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Recent articles by Aaron:

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Pence edges up the list as he places a big Georgia bet against Trump — one that seems likely to pay off. → Read More

Breaking down claims about congresspeople and pre-Jan. 6 Capitol tours

Some Democrats claimed early that these were akin to "reconnaissance" tours. Here's where the Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) revelation fits. → Read More

Final Mariupol defenders signal end to campaign at Azovstal

A leader of the far-right Azov Regiment says an order has been issued to cease in their last-ditch defense of Mariupol, which has been gutted by the Russian military. → Read More

How Trump’s census plot might have cost red states

A new census report shows 14 states were significantly miscounted, which might have cost red states 2-3 seats. A potential reasons: Trump's chaotic attempts to game the system. → Read More

Will Mehmet Oz or David McCormick win in Pennsylvania? Gaming out the remaining votes

Breaking down what we know about how this could end. → Read More

The 2022 Republican primaries rekindle Trump’s bogus voter fraud claims in ironic ways

"Human error." Late ballot "dumps" changing who's leading in the tallies. Mail-in ballots deciding the winner. This time, these factors are being treated with less suspicion. → Read More

6 takeaways from primaries in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and more

A mixed bag for Trump and the Democrats' left wing, plus electability issues for the GOP in Pennsylvania. → Read More

Why Florida’s new law against protests outside residences doesn’t fit the DeSantis narrative

The law was carefully crafted to match prior laws restricting protests at residences. It was also supported by many Senate Democrats. → Read More

Pennsylvania, Mastriano and the Trump election truthers who could matter

Pennsylvania governor candidate Doug Mastriano headlines those who have pushed bogus election conspiracies, and could actually do something about them in 2024. → Read More

How Trump’s Dr. Oz endorsement could cost the GOP in Pennsylvania

Multiple recent polls show even lots of Pennsylvania Republicans don't like Oz — nearly half, in one poll. What happens if he becomes their nominee? → Read More

How the GOP has dealt with 'replacement theory,' before and after shootings

The right’s embrace of the racist “replacement theory” endured even after a series of tragedies in which the shooter espoused it. Here's a timeline of how the party has dealt with such issues. → Read More

What Esper and other Trump tell-all authors said, before and after

Amid criticism of officials like Mark Esper for not speaking out earlier, we look at what they're saying now versus what they said when they worked for Trump. → Read More

Jan. 6 panel’s historic subpoenas to House GOPers — and what’s next

There are a number of options on the table for the Jan. 6 committee to enforce new and historic subpoenas against House Republicans. Which one it takes will show how serious the committee is — and could reverberate. → Read More

Congress wasn’t polarized on abortion when Roe was decided. Now the split is nearly complete.

When Roe was decided, there was little difference between how the parties voted in the Senate. A vote to save it this week was almost completely divided along partisan lines. → Read More

The GOP and where it’s headed on criminalizing abortion

Polls show the American people strongly oppose criminalizing abortion and threatening doctors and women with jail time. But despite the GOP's assurances, it'll be a topic that's very difficult to avoid. → Read More

Yes, experts say protests at SCOTUS justices’ homes appear to be illegal

Digging through the relevant laws and precedents. → Read More

How the baseless rumor about Alito and an ‘undisclosed location’ spread

The claim made its way through the conservative media and into the tweets of GOP senators. → Read More

How far the GOP might go post-Roe on abortion, contraception and travel

Some states and candidates have proposed criminalizing abortion, preventing out-of-state travel for abortion and even testing the right to contraception. → Read More

How 6 GOP candidates shifted their tones on ‘stolen election’ claims

Oftentimes, the shifts are more a matter of emphasis than full flip-flops. But in each case, the shift took place despite the nonexistent evidence remaining nonexistent. → Read More

What Biden and Democrats say — and avoid saying — on abortion limits

With the apparent fall of Roe v. Wade ahead, Republicans have claimed that members of the other party oppose any limits on abortion. The reality is less explicit — in ways that may be uncomfortable for Democrats. → Read More