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Florida, United States

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Recent articles by Charles:

‘Agree with Me or I’ll Kill Myself’

No. → Read More

Harvard-Harris: Americans Don’t Know What Roe Did

Fifty-five percent of Americans oppose overturning Roe, but 72 percent support the laws that overturning Roe has enabled. → Read More

Against the Supreme Court’s Appalling Attack on Our Democracy™

How dare the Court return power to legislatures elected by the people? → Read More

A Remarkable Symmetry

165 years after Dred Scott, Justice Thomas rebukes its author. → Read More

Why, Exactly, Would the Biden Administration Choose to Persecute Andrew Gillum?

Is the federal government wrong in its assessment of Gillum’s conduct? Maybe. Is it ‘political’? That seems extremely unlikely. → Read More

WaPo: Cornyn’s Gun-Control Bill Adds Waiting Periods for Under-21s (Updated)

Mike DeBonis reports that ‘under-21 gun buyers will have to wait at least 3 days, maybe 10’ → Read More

Showing Up Is Half the Battle

There are more than a million Colombian-Americans in Florida, and only one party understands how to talk to them. → Read More

When, Exactly, Did Drag Queens in Schools Become a Thing?

Why has one of the two major political parties in America decided that this a hill to die on? → Read More

The Democratic Party Is an Inflation Machine

Since January 2021, everything the Democrats have done or tried to do has been inflationary. Joe Manchin should keep trying to jam the gears. → Read More

David French Is Wrong about Gun Culture

Perhaps it’s not the gun-rights movement that has changed. → Read More

‘There Are a Lot of People Very Close to the President Who Privately Understand That This Is a Complete Disaster’

If there are "a lot of people very close to the president who privately understand that this is a complete disaster for them," then those people need to speak up now, before Biden commits a generational political mistake. → Read More

What Does Nancy Pelosi Get Out of a Failed Push to Ban ‘Assault Weapons’?

It may make Democrats feel good, but the downsides are presumably obvious. → Read More

On Student Loans, Joe Biden Is in Thrall to the Most Radical, Most Selfish Voices in America

President Biden is, indeed, considering doing what "Debt Collective" has asked. But that does not mean that it's not "fringe," and it most certainly does not change the fact that it is illegal. → Read More

Student-Loan Forgiveness Is Illegal and Politically Suicidal

If President Biden makes the move with student-loan forgiveness, it will complete the party’s transformation. And, after that, he’ll deserve every damn consequence. → Read More

Harvard Poll Shows Majorities Believe Biden Is Too Old and Not ‘Mentally Fit’

This is the sort of problem from which a president cannot recover. → Read More

No, Joe Scarborough, Nobody in Texas Has ‘Gutted’ the Gun Laws at Issue in Uvalde

I understand that Joe Scarborough would like what happened to be Greg Abbott's fault. But it really isn't. They've been the same since the 1960s. → Read More

Beto’s Disgraceful Interruption Was a Wholly Empty Gesture

‘This is on you,’ O’Rourke said to Greg Abbott. What did he mean? → Read More

Republicans Can Still Blow the 2022 Midterms

A political ‘wave’ will help to blunt any sharp edges, but even the largest waves cannot carry everyone who rides them to the shore. → Read More

U.S. Census Bureau Report Shows Large GOP-Leaning States Were Undercounted in 2020

The mistakes made by the bureau have hurt Republicans far more than Democrats. → Read More

A Confession: I Did, Indeed, Mock and Attack Nina Jankowicz and the DHS

Taylor Lorenz is right. The Misinformation Board and its leaders became a ‘target’ of my words. They will next time, too. → Read More