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Recent articles by Tom:

GT Dave started brewing kombucha in his bedroom and turned it into a nearly $1 billion empire

GT Dave started brewing kombucha in his childhood home in the 1990s. Now, GT's Living Foods turns out more than one million bottles per year and is estimated to be worth over $900 million. → Read More

This is what a $1.9 million 'family-friendly' supercar looks like

Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg unveiled the Gemera, its first four-seat supercar that's billed as being perfect for "family trips" and will reportedly cost $1.9 million. It's also a hybrid. → Read More

This is the electric Porsche Bill Gates bought over a Tesla—take a look

Billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently revealed that he's the proud new owner of a Porsche Taycan, the German luxury automaker's first-ever fully electric sports car. Elon Musk, fellow billionaire and CEO of rival electric automaker Tesla, was not impressed. → Read More

This hotel is infamous as ground zero for a SARS 'super spreader' in the 2003 outbreak—here's what happened

As coronavirus, or COVID-19 spreads in China, some are reminded of another outbreak. In 2003, roughly 4,000 of the world's total cases of respiratory infection SARS could be traced back to one infected doctor's stay at a Hong Kong hotel. The doctor died, along with multiple other guests who all stayed on his same floor of the hotel. Here's what happened. → Read More

Mary Ellen Pleasant, one of the first black self-made millionaires, used an ingenious trick to build her fortune

Born in 1814, Mary Ellen Pleasant became one of America's first black female self-made millionaires by using the fact that she was often overlooked by wealthy elites to her advantage. Here's her story. → Read More

How the 'McMillions' scammers rigged McDonald's Monopoly game and stole $24 million

In the 1990s, a former police officer working for a McDonald's vendor managed to steal more than $24 million worth of cash and prizes from the fast-food giant's promotional games, including Monopoly. → Read More

Kim Kardashian West breaks down a bad business deal: 'We'd get, like, almost nothing'

Megastar Kim Kardashian West has built an estimated $370 million fortune with a career that's encompassed television, social media, fashion, cosmetics and even mobile apps. But not all of her past business deals have been winners, she told The New York Times. → Read More

Amazon had to pay federal income taxes for the first time since 2016 — here's how much

After two straight years of paying $0 in U.S. federal income tax, Amazon was on the hook for a $162 million federal tax bill in 2019, the company said. → Read More

Chiefs coach Andy Reid still drives the car his dad bought for $25 in the 1940s

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid still sometimes drives the 1928 Model A Ford his dad bought for $25 after World War II. On Sunday, Reid's Chiefs play for a Super Bowl title. → Read More

Bill Gates calls Apple's first Mac a 'great machine' in this 1983 internal video

In 1983, Apple made an internal promo video for the first-ever Macintosh featuring Steve Jobs and Bill Gates touting the "revolutionary" computer. Apple even boasts about the portability of the Macintosh, with the video showing an office worker unplugging the computer and sliding it into a "durable carrying case" the size of small carry-on before taking the entire set-up on a bike ride. "When… → Read More

An Air Force vet paid $350 for this watch—it's a Rolex now worth up to $700,000

A U.S. Air Force veteran bought a classic watch for $350 in 1974 and it sat in a safety deposit box for four decades. Now an appraiser on "Antiques Roadshow" says the "extremely rare" watch is worth up to $700,000. → Read More

This Mercedes-Benz camper van is a 'smart home' on wheels—take a look inside

German auto-maker Mercedes-Benz's new Marco Polo camper van includes smart features that can be controlled via a smartphone app. → Read More

Mark Cuban partied in Vegas and bought a mansion when he first became a billionaire

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be this rich, never," Mark Cuban, who is worth $4.1 billion, recently told the Ringer. The "Shark Tank" star and Dallas Mavericks owner first became a billionaire in 1999 after selling his internet startup to Yahoo. These were his first major purchases. → Read More

Millennials trust the postal service more than Amazon

More Americans trust the US Postal Service than any other brand, including tech giants like Amazon and Google, according to a new study from Morning Consult. And The Weather Channel made the top five most trusted brands too. → Read More

The worst career advice Eddie Murphy ever got came from Rodney Dangerfield—here's what he said

Before Eddie Murphy became a star, comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield gave a teenage Murphy some advice that turned out to be totally wrong. When a successful Murphy later crossed paths with Dangerfield in a bathroom at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, the older comedian seemed to admit his mistake. "Rodney Dangerfield comes to the urinal right next to me and I look over and he looks at me, and says,… → Read More

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson says his dad taught him to give every 'ounce of effort you can'

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson said his famous father taught him at an early age to give every 'ounce of effort you can' and that helped him succeed. Rocky Johnson died at 75 this week. → Read More

NFL star Luke Kuechly is retiring at 28—how much money he's made and how much he could be giving up

Carolina Panthers star linebacker Luke Kuechly is the latest NFL star to retire early despite a successful career. He's made more than $60 million from his NFL contracts, but he could be leaving even more on the table. → Read More

This woman conned investors out of $5.4 million and spent it on travel and expensive fashion

In 2018, Keisha Williams pleaded guilty to multiple criminal charges stemming from a $5.4 million scam in which federal officials found that she'd lied to dozens of investors about a business opportunity only to spend millions on luxury shopping sprees and first-class travel to exotic locales like Thailand and Tahiti. → Read More

Mercedes-Benz made a concept car inspired by the movie 'Avatar' — take a look

At 2020 CES in Las Vegas, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a new electric, autonomous concept car inspired by James Cameron's 2009 sci-fi movie "Avatar. The futuristic car uses sustainable materials and would be controlled by a center console instead of a steering wheel. → Read More

This Twitter user 'invented' the hashtag in 2007 — but the company thought it was 'too nerdy'

In 2007, social media hashtag inventor Chris Messina was a Silicon Valley product designer who thought of a way to make Twitter easier to use. When the company turned down his initial request to work the hashtag into their platform, his friends and other users utilizing the symbol to post news of a San Diego wildfire helped it take off, grass roots style. "The hashtag happened to be the… → Read More