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Past articles by Sara:

The Radical Empathy of Deanna Troi

For too long women were written as overly emotional, with reactions that would devour and destroy them. Then came Deanna Troi. → Read More

Looking back on The Vision and the Scarlet Witch

The Vision and the Scarlet Witch were long-time Avengers with mutually weird pasts who got married in Giant-Size Avengers #4, left the team, and then lived happily ever after. Just kidding, they definitely did not, and their marriage went through the wringer before painfully deteriorating. What can we say? Comics are kind of a bummer sometimes. → Read More

Reading is bad for you: Evil books in horror

Evil fictional books are that kind of horror trope that we do like. → Read More

Why Xena's Callisto is one of genre's greatest villains

Every great hero needs a great villain, and Xena's Callisto brought the fire in ways that still give us chills. → Read More

Not Guilty: Hellbound: Hellraiser II

In Not Guilty, we look at movies and TV shows that the general consensus tells us we should feel bad for liking, but that our hearts tell us we should give a second look — "guilty pleasures" we don't feel guilty about. This time around, your suffering will be legendary... even in Hellbound: Hellraiser II! → Read More

Queer superheroes of the modern age

When we talk about queer superheroes in comics, generally the discussion is centered in the ‘80s and ‘90s, when we first started seeing representation — mostly in subtext, occasionally through text, and almost always leaving something to be desired in its portrayal of queer lives. → Read More

Pride-ographies: Robert Triptow

Robert Triptow was the second editor of Gay Comix, and a great cartoonist in his own right. → Read More

The very weird subtextual love of Fire and Ice

Sure, there are a lot of weird relationships in comics, but dressing up like your date's deceased friend takes the cake. → Read More

Pride-ographies: Roberta Gregory

Roberta Gregory was a major part of Gay Comix and remains iconic in the underground queer comix movement. → Read More

Pride-ographies: Mary Wings

Mary Wings made the first comic book that was by an LGBTQ+ person for LGBTQ+ people. → Read More

Knives and Skin and its nuanced take on the dead girl trope

The dead girl trope is long-running and tired, but by humanizing the people involved Knives and Skin give us a better story. → Read More

The Star Sapphires and their planet of bae

The Star Sapphires are a very weird concept that we like a lot. → Read More

Breathless Mahoney, one of the great femme fatales

Dick Tracy is a cool comic and Breathless Mahoney is a cool villain. → Read More

Cult horror classic Mirror, Mirror turns 30

This extremely goth movie hits all the marks of a cult horror film. → Read More

Namor: Marvel's speedo-wearing king of the sea

Namor does not make for a great boyfriend or husband but he does have perfect abs forever. → Read More

Alex Summers, resident himbo of the X-Men

Alex Summers doesn't have much, but he sure has the market cornered on being a himbo. → Read More

Crystal of the Inhumans and her sexual liberation

Crystal did not deserve the BS she had to put up with for exploring her sexuality in the Inhumans. → Read More

Not Guilty: Bride of Chucky

Listen, we love murder dolls as much as the next person. → Read More

The greatness of Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy

We're not saying Batman & Robin was the best movie, but Uma as Poison Ivy kind of is the best. → Read More

Hey New Mutants, where's Karma?

Karma is a founding member of the New Mutants, so - where the heck is she? → Read More