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New York, NY, United States

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Recent articles by Froma:

Froma Harrop: Democrats must fix today before tomorrow

Like all candidates, Democrats focus their campaigns on what they will do if elected. Progressives often accuse Joe Biden in particular of wanting to take America back to the Barack Obama years. And it's true that Biden often portrays his candidacy as a restoration of the era in which he served as Obama's vice president. → Read More

Bernie Sanders Isn’t Doing So Hot

Bernie Sanders was supposed to run away with the New Hampshire primary. This is his kind of state, where Democrats are mostly educated liberals. → Read More

Bloomberg, Billionaires and Boobery

I’d like to personally bop over the head the next Democrat who says that Michael Bloomberg shouldn’t be running for president because he’s a billionaire. Let’s give thanks t… → Read More

Are Supermarket Aisles Racist?

My supermarket has a giant “international” food aisle dominated by Asian and Latino products. Which items end up in a section dedicated to a particular foreign culture’s cuisine a… → Read More

Good men with guns won't protect us

I'd much prefer a psychotic man without a gun to a good man with one. → Read More

Biden remains the Dem to beat Trump

As of now, Biden still seems to be the Democrat best able to deny Trump a second term. Given the stakes, nothing else should matter. → Read More

Why Is The ‘Liberal Media’ So Hostile To Liberals?

One of the most absurd assumptions — pushed by news outlets that should know better — is that Joe Biden isn't a liberal. → Read More

Bernhardt Would Be Another Disaster At Interior

Bernhardt helped the administration radically shrink two national monuments in Utah — Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante. → Read More

Is Bernie behind the attacks on Biden?

That Sanders and his people are fueling these petty attacks is something we can believe. → Read More

The War Against Warming: Why We Must Fight

Global warming is a very different kind of peril from Nazism -- but it is menacing our planet with catastrophic consequences for nature and civilization. → Read More

Mueller report is what Democrats needed

Many Democrats don't get this, but the Mueller report has done them a great service. → Read More

Are the racists on viral videos mentally ill?

Psychologists have written on whether racists are mentally ill. They tread gingerly on the subject so as not to give excuses for vile conduct. → Read More

Democrats Look Forward

What Texas and Wisconsin have in common is a growing aversion to hard-edged conservatism in general and Trump in particular. → Read More

Pelosi is right on impeachment. Not now and probably never

What do the American people want? They want normality. → Read More

There's Little Joy In Trump's Economy

It can't be said that Trump's tax cuts did nothing to goose the economy. But that magic is about to expire. And it was all done with borrowed money. → Read More

Taping #MeToo Mouths At Harvard

The group hounding law school Dean Ronald S. Sullivan to resign is described as "small but vocal." Many at Harvard must find their histrionics embarrassing. → Read More

Taping mouths at Harvard

Some #MeTooers put tape over their mouths. Get it? They're not allowed to speak, which should come as a great surprise to their audiences. → Read More

Privacy will belong to a new top 1 percent

Privacy, it seems, remains one value that cannot be bought. → Read More

Bernie Sanders, it's over

Sanders lost his moral authority in the 2016 election of Trump. It should be over for him. → Read More

Bernie Sanders, It's Over

Before the 2016 presidential race, Bernie Sanders exuded some charm as an unapologetic lefty with a Brooklyn accent. But when his campaign gained traction, the authoritarian took over. Unwilling to... → Read More