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Recent articles by Jonah:

Column: Was last week the beginning of the end for Trump?

The signs are strong that Trump’s hold on the right is in the process of terminal decay. → Read More

Column: Progressive Democrats can't stop criticizing the Joes (Manchin and Biden)

By complaining about Joe Manchin and Joe Biden, progressives are revealing how out of sync they are with voters — and their own Democratic Party. → Read More

Where did Biden go wrong?

The Democratic Party’s ideological base is philosophically and culturally contemptuous of traditional politics and is all too happy to blow up that old coalition. → Read More

Column: Where did Biden go wrong?

Biden let his vanity and instinct to placate the left get the better of him. He's left with a party that demands an agenda voters don’t want. → Read More

Column: The huge political mistake the Jan. 6 committee could easily avoid

The media is obsessed with whether the Jan. 6 committee will make a criminal referral of Donald Trump to the feds. Don't be fooled. → Read More

Column: The GOP may rue the day Roe was overturned

Republicans benefited from polarization on abortion both financially and electorally. In the post-Roe era, party unity on that issue is gone. → Read More

Column: Are Americans more centrist?

One party's unpopularity creates a mirage of popularity for the opposing party. In reality, voters are merely expressing a preference for the lesser of two evils. → Read More

Jonah Goldberg: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Jan. 6 committee

Even if Trump isn't criminally prosecuted, the hearings have created a space for GOP officials to say openly what they already knew: Trump lied about the election. → Read More

Column: The Jan. 6 committee is a symptom of our democracy’s failure — and maybe a means of its salvation

Donald Trump’s role in the attack on the U.S. Capitol was villainous. The right response should have been impeachment and his conviction in the Senate. → Read More

Republican voters — not the NRA — are driving the GOP’s gun agenda

There’s something cowardly, lazy and undemocratic about blaming everything on the gun lobby. → Read More

Column: Voters, not the gun lobby, driving the GOP's agenda

If Uvalde breaks the gun stalemate, it won’t be because the gun lobby loosened its grip. It will be because voters changed their minds. → Read More

Jonah Goldberg: Why do Democrats and Republicans agree on Ukraine aid?

A historic $40 billion package marks a rare bipartisan moment in Washington. → Read More

Column: Want Trump's endorsement? Follow a few easy steps

GOP primaries are no longer about running on ideology or even competence. Those aren’t ways to differentiate among MAGA candidates. → Read More

Column: It's not easy to predict U.S. politics in a post-Roe world

If the Supreme Court reverses abortion rights, then elected politicians will be left to fight out the issue. → Read More

Twitter used to correct the narrative. Now it writes the narrative

The right-wing bloggers — including yours truly — who responded to nearly every Democratic attack on then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney with ‘yeah, but Obama ate a dog’ were just having fun. → Read More

Jonah Goldberg: Twitter used to correct the narrative. Now it writes the narrative

The platform is an open spigot of outrage. → Read More

The right-wing mob gets its pound of Mouse flesh from Disney — or does it?

Is Gov. Ron DeSantis the mob’s master — or its servant? → Read More

Column: The right-wing mob gets its pound of Mouse flesh from Disney — or does it?

Ron DeSantis' retaliation against wokeness isn't built on principle, just pretext, but corporate America should think twice about participating in the culture wars. → Read More

Goldberg: Ukraine, Russia and the moral clarity of 'good guys' vs. 'bad guys'

It’s hard to find a sane analyst who argues that Putin invaded Ukraine solely in the name of Russia’s rational self-interest rather than his own notions of glory and historical retribution. → Read More

Column: France's election shows how political parties can fade away

Looking at the French presidential election makes me grateful for our two-party system and constitutional safeguards. → Read More