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Recent articles by Froma:

Froma Harrop: It's time for Democrats to primary AOC

Ocasio-Cortez and company stand in the way of Democrats' retaining real power. → Read More

Froma Harrop: Trumpian carnage goes on full display

Clearly, revenge for losing the 2020 election still burns within, but the blowtorch is running low. → Read More

Froma Harrop: Don't ever go soft on crime

It's a safe assumption that fear of crime is what flipped several suburban New York congressional districts to Republicans. → Read More

Froma Harrop: The republic will survive drag queens

Remember: Some classic children's books include scenes of boys wearing girls' clothes. → Read More

Froma Harrop: Contrary to rumors, Democrats are better at the economy

Here's the real story: Inflation is a worldwide concern, and the problem is bigger elsewhere. → Read More

Froma Harrop: The Russian Fatherland is losing the fathers

When Russia first invaded, Israel assumed it would be processing a lot of Ukrainians. To its surprise, it has been receiving a surge of Russians instead. → Read More

Froma Harrop: Musk owns a lot, but not Twitter's followers

What Musk seems to miss, apart from a sense of civic responsibility, is this: No one has to be on Twitter. Letting Trump and his thuggy minions back on would ruin the neighborhood. → Read More

Froma Harrop: Abortion bans actually deter women from having babies

The abortion law in Texas has added so many layers of anxiety to pregnancy that some women have decided to not get pregnant at all, according to Dr. Patrick Ramsey, head of maternal medicine at University of Texas Health, San Antonio → Read More

Froma Harrop: Are you looked down upon? Do you care?

Just about anyone can build a case for being looked down upon. → Read More

Biden Promotes Semiconductor Industry Against Partisan Republicans

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has been pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into its own semiconductor industry. So, by the way, have the Europeans.This is part of a bigger picture in which the U.S. has been reversing decades of "off-shoring" factory jobs to lower wage countries. Almost 350,0... → Read More

Biden Promotes Semiconductor Industry Against Partisan Republicans

Citing the chips bill, U.S. semiconductor companies say they plan billions in new investment, and their jobs pay very well.President Joe Biden preened at the recent groundbreaking for a new $20 billion plant Intel is building near Columbus, Ohio. Beside him stood two good Ohio Republicans, Gov. Mike... → Read More

Froma Harrop: Washington puts its chips on chips

It's hard to overstate how bringing chip-making to this country is good for this country. It would not only create many thousands of American jobs; it would ensure that other U.S. manufacturers don't have to beg Asians for semiconductors. → Read More

Why Republicans — Not Biden — Are Mostly To Blame For Border Chaos

The only solution is to remove the job magnet, and there's already a system in place to do that. E-Verify lets employers quickly check a database to determine whether a new hire may legally work in this country. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security runs it.A few states mandate that all employers... → Read More

Why Republicans — Not Biden — Are Mostly To Blame For Border Chaos

Let's have a conversation about immigration. An honest one. In sending migrants to liberal states, the Republican governors of Florida, Texas and Arizona engaged in what even The Wall Street Journal slammed as "political stunts" that turn human beings into "political props." → Read More

Why Republicans — Not Biden — Are Mostly To Blame For Border Chaos

But when the bill got to the House, then-Speaker John Boehner refused to put it up for a vote. Although it would have easily passed, the measure did not have the support of a majority of Republican members. They railed against another amnesty for "lawbreakers," ignoring that E-Verify would have made... → Read More

Froma Harrop: Republicans are stuck with their assault on abortion

What Roe did was give women the option of ending a pregnancy before fetal viability for any reason. What influenced their decisions was no business of politicians. → Read More

It's Too Late For Republicans To Escape Their Abortion Blunder

Ohio's near ban on abortion has created tension at the Cleveland Clinic, nationally known for its expertise in high-risk pregnancies. There are cases, for example, in which a non-viable twin must be removed to prevent irreparable harm to the mother and the other twin.One in 10 pregnancies end in mis... → Read More

It's Too Late For Republicans To Escape Their Abortion Blunder

Nice try, Lindsey Graham. The senator from South Carolina has been reading the polls, clearly. After decades of railing against abortion and populating the U.S. Supreme Court with justices eager to ditch a right to an abortion, Republicans like him are discovering → Read More

It's Too Late For Republicans To Escape Their Abortion Blunder

His bill would add exceptions for rape and incest, which sounds reasonable to many but constitutes an insult to a true "pro-life position." If the embryo or fetus is an innocent human being, as abortion foes hold, then it should not matter whether that being was conceived in love or through a violen... → Read More

Froma Harrop: Democrats we might not mind losing

It is hard to count all the politically dumb positions Minnesota's Keith Ellison has held. → Read More