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Recent articles by Alex:

Brett Kavanaugh: Here is what it would take to impeach a Supreme Court justice

"We’ve got to get beyond this ‘impeachment is the answer to every problem,’" Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin says → Read More

Elizabeth Warren makes President Trump’s sister a target of her anti-corruption campaign: report

Warren is reportedly “the first Democratic presidential candidate to take an overt shot at the president’s sister” → Read More

Nancy Pelosi ramps up attacks on "Moscow Mitch" McConnell as part of her 2020 strategy: report

“He’s seen as the face of obstruction and Trump’s enabler in the Senate: It’s easy to message against him” → Read More

Polling expert predicts 2020 will be a disaster for GOP: Trump "is driving away Republican voters"

"Donald Trump is representing the last throe of an evangelical, Tea Party-dominated party," Stanley Greenberg says → Read More

Appeals court sides with Seth Rich’s family as lawsuit against Fox News proceeds

The 2016 murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich has been a favorite subject of right-wing conspiracy theorists → Read More

Republican attack ad showing photo of Ocasio-Cortez catching fire airs on ABC stations during debate

“How the hell did this Elizabeth Heng ad where AOC’s face is burned up clear ABC network standards and practices?” → Read More

‘A campaign of emotional torture’: Court sides with Seth Rich’s family as lawsuit proceeds against Fox News – A

The murder of Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich in Washington, D.C. in 2016 has been a favorite subject of right-wing conspiracy theorists. Some of those theories were reported by Fox News in the past, and on Friday, an appeals court in New York City reinstated a lawsuit against → Read More

Ted Cruz warns GOP that support for expanded background checks on guns could elect Elizabeth Warren

“The only element missing to ensure Democratic victory is demoralizing conservatives so they stay home" → Read More

Ted Cruz warns Republicans that supporting expanded background checks on guns could elect Elizabeth Warren

Say what you will about Sen. Ted Cruz, the far-right Texas Republican is at least smart enough to acknowledge the popularity of liberal/progressive ideas. Cruz, in Texas’ 2018 U.S. Senate race, feared that his Democratic challenger, Beto O’Rourke, might pull off a narrow victory — and now, Cruz is w → Read More

Trump's attorneys accuse Letitia James of "conspiring" with Democrats to make tax returns public

The New York State attorney general has not been shy about using her office to investigate the president → Read More

Jerry Springer is "annoyed" with Trump: "He took my show and brought it to the White House"

"I should get paid for that, shouldn’t I?" the 75-year-old pop culture figure asked. "Hey, get your own show!” → Read More

Pro-Trump cable news outlet sues Rachel Maddow for calling it "paid Russian propaganda"

Maddow took aim at OAN’s Kristian Rouz, who has also been a contributor to the Russian news agency Sputnik News → Read More

Don Jr. and Ivanka are fighting a bitter "cold war" for prominence in the Trump dynasty: report

Don Jr. allegedly “confronted Ivanka over rumors that her team was undermining him" in conversations with reporters → Read More

Talk of hiring Megyn Kelly swirls as Newsmax aims to compete with Fox

Newsmax’s new cable venture recently landed another Fox News veteran: former Bill O'Reilly producer David Tabacoff → Read More

How the Trump campaign is actually trying to profit off the president’s delusional Sharpiegate mess – A

This week, a new term has entered the political vocabulary in the United States: “Sharpiegate,” which refers to the controversy surrounding the use of a sharpie to promote President Donald Trump’s false claims about the path of Hurricane Dorian. And Trump’s 2020 campaign is now using the controve → Read More

Report reveals Exxon Mobil gave $50,000 to a centrist Democratic think tank

When progressive environmentalists hold their noses and vote for a centrist corporate Democrat in a general election, their argument is often along the lines of, “This person is still better on the environment than Republicans.” Fair enough. But simply being better on the environment is a far cry fr → Read More

Donald Trump’s presidency is energizing women voters not to vote Republican: report

“There’s a particular kind of misogyny that he seemed to glory in that felt both familiar and deeply personal" → Read More

Conservative writer reveals how Trump could still be powerful force in US politics even if he goes down in flames

President Donald Trump still has millions of hardcore supporters who cannot wait to vote for him again in 2020, yet public opinion polls point to the fact that there are millions of other Americans who would love to see him voted out of office next year. Whatever happens in 2020, Trump has successfu → Read More

CNN hilariously skewers Trump’s press secretary after she tried to mock the network for a minor error – A

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham chastised CNN for showing a map that incorrectly identified Alabama as Mississippi and the state just west of Georgia — apparently sour from the criticism President Donald Trump received for refusing to back down from his erroneous weekend c → Read More

Trump showed a falsified weather map with a cartoonish drawing that covered up his humiliating mistake

On Sunday, President Donald Trump tweeted that Alabama was in the path of Hurricane Dorian — which had been battering the Caribbean — along with Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. But the National Weather Service corrected Trump, stressing that Alabama was not in danger — and that Dorian wouldn’t b → Read More