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Past articles by Diana:

Lebanese freedom eroded by harassment of journalists

The Lebanese journalist Fidaa Itani was last month sentenced to four months in prison and fined for insulting the Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil in a comment he posted on social media. Bassil has filed 11 cases against Itani alone, while he also has complaints pending against other journalists, bloggers and activists. → Read More

Assad’s property law to strip people of their rights

After all the killing and displacement, now is the time for the confiscation of properties in Syria. The Syrian Arab News Agency has published the text of Legislative Decree (Law) No. 10 of 2018, issued by President Bashar Assad. The law stipulates the formation of two organizational real estate zones in Damascus for model cities that will replace the ruins of destroyed areas → Read More

Election success of shoe-throwing woman-hater tells a lot about Iraqi attitudes

Do you remember the young Iraqi man who, 10 years ago, threw a shoe at US President George W. Bush? He has become a member of the Iraqi Parliament, following the elections a few days ago. → Read More

Lebanon: An overwhelming victory for Hezbollah, Assad and Iran

Lebanon experienced heavy spring rain on Sunday night. The people needed this cold shower to clean the wounds of the election campaigns and, most importantly, to wake up, contemplate and perhaps understand what the results of the voting process mean and how the consequences will play out in the future. Everyone has been waiting to see how the past nine years, and all the → Read More

Lebanese women take a stand against exclusion from nation’s politics

The history of politics in Lebanon show that it has long been unjust to women. The Parliament did not open its doors to females until after the war ended in 1991, and even then in very low numbers because of sectarian considerations or political inheritance. Women were also let down time after time as they tried and failed to change Lebanese laws to end inequality, → Read More

International community an accomplice in Assad’s crimes

It is impossible for the independent observer not to consider the timing of the latest horrific crime of the Syrian regime — the bombing of Douma with chlorine gas, which claimed the lives of tens of citizens. The victims’ suffocation and death, in particular the children, was followed by the world via terrifying videos. → Read More

Men who can’t handle it when the law gives women rights

Over the past few weeks, threats have been made on social media against Syrian refugee women in Germany, especially those filing for divorce. These campaigns have escalated following the actions of a Syrian known as Abu Marwan, who murdered his ex-wife and broadcast a live video on Facebook moments after committing the crime. → Read More

After Weinstein, it’s time to hold Arab region’s abusers to account

In the West, some well-known names in the world of politics and media are being linked to sexual harassment and abuse. The scandal of the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has spread to encompass a culture of sexual abuse among leading British politicians. But it is impossible to tackle what is happening in the US and the West in general without mentioning its spread here in the Arab region. → Read More

In a new Lebanese crisis, the malign hand of Iran

The resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is a clear indication that Lebanon is at the heart of a period of exceptional confrontation in the region, and will not escape its repercussions. → Read More

Lebanese ‘friends of Syria’ are heading for a dead end

With the appointment of a new ambassador to Damascus, Lebanon has taken a step forward toward the official normalization of relations with the Syrian regime. This step was expected to arouse anger, and it has already sparked a major controversy in the country. In addition to Arab opposition to Lebanon’s breach of the Gulf countries’ official agreement on Syria, this step has a more complex… → Read More

The consequences of Iran’s regional dominance

In a speech broadcast on Iranian TV a few days ago, President Hassan Rouhani said his country is now stronger than ever. “No decisive actions can be taken in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, North Africa and the Gulf region without Iran’s consent,” he added. The speech provoked many parties in Lebanon, especially Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri and his political allies. Others remained silent, mainly… → Read More

At last, some order in Lebanon’s finances

Political settlement in Lebanon has been brought back to life. This is because the Lebanese parliament has passed its first budget since 2005, the year former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri was assassinated. Since then, security and political crises had prevented a vote on the budget. This achievement, and the accompanying preparations for the adoption of the 2018 budget, have closed the door, even… → Read More

Hezbollah’s day of reckoning may be coming

Have we started to witness new approaches to the situation in Lebanon and the region? There is undoubtedly tremendous pressure on Hezbollah, which has been dramatically escalated. → Read More

Politicians seek to exploit rape and murder

The people of Lebanon have been traumatized by the rape and murder of a young Lebanese woman named Raya Chidiac in a village in northern Lebanon last month. The woman’s murder was not the only tragedy, however, as things quickly escalated once it was discovered her killer was the Syrian man hired by her family to guard their house. → Read More

Don’t be fooled by talk of ‘progressive’ Hezbollah

When we speak of Hezbollah’s control over decision-making in Lebanon, not only are we referring to political decisions, but also to social aspects. Many matters are being controlled by Hezbollah’s perspective, and this has been increasingly applied to public life in Lebanon in the last few years. → Read More

With friends like Syria, who needs enemies?

After three years of absence due to a political standoff that left its presidential post vacant for two years, Lebanon finally took part in the UN General Assembly. But what Lebanon are we talking about when we say that it was present this year? This is not a sarcastic question, but any observer of the meetings and positions of President Michel Aoun and his delegation in New York, away from the… → Read More

What has boycotting Israel ever done for the Palestinians?

Boycotting Israel and rejecting any type of normalization is back in the spotlight after the arrest this month of the Lebanese-French film director Ziad Doueiri. Doueiri was detained on his arrival at Beirut airport after the publication of an offensive and provocative article about him in Al-Akhbar, a Lebanese daily newspaper that broadly supports Hezbollah. → Read More

Assad and his henchmen should be careful what they wish for

It was not surprising to hear one of the Syrian regime’s most notorious military officers threatening to punish refugees who return to Syria. President Bashar Assad has repeatedly said that the Syrian social fabric is now better than before, with the departure of those who fled war, killings and torture. He repeated this two weeks ago when he said that Syria now had “a homogeneous healthy… → Read More

Israel is forging its role with fire

A Facebook user sarcastically commented that Israel bombed a Syrian chemical plant this week to celebrate Bashar Assad’s victory over his “terrorist” opponents. Indeed, over the past few years, many have made fun of the fact that Israel has repeatedly struck Syria with no response except for lame statements and killing more citizens. → Read More

Iran expands its influence while everybody watches

It seems the world has suddenly awoken from its coma to see that Iran has achieved victories on various fronts in the region, namely in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. This is due to Iranian military and ideological policies and actions, and negligence on the part of regional and Western countries. Iran has won the hypothetical war against Daesh in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, whose governments are largely… → Read More