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Past articles by Tom:

Pentagon's boosted missile buys are insufficient to meet China's threat

The Biden administration has unveiled the details of its fiscal 2024 defense budget request to Congress. Officials are proclaiming big boosts to long-range weapons purchases, an undoubted priority in facing China's likely looming invasion of Taiwan. → Read More

US unprepared as China boosts preparations for Taiwan war

Communist China is boosting defense spending, emphasizing areas crucial to its readiness for war against Taiwan and the United States. → Read More

New York business gala rolls out red carpet for Communist China

On Jan. 18, business executives and politicians gathered at the China General Chamber of Commerce's annual gala in New York City. A thinly veiled outcropping of the Chinese Communist Party, the CGCC exists to leverage investment opportunities in return for corporate America’s advancing of a pro-Beijing outlook. → Read More

China reminds us why the Space Force was created

China has again underlined the strategic rationale for the existence of the U.S. Space Force. → Read More

Xi Jinping's burst Ukraine peace balloon

The Chinese Communist Party finds itself caught between the rock of its diplomatic duplicity and the hard place of its foreign policy agenda. → Read More

China's self-defeating economic policy

Xi Jinping has vast ambition but perhaps less strategic intellect. Consider the Chinese leader's economic policy. → Read More

Why China feels particular global pressure over balloongate

China has much to feel awkward about in its international dealings. Issues that attract common international ire include Beijing's bullying of Taiwan, its imperial claims over the South China Sea, its global espionage, its trade manipulation, its mix of repressive and genocidal domestic policies, its debt diplomacy, and its gutting of fishing habitats. → Read More

Keep focused on China's vast espionage campaign

National attention is focused on the three unidentified flying objects recently shot down by the U.S. military. Still seeking answers as to who launched those UFOs and why, we must also remain focused on the singular espionage threat posed by Communist China. → Read More

UFOs and the White House's 'no evidence of extraterrestrials' distraction

With China's spy balloon now a week in the past, the nation has moved on to the three unidentified flying objects that the United States shot down in recent days. The China espionage point bears greater attention: Beijing's capabilities and ambitions in terms of drones, balloons, cyberspace, telecommunications, and human intelligence operations are vast and global. → Read More

What we can infer from the Alaska aerial object

The White House says that the U.S. military shot down an as yet unidentified flying object over northern Alaska on Thursday evening. → Read More

Three reasons Russian athletes should be banned from the Olympics

A group of 35 nations is demanding that no Russian or Belarusian athletes be able to compete at next year's Summer Olympic Games in Paris. That's the right stance. The International Olympic Committee's rationale for resisting such a ban is laughable. → Read More

Damaging Elon Musk's free speech credentials, Turkey claims Twitter bowed to censorship demands

In a blow to CEO Elon Musk's already fraying credibility as a defender of free speech, the Turkish government claims that Twitter has agreed to a crackdown on voices it dislikes. → Read More

When it comes to China, is the Pentagon's Colin Kahl living on another planet?

Colin Kahl, the Defense Department's undersecretary of defense for policy, should pay more attention in his intelligence briefings and then read some Sun Tzu. The ancient Chinese theorist observed that "if you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle." → Read More

Of course Zelensky went to Britain before Brussels

Exemplifying absurd arrogance, a European Union official has lamented Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's decision to visit London before traveling to EU headquarters in Brussels. Zelensky met King Charles and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and addressed U.K. parliamentarians on Wednesday. On Thursday, he is expected to visit Brussels. → Read More

Crime-friendly DC councilwoman silent as local business begs for help

If you're a resident of Washington, D.C., you should probably buy a weapon for personal defense. If you're a retail business owner, you should probably factor in at least a 5% loss of earnings due to rampant crime. → Read More

State of the Union 2023: Inside the designated survivor's emergency A-team

When President Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday, one of his Cabinet officials will be absent. As yet unnamed, that official will be sequestered away at the Mount Weather complex in Virginia as the "designated survivor." If the worst happens — it probably… → Read More

What the US military did well (and badly) with China's balloon

The U.S. military's record on dealing with China's spy balloon challenge? It's a mixed bag. → Read More

What China's balloon was doing

What was the Chinese spy balloon, likely operated by either the People's Liberation Army's Strategic Support Force or its Rocket Force, trying to do? → Read More

China's self-inflicted balloon shot

Here are two predictions about the Chinese spy balloon now floating across the continental U.S. → Read More

Heritage's Kevin Roberts rightly puts defense spending pressure on Congress but overemphasizes technology

Writing for the American Conservative this week, Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts calls on Republicans to think more critically about defense spending. → Read More