7 richest people in the world who haven’t signed the Giving Pledge—Jeff Bezos is No. 3

Seven of the world's 11 wealthiest people haven't signed the Giving Pledge, where signees commit to giving away at least half their wealth. Here's who they are. → Read More

Watch out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams—here's how to avoid 5 of the most common ones

Budget-conscious shoppers are scouring for the best holiday sales this year, and scammers are counting on it, according to a fraud expert. → Read More

Here are Bill Gates' 5 new book recommendations for your holiday reading list

Bill Gates' latest holiday reading list includes some of his favorite books from throughout the 67-year-old billionaire's life. → Read More

Jeff Bezos giving away most of his $122 billion fortune is 'a big deal'—but leaves many questions unanswered, expert says

Jeff Bezos announces he'll donate the "majority" of his $122 billion after years of questions about and criticism over his philanthropic endeavors. → Read More

$2.04 billion Powerball jackpot is now the largest prize in history—here are the top 5 so far

A single winning ticket was sold for the record $2 billion Powerball jackpot. The drawing took place Tuesday morning following technical difficulties on Monday. → Read More

Would you pay $1 million to live aboard this 753-foot ‘sustainable’ megaship? Take a look inside

Residential shipbuilder Storylines plans to launch the MV Narrative — a $1.5 billion megaship with 547 residences, 20 restaurants and a movie theater — in 2025. → Read More

The $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot is now the largest ever—here are the top 5 so far

Saturday's Powerball drawing now has a jackpot of $1.6 billion, the largest ever, after no winners were announced for Wednesday night's $1.2 billion drawing. → Read More

$1 billion lottery jackpots are more common than ever—and it’s actually making them harder to win

Format changes, increased odds and high interest rates have combined to create bigger lottery jackpots than ever. It’s also harder to win the top prize. → Read More

A state-by-state guide to where you're guaranteed paid time off for voting—and where you aren't

Federal law does not require employers to give employees any time off to vote, much less paid time off. Instead, the laws vary from state to state. → Read More

Meta is losing billions, but people are making real-life money in the metaverse: 'It's been an incredibly positive experience'

Two VR creators discuss trying to make money in Meta's Horizon Worlds when Mark Zuckerberg's big metaverse bet is losing billions of dollars. → Read More

Etsy's COO has 3 tips for making money this holiday season—from 'meaningful' gifts to the color hot pink

Small businesses are getting ready for an uncertain holiday season, with inflation and a looming recession leaving shoppers likely to cut their spending. → Read More

2 college friends got a $250,000 'Shark Tank' deal with Mark Cuban for the business they built from their dorm room

Sam Chason and Matt Gronberg started Storage Scholars from their Wake Forest dorm rooms in 2017. Now, they have a $250,000 'Shark Tank' deal with Mark Cuban. → Read More

This jewelry company wants to pay you $1,000 to watch the 10 greatest baseball movies of all time

Retailer Shane Co. is offering $1,000 to one lucky baseball- and movie-lover who will watch 10 of the best baseball films ever: from "42" to "The Sandlot." → Read More

The idea of Jeff Bezos 'scared' me away from trying to buy the Phoenix Suns, says Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal says he doesn't want to compete with Jeff Bezos' massive net worth over the Phoenix Suns: "Nobody on this planet can compete with Big Man JB." → Read More

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn't like the metaverse—he predicts a different technology will shape the future

Tim Cook is questioning the excitement over the metaverse and virtual reality (VR), but the Apple CEO is a big fan of augmented reality (AR). Here's why. → Read More

Mark Cuban says 25% of his ‘Shark Tank’ deals are flops: ‘What the hell was I thinking?’

Mark Cuban has "no regrets" when it comes to his "Shark Tank" investing track record, even though he says roughly one in four of his deals turn into flops. → Read More

China is testing a magnet-powered floating car that goes up to 143 miles per hour—take a look

Chinese researchers performed road tests for modified passenger cars that use magnets to float 35 millimeters above a conductor rail, says a state news agency. → Read More

Billionaire Jim Koch says his Harvard MBA didn't prepare him to launch Sam Adams: Experience can 'be a lot more important than intelligence'

Self-made billionaire Jim Koch had multiple degrees from Harvard University, including an MBA, when he founded Sam Adams in 1984. They didn't help, he says. → Read More