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Past articles by Laura:

I'm a lot more excited to play Marvel's Avengers with Ms. Marvel as the hero

Sure, Avengers that don't look like their movie actors are fine, but getting to smash some heroes as Kamala Khan in a big budget game is much more interesting. → Read More

Console-Tation: Finding the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang of video games

Are you looking for new games to play? Are you trying to find a game that mixes two of your hyper specific interests? Console-Tation is here to help. → Read More

An extended look at Little Hope, Supermassive's next horror game

If you look back over the last decade of releases from UK development studio Supermassive Games, the two that are best-known have a lot in common. Both 2015's Until Dawn and 2019's The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan are interactive horror games where players make choices about how a cast of young adults should act with the ultimate goal of keeping them alive. → Read More

Poor LGBTQIA+ representation kept me from enjoying one of Netflix's sweetest anime

I loved Carole & Tuesday, but by the third time a queer character jumped to violence unprovoked, I was done. → Read More

Right now, Animal Crossing escapism is keeping me sane

With my usual daily routine out the window for a while, I've been picking fruit, planting flowers, and visiting my friends thanks to a gentle island getaway. → Read More

Jadzia Dax, Deep Space Nine, and an early sci-fi trans allegory handled with respect

From subtle corrections on her name to discussing her relationship with her ex-wife, Jadzia Dax often feels like a well respected trans character. → Read More

Coffee Talk is about the mundane calm of serving coffee to an anxious werewolf

Coffee Talk is a pleasantly abstract take on the mundane joys of everyday life, viewed through a fantasy lens. → Read More

Why can't we get some popular sports anime with female leads?

In a world where mostly women watch anime volleyball and swimming, where's our roller derby anime with female leads already? → Read More

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts makes coming out as gay simple and direct

No dancing around the subjects, just a young boy getting to fall in love with another boy over their shared love of hip-hop. → Read More

Kind Words offers a positive space to send supportive letters to strangers

Somehow, Kind Words has amazingly managed to keep its community supportive, friendly, and free of trolls. → Read More

A history with dementia made Twin Peaks: The Return a tough watch

Knowing family and friends effected by degenerative brain conditions made the story of Dougie incredibly moving, yet tough to experience. → Read More

This Dutch university is inspiring students to create games that could change the world

How one university is encouraging students to develop games with ethics professors, sustainable food charities, and city council members, to enact real change. → Read More

Why one moment in The Rise of Skywalker left me really disappointed

Going into The Rise of Skywalker, I only had one thing I really didn't want to see happen. Unfortunately, I left the movie disappointed. → Read More

A look back at how female video game protagonists have developed this decade

From GLaDOS and Shepard, to Aloy and J.J. Macfield, we're taking some time to look at how video game protagonists have changed in the past ten years. → Read More

How Nintendo's history of 8bit tunes made their orchestral tracks so catchy

In terms of the current big players in the home console market, Nintendo easily has the longest legacy-making games. With the first attempts at making games releasing in arcades in the mid-'70s and their first home consoles in the early '80s, Nintendo got their start right at the birth of modern gaming and created many of their most beloved franchises during their earliest years. → Read More

Celeste's creator's silence on their trans protagonist isn't great representation

When you refuse to confirm a character is LGBT, only hinting at that fact, ambiguity will fall on the side of maintaining the status quo. → Read More

Consentacle is a board game about having consensual alien sex in space

Without speaking a word, I'm going to tell you where you can and cannot insert those tentacles. → Read More

Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, and Steven Universe's dismantling of 'perfect' characters

From head of a rebellion loved by all, to deceiving those closest and abandoning your friends, Steven Universe slowly dismantles its own perfect character. → Read More

The joy of easy cute games

While most people consider challenging games like Dark Souls to be "real" games, there's so much joy to be found in easy, cute, joyful gaming experiences. → Read More

Animal Crossing, stop reminding me I'll never pay off my mortgage

Look, I want to move to a new town, make some friends, and help my community, but stop reminding me about the realities of the housing market. → Read More