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Megan Scudellari

Scientific American

Boston, MA, United States

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Past articles by Megan:

Omicron’s Surprising Anatomy Explains Why It Is Wildly Contagious

Specific mutations hide the COVID variant from the immune system and give it a new route into more cells → Read More

How the Coronavirus Stays One Step Ahead of Us

At first, no one looked twice at the new variant. Detected in South Africa in January 2021, the novel coronavirus lineage, called… → Read More

Smart Speaker Listens for Audible Signs of Cardiac Arrest

This AI system detects unique gasping sounds that occur when the heart stops beating → Read More

Scanning Your Eyes for Alzheimer’s

Gates/Bezos-funded charity champions research into methods for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease → Read More

DARPA Funds Ambitious Brain-Machine Interface Program

The N3 program aims to develop wearable devices that let soldiers to communicate directly with machines. → Read More

KidneyX Prize Winners Rethink Dialysis

Artificial kidneys and a wearable that prevents blood clots were among the winning designs → Read More

Brain Implant Can Say What You're Thinking

A brain-computer interface that records signals in the motor cortex can synthesize speech from activity in a user’s brain → Read More

Bracing Medical AI Systems for Attacks

There’s new advice on how to handle tampering that fools algorithms and enables healthcare fraud → Read More

Shot to the Gut: “Robotic” Pill Sails Through Human Safety Study

The autonomous, easy-to-swallow device administers a drug injection inside the intestines → Read More

"Alexa, Tell the Nurse I’m in Pain"

An AI-powered hospital room technology is getting rave reviews from patients and nurses → Read More

Monitoring Heart Health, One Toilet Seat at a Time

This smart seat keeps tabs on your heart while you take care of business → Read More

A 3D Bioprinter Makes a Spinal Cord Implant in 1.6 Seconds

The implant restored leg movement in rats and could be scaled to fit humans → Read More

An Implant for Weight Loss, Powered by the Stomach

With the implant, a group of lab rats met their weight loss goals in just 100 days → Read More

AI Won’t Replace Us, Docs Say

A new survey points to a “serious rift” between the expectations of physicians and AI experts. → Read More

Implant Stimulates Brain from Inside a Blood Vessel

First, the stent electrode listened for brain signals. Now, it talks back → Read More

Paralyzed Individuals Operate Tablet with Brain Implant

Users reported it felt “more natural” than using a mouse → Read More

Star Trek-like Tech Seals Wounds with a Laser

In early tests, this laser-activated silk and gold material held wounds together better than stitches or glue → Read More

Meet the E-Nose That Actually Sniffs

TruffleBot identifies smells by measuring small changes in air pressure and temperature → Read More

Stretchy, Solar-Powered Sensor Detects Heartbeats

Researchers have successfully integrated a solar cell and an ultraflexible biosensor → Read More

This Health Care AI Loves Terrible Software

Olive automates repetitive tasks and can match patients across databases at different hospitals → Read More