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Virginia, United States

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Past articles by Rahim:

Iran is using terrorism charges to execute 30 Ahwazi activists –

Fears are growing that the Iranian regime intends to execute at least 30 Ahwazi detainees, possibly en masse, in the near future, taking advantage of the world's attention being diverted to the stan... → Read More

Iran tortures, executes two more Ahwazi Arab activists –

Iranian regime authorities executed two more Ahwazi Arab activists in the Fajr prison in the city of Dazful at around dawn yesterday, following months of torture during which both were forced to make ... → Read More

IRGC forces reportedly kill an Ahwazi farmer protesting against forced eviction – Countercurrents

Iranian regime forces reportedly killed one Ahwazi farmer and injured 11 other people, including elderly people and women, in retaliation for the victims’ refusal to abandon their homes and lands when the IRGC told them that the regime would be diverting the floodwaters from the current massive flooding afflicting the region in southwestern Iran onto their farmlands in order to[Read More...] → Read More

Amnesty fears Ahwaz activists ‘secretly assassinated’ in Iran –

On Tuesday, Amnesty International issued a public statement conveying its deep concern over reports of mass executions of Ahwazi detainees by the Iranian regime following months of detention, supposed... → Read More

OPINION: Ahwazi People In Iran Continue To Suffer While The World Looks Away

'The smell of blood is everywhere in these places' → Read More

Ahwaz sees massive surge in arrests as crackdown widens – Countercurrents

Iran is witnessing a massive surge in human rights abuses of all types. These include extrajudicial killings, arrests, torture; crackdowns on journalists, intellectuals, activists and human rights … → Read More

Iran: Trapped between a military rock and an economic hard place –

Those who follow US politics are aware that various corporate interests, political lobbies and power-brokers are responsible for creating the red or green lines in presidential policy. In other wor... → Read More

Basra is being torched to save Iran from US sanctions –

The rapidly accelerating developments and rising the public anger in Basra should not be analysed as separate from the ongoing deliberations to form the Iraqi government, with forecasts suggesting tha... → Read More

Iran’s targeting of killing young Ahwazis –

Twenty-year-old Sajad Zergani was shot dead by Iranian regime security forces at a checkpoint in the Zawiya neighbourhood of Ahwaz on 16 August. Initial reports suggest that officers opened fire at Sa... → Read More

Ahwazi prisoner has permanent spinal damage after Iran regime torture –

Ahmad Kaabi, a political prisoner in Ahwaz, was tortured so severely after his detention for attending a protest in 2011 that he has suffered permanent spinal damage that leaves him in constant, excru... → Read More

The ongoing water crisis in Iran’s Ahwaz region looming towards disaster ·

"Why don’t the authorities listen to our voices? Our Buffaloes are dying because of the river drying up. [...] If these animals are starved, we will starve too." → Read More

The tragic suicide of a 12-year-old Ahwazi boy in Iran –

A 12-year-old Ahwazi boy is reported to have committed suicide on Tuesday, 24 July. His death has sparked outrage on social media at the state-sponsored racial discrimination and hardship faced by Ira... → Read More

Death of a 12-year-old boy lays bare the plight of Iran’s Ahwazi minority ·

Meysam's suicide is the latest to afflict the Ahwazi Arab community, a minority population who live in Iran's oil-rich south who face hardship and discrimination by the country's authorities. → Read More

Ahwazis ask for clean water but get live bullets from the Iranian regime instead –

Iranian government forces used tear gas and live ammunition against Ahwazi protesters in the city of Muhammarah on Saturday. One protester was shot dead, while dozens of others were wounded in the dem... → Read More

GOODBYE KHOMEINISTS: Iran’s Regime On The Brink As Protests Grow

Aytatollah regime in Iran is unlikely to be able to withstand long-term domestic, regional and global pressure. Its collapse is a matter not of if but of when → Read More

Iran’s Minorities Are Rising For Freedom Against The RACIST AYATOLLAHS

The long-oppressed minorities in Iran see the growing weakness of the regime → Read More

The world remains silent on Iran’s murder of Ahwazi activists –

While Palestinians are killed daily with the complicit silence of the international community, Iran's regime presents itself as the heroic defender of Palestinian and wider Arab freedom. In fact, it... → Read More

‘Iran killed my daughter’s dreams, torched her childhood and destroyed her future’ –

All nine-year-old Mariam dreams of is a doll to play with; unfortunately, even that everyday child's comfort is too great a dream. Despite her tender years, this little girl has already experienced ... → Read More

Another Ahwazi prisoner tortured to death in prison – Countercurrents

Reports emerged on Wednesday that another Ahwazi Arab prisoner in Iran has died under torture in a regime prison, with horrific video footage showing marks left by torture all over his body after it was returned to his family. Adding insult to injury, prison personnel warned the dead man’s family that they should not treat their loved one as a[Read More...] → Read More

Iran’s Ahwazis Continue to Suffer as Two More Disappeared Activists are Executed ·

The cruelty, injustice and lack of due process against Iran's Ahwazis continue: several deaths remain shrouded in mystery, with the added horror of families being denied burial rights. → Read More