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Recent articles by Jonah:

Column: Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker won't have control over the clown caucus

The problem with the House speaker’s autocracy is it makes speakers responsible for every stupid thing their caucus does. McCarthy could avoid that. → Read More

Op-Ed: Republicans want to win — and Trump's now a loser

The GOP's lack of outrage to the Justice Department's appointment of an independent counsel to the Mar-a-Lago case indicates a big shift away from Trump. → Read More

Op-Ed: Will the GOP finally do something about its Trump problem?

If Mitch McConnell had picked Senate candidates for the midterms, without interference from Trump, Republicans would likely have picked up several seats. → Read More

Op-Ed: Elon Musk mistook Twitter for the real world

Twitter was never a public square. It's like America now, where everyone wants every institution to confirm to their worldview. → Read More

Op-Ed: Why does Putin pretend Ukraine actions are democratic?

Putin knows his lies and talking points will get picked up by apologists and assets in the West, which the Russian state then feeds back to its own populace. → Read More

Goldberg: Why is Peter Thiel buying a Maltese passport?

Thiel is backing Senate candidates J.D. Vance in Ohio and Blake Masters in Arizona, while hatching plans to escape the U.S. → Read More

Column: Is Herschel Walker lying about an ex-girlfriend's abortion?

For the GOP, it's all about getting control of the Senate, even if that means supporting a hypocritical and flawed candidate like Herschel Walker. → Read More

Goldberg: The narcissism of small diplomacy

A lack of understanding between nations is not the issue. That's why talking can't settle the conflict. → Read More

Opinion: Why ‘RINOs’ would fare better in the Senate midterms than Trump’s MAGA candidates

In Pennsylvania, Geogia, New Hampshire and Arizona, so-called RINOs would have a higher... → Read More

Column: Why 'RINOs' would fare better in the Senate midterms than Trump's MAGA candidates

The GOP's hopes in retaking the Senate depend on candidates with little experience and shallow roots in the Republican Party. → Read More

Goldberg: No party is innocent when it comes to America's lack of an immigration policy

Democrats and Republicans have benefited from demonizing each other on immigration, and both have preferred to exploit the dysfunction rather than solve it. → Read More

Column: Surprised by Ukraine's recent victories? You shouldn't be

Despite "expert" predictions, the overarching theme in foreign policy these days is surprise. → Read More

Sure enough, Trump is sucking the air out of the GOP’s midterm momentum

According to precedent, losing presidents go away. This allows their party to reinvent itself as the reasonable alternative to the party in power. → Read More

Goldberg: Sure enough, Trump is slowing GOP midterm momentum

By making himself the issue, Trump and his enablers are losing their advantage in making the midterms a referendum on Biden and the Democrats. → Read More

Column: Biden's plan to cancel student loan debt is anything but progressive

Contrary to a lot of progressive rhetoric, most young Americans don’t have student debt, not least because most young Americans didn’t go to college at all. → Read More

Column: A GOP that can't grow with — or without — Trump

When nearly half of Republicans are more loyal to Trump than the party, moving on from him without his blessing is an impossibility. → Read More

Column: The paradox of Trump's charisma

When Trump is at his most indefensible is precisely when the irrationality of his defenders becomes most intense. → Read More

Column: After the last two weeks, it's the Republicans who are now in disarray

In July, the political conversation was all about Joe Biden’s failing presidency, his historic unpopularity and the question of whether he would even run again. Not anymore. → Read More

Column: Was last week the beginning of the end for Trump?

The signs are strong that Trump’s hold on the right is in the process of terminal decay. → Read More

Column: Progressive Democrats can't stop criticizing the Joes (Manchin and Biden)

By complaining about Joe Manchin and Joe Biden, progressives are revealing how out of sync they are with voters — and their own Democratic Party. → Read More