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Recent articles by Greg:

Rubio’s bizarre attack on the NBA shows folly of the GOP gun stance

Rubio's anger at the NBA for speaking about the Texas shooting is unintentionally revealing. → Read More

How Democrats can address our hopelessness about child massacres

Amid the Uvalde horror, Democrats need to tell voters what a specific path to action looks like. → Read More

The looming humiliation of David Perdue will show Trumpism’s limits

Let's hope Perdue's vile and vacuous form of politics is decisively repudiated. → Read More

A harsh new ad hitting Elise Stefanik tests ‘replacement’ attack

Will corporate America continue bankrolling GOP purveyors of "great replacement theory"? → Read More

Joe Manchin’s trail of destruction is about to get much worse

How Manchin's outsize power could do more long-term damage than you think. → Read More

Trump’s alarming GOP primary wins demand a serious response

The true nature of the threat is coming into sharper view. Will we act? → Read More

Say it clearly: Republicans just nominated a pro-Trump insurrectionist

We need to be much clearer about what's really on the ballot this fall. → Read More

A woman who takes on neo-Nazis sees ominous signs in mass shooting

Amy Spitalnick, who sued Charlottesville white supremacists and won, sees a dark struggle ahead. → Read More

How Elise Stefanik and the GOP sanitize ‘great replacement’ ugliness

Don't let Republicans get away with their ugly 'great replacement theory' scam. → Read More

J.D. Vance, migrant babies and the unhinged GOP enemy hunt

The tendency to discern new enemies around every corner is "in the right-wing DNA." → Read More

Leaked emails from Trump’s lawyer show blueprint for a 2024 coup

The road map for a future stolen election is taking shape right in plain sight. → Read More

A crazy GOP primary displays Trump’s contempt for MAGA voters

Can Trump turn a hard-fought primary into a test of sheer cultish loyalty to himself? → Read More

Chris Murphy’s urgent abortion warning reveals a hidden GOP threat

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, the next step for Republicans is obvious. → Read More

One of the ugliest right-wing lies about Jan. 6 is imploding

Right-wing propaganda about a Jan. 6 "false flag" operation conceals a bigger deception. → Read More

Why a secretive tech billionaire is bankrolling J.D. Vance

Behold the ugly nexus of reactionary capitalism and right-wing nationalism. → Read More

An upset win over the ‘enjoy rape’ MAGA candidate speaks volumes

Democrats need to offer a bigger response to relentless right-wing insurrectionism and culture-warring. → Read More

The Supreme Court bombshell may soon get even worse for Democrats

If the court overturns abortion rights, the battle will soon come to some blue-leaning states. → Read More

A conservative Christian quietly battles against right-wing hysteria

Very few conservatives dare to question the orthodoxy driving the politics of Ron DeSantis and J.D. Vance. → Read More

Elon Musk reveals how his Twitter may fuel right-wing extremism

Musk's ugly tweets about right and left should be read as statements of intent. → Read More

Are Democrats ‘sleepwalking’ into long-term catastrophe?

It's unclear how seriously the party takes the doom-and-gloom possibilities. → Read More