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Recent articles by Craig:

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The 55 best iPhone and iPad apps money can buy

Got an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Then you need these 40 utterly essential iOS apps, lovingly selected by the Stuff team after months of testing. You’re welcome → Read More

The 55 best iPhone and iPad apps money can buy

Got an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Then you need these 40 utterly essential iOS apps, lovingly selected by the Stuff team after months of testing. You’re welcome → Read More

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Apple in 2022: what Stuff wants to see

As we emerge blinking from a pile of wrapping paper, Stuff’s editor barks: “It’s time to put on your guessing trousers! Blast Apple 2022 rumours at the internet! Say random things about how the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be made entirely of bees!” Actually, he didn’t. Possibly because he’s still under a pile of wrapping paper himself. But mostly because this is Stuff and we don’t do that kind of… → Read More

Lego Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone is a 1125-piece love letter to 1990s Sega

Gamers of a particular vintage will remember when a certain blue hedgehog blasted on to the scene back in 1991. The speedy Erinaceid blazed through levels at a frightening pace, making Nintendo’s leapy plumber look comparatively staid. The bright-green landscape of Green Hill Zone was the very first level of Sonic the Hedgehog and remains indelibly imprinted on millions of minds, with its blue… → Read More

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The BBC Micro is 40 years old today

There really was bafflement when BBC Micros arrived in British schools during the early 1980s – sparking interest in a few kids who would go on to be rich engineers, while the rest of us lurked in the hope of a break time go on a Pac-Man knock-off called Snapper. But its intentions were ambitious: introducing computing to the masses. The BBC wanted to show off computers on the telly, and UK… → Read More

Evercade VS review

Having made an audacious yet bizarre play for the handheld space with Evercade, Blaze is back with a console for your telly. The VS is like a NES from another dimension, its boxy proportions and physical cartridges being a throwback to another time. But there’s something appealing in a world awash with digital downloads about the VS using boxed carts (with printed manuals). And although the… → Read More

5 things you can do with your new Apple HomePod Mini

The new HomePod Mini has arrived in a blaze of colour. Joining the subdued white and black models are a deep blue, vibrant orange and eye-popping yellow. But once you’ve got the grapefruit-sized device out of the box, plugged it in and got it talking to your device, what next? Here’s what: Play some music (duh) You’ll first want to blast thumping tunes from your HomePod Mini. You can ask Siri to… → Read More

What is ProRes for iPhone 13 Pro?

When armed with a smartphone, everyone can be a wannabe Spielberg. But with an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, the idea is you can be an actual Spielberg – at least if you care about image quality. And that’s because with iOS 15.1, ProRes has come to Apple’s flagship blower. For video nerds, this is exciting stuff: compared to H.265, ProRes is less compressed (“visually lossless” is the term often… → Read More

Apple’s revamped iPad mini is a mini iPad Air

This time yesterday, the iPad mini was a dinky take on the standard iPad. Yawn. But Apple’s 2021 revamp rethinks the device as an iPad Air mini-me. The new iPad mini (from £479, available 24 September) gets a price-hike, but then you get a lot for the extra eighty quid. There’s a blazing fast A15 chip that obliterates the competition. The new enclosure minimises bezels and eradicates the Home… → Read More

Lego celebrates 25 years of Super Mario 64 with the 2064-piece ? Block set

Given the flurry of Nintendo-themed Lego sets released this past year – Lego Super Mario (and the two-player update) and the Lego NES – Lego-loving Nintendo fans must think all their birthdays have come at once. But the partnership’s latest celebrates an actual birthday. Lego Super Mario 64 ? Block (£159.99) uses its 2064 pieces to bring to life Super Mario 64 – now 25 years young – in blocky… → Read More

THEA500 Mini gives the iconic Commodore Amiga the tiny TV console treatment

We’re fast running out of classic games systems that haven’t been miniaturised for a TV-friendly console experience. But 16-bit home computers have been off-limits – until now. With THEA500 Mini (£119.99, due early 2022), the folks behind THEC64 Mini have announced a dinky take on the Commodore 64’s successor: the iconic Commodore Amiga. The Commodore brand itself is tied up in legal weirdness,… → Read More

You can now own an Apple Keyboard with Touch ID – without buying an iMac

When Apple unleashed its brand-new 24in iMac earlier this year, the keyboard in the box also received an overhaul. Along with curvier edges and hues to colour-match the iMac hardware, we got Touch ID on a standalone external keyboard for the first time. The need to laboriously tap in passwords was eradicated. Bliss! Unless you own a Mac mini or use an external keyboard with an M1 Apple laptop –… → Read More

xScreen for Xbox Series S turns your console into a giant laptop

Keen on Xbox gaming, but jealous of the unwashed masses with their sickeningly portable Switch consoles? Fortunately, xScreen for Xbox Series S (from AU$259 – about £140; shipping January 2022) is on the way. The unit connects to the back of your Xbox in seconds, and a couple of coloured latches makes sure it stays put, transforming the entire concoction into something resembling an extremely… → Read More

Louis Vuitton’s Horizon Light Up is a tiny luxury UFO that’s part speaker, part work of art

When idle, the Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up (£2320, available 30 July) could be anything. Drawing on the company’s 167-year history of working with leather and metal, it resembles a luxury take on a spinning top, or a tiny – and premium-feel – UFO. But when the device is fired up, the woofer vibrates like a heartbeat, a light show syncs to the beat of what you’re playing (via Bluetooth,… → Read More

OldOS turns your iPhone into a time machine and transports it back to 2010

Remember the halcyon days when the Notepad app on your iPhone looked like a real notepad, when the iOS YouTube icon was an adorable vintage telly, and when you had to thumb a big slider to unlock your device? Things were better back then, weren’t they? If you fancy a reality check, you can now revisit the old days of iPhone with the suitably named OldOS. It’s the brainchild of teenage developer… → Read More