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Recent articles by Tom:

Motor neurone disease: Hope for thousands as groundbreaking new drug helps man to walk again

The drug, known as tofersen and produced by the US health company Biogen, can be administered by a lumber puncture injection in the lower spine → Read More

UK Covid cases fall below 100,000 for first time in 2022, but new record expected in Autumn surge

Leading forecasters expect cases to reach a new high in late Autumn that will dwarf anything seen so far in the UK → Read More

Why the cost of living crisis will make the UK’s autumn Covid wave even worse

Experts warn cash-strapped staff will keep coming into the workplace even when infected - while people will be more likely to shut windows at home to save heat → Read More

Artemis launch: going back to the Moon is Nasa’s blueprint for a manned mission to Mars

NASA hopes today's launch is just the beginning of a new era of space travel → Read More

Why 4mg of folic acid will dramatically reduce the risk of birth defects during pregnancy

The Government's current recommended dose is 10 times too low, warns an expert in preventative medicine, and eating green vegetables won't be enough to compensate for a lack of folic acid, he says. → Read More

Millions brace for flash floods with London and other major cities most at most serious risk

Although much of the country faces the threat of flooding it is hard to know which parts will experience the most intense rainfall, the Met Office says → Read More

New Omicron Covid vaccine approved by UK regulator in world-first for next generation of jabs

The JCVI is expected to recommend the jab to Government in the next day or so, opening the way for a new, improved booster programme → Read More

Drought will push food prices even higher and force more people into food poverty, experts warn

Experts say millions of people are already struggling to put food on the table and say the drought is only going to make things worse by pushing up food prices further → Read More

Why a Mediterranean diet could reduce the risk of long Covid symptoms

Scientists are hopeful eating more fruit, veg and other healthy foods and cutting down on burgers and fries can reduce the risk of long Covid but stress this cannot be said with any degree of certainty until clinical trials are completed → Read More

Skin cancer: New treatment could be available within decade after major discovery about how melanoma spreads

Scientists caution that more research is needed by say they are hopeful that effective new drugs could be available to curb the spread of cancer in the coming years → Read More

New Omicron Covid variant could be three times more likely to put you in hospital than previous strain

Vaccines play a key role in preventing serious infections although studies suggest it is less effective against BA.5 than BA.2 (Mario Tama/Getty Images) → Read More

UK weather: Climate modellers say a second 40C peak is a possibility in an extreme August heatwave

A long-term outlook suggests some parts of England might hit 40C in the early part of next month - but experts stress it is by no means certain → Read More

Does 'blood washing' cure long Covid? What we know about apheresis treatment and how much it costs

Britons with long Covid are going abroad in search of expensive, unproven remedies → Read More

The power of self-reflection could stave off Alzheimer's

A study has suggested that reflecting on our thoughts, feelings and behaviour (kindly and without judgment) not only makes us feel better – it may also protect us against Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia in later life → Read More

New Alzheimer's study finds 10 minutes of daily self-reflection could ward off progressive disease

The Alzheimer's Society backs the findings saying one day the risk of dementia could be reduced with psychological treatments → Read More

Covid during late pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth, study finds

Scientists advise women in later pregnancy to wear masks and socially distance - but infection makes no difference to the chance of preterm birth before 29 weeks → Read More

How to sleep in hot weather: Why experts recommend eating bananas and avoiding exercise too close to bedtime

'When we sweat we lose potassium, which is really important for the functioning of the nervous system,' says a leading sleep expert who offers his top tips on surviving the heatwave → Read More

James Webb telescope images: NASA capture 'deepest and most detailed' photos ever taken of the cosmos

Astonishing images from the telescope reveal the universe as it's never been seen before, including details of five galaxies featured in It's a Wonderful Life → Read More

UK Covid cases hit record 351,000 as government accused of ignoring rising infections

Infection levels have risen far higher than even the experts expected and scientists are critical of the Government's hands-off approach → Read More

AI will soon be everywhere in the NHS. It's a risk for women and ethnic minorities, experts say

Experts warn that new research into AI in healthcare shows a failure to consider the full range of potential bias against particular groups of people will have life or death consequences → Read More