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Recent articles by Froma:

May You Be Healthy And Covered In 2019

Republicans had two years to replace or fix the ACA to their liking. They didn't do it. → Read More

New Yorkers yelling at New Yorkers

As Johnny Carson once said, "anytime four New Yorkers get into a cab together without arguing, a bank robbery has just taken place." → Read More

Bringing the future back into American politics

The Trump administration’s lust for opening pristine public lands and even natural monuments to industrial ravage is unprecedented → Read More

Alcohol and opioids are different risks

It's misleading to lump the two-glass wine drinker with the fall-down drunk. Or he who takes a couple of pills after surgery with a drug addict. → Read More

Is the economy headed to Crazytown?

The recent election suggested that a public happy with the economy under Donald Trump is nevertheless very unhappy with the man himself. → Read More

Is the Economy Headed To Crazytown?

Now suppose the benefit of a strong economy were to be pulled out from under Trump in the months to follow. What would be Trump's selling point then? His charm and wit? → Read More

America's Wealth Floods Into Already Wealthy Cities

Amazon's drawn-out search for another command post to rival the home base in Seattle appears to have been a stunt. → Read More

America’s wealth floods into already wealthy cities

Amazon's HQ2 choice points to what should be a disturbing trend: The rich regions are getting richer faster → Read More

Republican Moderates' Dilemma — Leave GOP Or Go Native

As the Republican Party became the Party of Trump, the club had two choices: stick to its genteel tradition, offering solace to the few moderate Republicans left, or go native. → Read More

Democrats need an immigration policy fast

In recent months, the political leadership of two neighboring countries with large immigration programs issued very different messages. They would be the United States and Canada. In the United States, President Trump and his Republican allies vilified the “caravan” of Central Americans making their way toward the border. They are a gang of diseased criminals and Middle Eastern terrorists, he… → Read More

Democrats Need An Immigration Policy Fast

In recent months, the political leadership of two neighboring countries with large immigration programs issued very different messages. They would be the United States and Canada. → Read More

Funny how the stock market tweets come and go

Deficits under presidents must be judged by the cards presidents were handed. → Read More

Funny How The Stock Market Tweets Come And Go

After a long absence, another "Stock Market up" tweet was issued Wednesday by Donald Trump. → Read More

Forget About Cheaper Drugs On Trump's Watch

The lobbying group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America responded to Trump's eleventh-hour proposal with this subtle statement: → Read More

So now it’s real explosive devices

Notable is that similar devices were sent to far-apart addresses and were delivered in a similar manner. So this would seem a coordinated action → Read More

Now It’s Real Explosives (And Trump Lit The Fuse)

Look at President Trump and his cataract of incendiary insults, and see a trail of anti-social behavior leading to him. → Read More

Will You Stop Obsessing Over Trump Insults?

There's little shock or news value here. Donald Trump's rap sheet of insults toward women is long. → Read More

Blue-State Republicans turn to Democrats

For the first time in a good while, Wall Street is giving more in direct donations to Democrats than Republicans. → Read More

Why Blue-State Republicans Are Turning Away From GOP

And here's a big reason: The new tax law purposely punishes people in the expensive-to-live-in blue states, which is where Wall Street people live. To them, this is not just about money. It's personal. → Read More

Even birth control is under attack

We in the vast majority shouldn't have to be defending birth control in the year 2018. → Read More