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Trump advisers are cynically feeding his raging ego, and we’re all the victims

If the economy goes south, perhaps that will damage Trump's ego to get him to give up on the shutdown. → Read More

Trump just blew up his own absurd spin about the shutdown

The president helpfully highlights a poll showing that the public rejects his arguments about the border. → Read More

Steve King and Donald Trump agree. Only one is getting punished by the GOP.

Republicans are condemning Steve King. They also support a government shutdown designed to realized Steve King's policy agenda. → Read More

Trump is doing immense damage. He has a hidden helper.

In light of the ongoing shutdown and the latest blockbuster scoops about Trump and Russia, it's time for more intense scrutiny of Mitch McConnell's role in all this. → Read More

Democrats cannot give Trump what he wants. Just look at the incentives and the demographics.

The new House Democratic majority represents a part of the country that is rejecting Trumpism entirely. → Read More

Sherrod Brown as Trump-slayer? Here’s his big idea.

Senator Brown confirms he's traveling to the early primary states, and talks about his idea to confer dignity on work. → Read More

Democrats don’t care about migrants, say Republicans who smeared migrants as criminals and murderers

One bright spot is that Trump and his allies see a political need to speak to the humanitarian side of the crisis. → Read More

Raging, weakened Trump is running out of options

Trump is not getting his way, but he's projecting manly action, with the help of Fox News. → Read More

Trump’s speech was full of lies. But it also gives Democrats an opening.

Trump claims he wants to address the humanitarian crisis at the border. Great — let's do that! → Read More

Trump: I have the ‘absolute right’ to declare a national emergency if Democrats defy me

Trump has found a hole in our system: Is it equipped to handle a president who operates in such obvious bad faith? → Read More

The real national emergency is the threat of Trump’s collapse

Trump's public case for his wall has collapsed entirely, and in Trump Nation, that's a national emergency. → Read More

Is there a way to break Trump’s will? Chris Van Hollen has an idea.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen says Democrats should block all business in the Senate until Mitch McConnell votes on reopening the government. → Read More

Trump wants the networks to carry his speech live. They should look at these charts of his lies.

Trump has lied relentlessly about immigration as much or more than any other topic. So perhaps the networks shouldn't give him an unrestricted prime-time platform for it. → Read More

The Democrats’ big rollout begins now. It must include a real bid for Trump’s tax returns.

Democrats were elected to provide a check on Trump. They can't retreat from making an aggressive effort to get his tax returns. → Read More

Happy Hour Roundup

Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion. → Read More