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Past articles by Cynthia:

Mediterranean Diet Food List: How to Follow This Popular Meal Plan

Unlike other diets, the Mediterranean diet doesn't have strict rules or cut out any one food group. Instead, it focuses on fresh produce, healthy fats, fish, and whole grains. → Read More

10 Healthy and Easy Lunch Ideas for Work

Delicious midday meal ideas whether you're gluten-free, vegan, or simply looking for a quick, energizing workday lunch. → Read More

3 Health Benefits of Cilantro, According to a Nutritionist

Cilantro is a good-for-you herb that offers important nutrients like vitamins A, K, and C as well as heart-healthy antioxidants. → Read More

Are Rice Cakes Healthy? A Nutritionist Explains the Potential Benefits of This Crispy Snack

In general, rice cakes are a healthy snack, especially when paired with avocado, peanut butter, or other whole goods. Just watch out for flavored varieties which can be high in sodium and sugar. → Read More

How a Climatarian Diet Reduces Your Carbon Footprint and Benefits Your Health, According to a Nutritionist

A climatarian diet reduces your carbon footprint by cutting back on environmentally harmful foods like red meat, dairy, and sugar. Instead, climatarians eat foods like whole grains, pulses, and nuts. → Read More

Postbiotics May Help Protect and Support Health—Here's What They Are and How You Can Get Them

Scientists are enthusiastic about postbiotics thanks to what research has suggested about the compounds' potential health benefits. → Read More

Is Chocolate Milk Good For You? Here's What a Nutritionist Says

As you go to take a swig of the childhood favorite, you might wonder if chocolate milk can offer more than just nostalgia—perhaps some health benefits, too? Here's what a nutritionist says about chocolate milk and its impact on health outcomes and workout recovery. → Read More

The 8 Best Diets for 2022, According to Experts—Plus, the 3 That Ranked Lowest

U.S. News & World Report has released its annual list of best diets. Here's which diets made it to the top of the list—and what a nutritionist has to say about each. → Read More

Is Turkey Bacon Healthy? Here's What a Nutritionist Thinks

Turkey bacon has roughly the same calories, fat, and sodium as pork bacon. However, turkey bacon is not a red meat so it may be slightly healthier, but not by much. → Read More

Is Ham Healthy? Here's What a Nutritionist Thinks

Ham offers protein and minerals, but it can also increase the risk of serious health conditions like heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. → Read More

What Is Yuzu? Here's What You Should Know About the Fruit, Including Its Health Benefits

Yuzu isn't new, but it's a fruit that is unfamiliar to many Americans. Here, a nutritionist breaks down its flavor, history, and potential benefits, as well as where to find it and healthful ways to enjoy the citrus fruit. → Read More

How These 20 Fruits and Vegetables Can Benefit Your Health This Winter, According to a Nutritionist

Shopping with the seasons not only saves you money, but also means the produce you buy will pack a more flavorful and nutritious punch. → Read More

Are Air Fryers Healthy? 3 Reasons Why This Nutritionist Says Yes

Both air-fried and deep-fried food have a delicious crisp. But unlike deep fryers, air fryers use minimal amounts of oil, translating to tasty morsels with fewer harmful chemicals and less calories. → Read More

20 Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dishes for Almost Any Dietary Restriction

From heart-healthy olive oil mashed potatoes to naturally sweet apple spice hummus, you'll find a recipe on this list that's suitable for any of your vegan, gluten-free, or low-carb dinner guests. → Read More

What Is Dirty Fasting—And How Is It Different From Clean Fasting? Here's How a Nutritionist Explains It

Within the past few years, fasting has become a phenomenon. There's now a newer type of time-restricted eating that's catching on: dirty fasting. Here's a nutritionist's take on the trend. → Read More

Is Brown Rice Healthy, and Should You Choose It Over White Rice? Here's What a Nutritionist Says

Brown rice is a nutrient-rich source of energizing carbs that is widely considered the more healthful option over white rice. Here, a nutritionist explains why that is, laying out the top benefits of brown rice. → Read More

Are Chickpeas Healthy? Why This Nutritionist Calls Them 'Nutrient Powerhouses'

This nutritionist says chickpeas deserve to be a staple in your diet. Here's why. → Read More

Are Bagels Healthy? Here's What You Need to Know, According to a Nutritionist

The healthfulness of a bagel goes beyond its carb content. Here's the lowdown on bagel nutrition, better-for-you options, and balanced ways to eat the breakfast favorite. → Read More

Is Subway Healthy? Here's What You Should Know, According to a Nutritionist

You may be wondering if Subway is a healthy option. Here are a nutritionist's thoughts on the healthfulness of the sandwich shop, including what to order if you're health-conscious and Subway is one of your go-to spots. → Read More

Is Cream Cheese Healthy? Here's What a Nutritionist Wants You to Know

As a nutritionist, I find that many people are confused about the healthfulness of cream cheese. Here's some info about how the spread or dip may impact your health. → Read More