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Past articles by Haviv:

Netanyahu embarks on a campaign that’s shaping up as his last hurrah

If he fails for a fifth time to form a government, polls show the Likud leader will find himself without Haredi support and challenged within his party. He has one last chance → Read More

With Russian threat looming, European Union chief looks to Israel for solutions

As it retools for a more dangerous world after invasion of Ukraine, Europe increasingly sees in Jerusalem a valuable ally on defense, energy, food security and more → Read More

Even if the Bennett government survives, Israel’s political paralysis has returned

Silman didn’t want and couldn’t handle the powerful position she was in. Her resignation brings back the hobbled governments of 2019-2021, and ordinary Israelis will pay the price → Read More

Despite Palestinian hopes, Russia-style Western sanctions won’t be applied to Israel

Palestinians and their supporters are watching the West’s astounding mobilization for Ukraine and demanding the same against Israel. Here’s why it probably won’t work → Read More

Space is changing. Webb is just the start, says ex-Israeli who was in from its dawn

Michael Kaplan, who shepherded Webb through its planning stages before immigrating to Israel temporarily, talks baby galaxies, space robots and the pitfalls of Israeli bravado → Read More

Budget in hand, Bennett’s once-brittle coalition proves it can take on Netanyahu

Overcoming painful compromises, the unlikely alliance behind the government manages to rebuke the country's former leaders, and may be driving an opposition rethink → Read More

Netanyahu-led parties missing in action as Knesset reopens with budget at stake

Fateful, long-delayed budget bill is moving smoothly forward, in part because the right-wing opposition, furious at being sidelined from key committees, has walked away altogether → Read More

As Israel gets hotter and drier, it must prevent fires, not just fight them

After the 2010 Carmel tragedy, Israel rebuilt its fire service bottom-up. But as last month’s Jerusalem Hills fire showed, firefighting can't make up for a failed prevention policy → Read More

Netanyahu’s would-be heirs step out of his shadow, and into the firing line

Now two months in the opposition, the longtime ruling party’s front bench is champing at the bit and jockeying for position to prepare for the day after their leader is gone → Read More

Battling COVID, Bennett discovers governing is a little tougher than campaigning

Neophyte PM vowed he'd do better than Netanyahu, notably in the fight against the virus. He even wrote a book about it. Then came reality, the Delta variant and a lockdown dilemma → Read More

In Sheikh Jarrah, anonymous actors and an absent state have created a powder keg

Israel sees a real estate dispute hijacked by propagandists; Palestinians say it’s part of an Israeli policy to erase them in Jerusalem. Who’s right? And why does it resonate so? → Read More

Budget shows Bennett-Lapid gov’t aims to transform Israel, as Netanyahu once did

It’s a pattern too consistent to be coincidence: A dramatic crisis opens the political window for change, and Israeli governments find the courage to step through it → Read More

Facing religious reforms, some Haredim now call to separate religion and state

The new government, Haredi politicians warn, is ‘destroying’ and ‘corrupting’ Israel’s Jewish character. Separation, some say, may be inevitable → Read More

New budget bill shows coalition launching sweeping reforms despite fragility

The Bennett-Lapid government is advancing a host of major long-delayed reforms with unexpected ease. Is its very instability the secret to its resolve? → Read More

A hatred that dwells alone? Antisemitism debate cuts to heart of Zionist vision

In ongoing fracas around Yair Lapid’s speech on antisemitism's place in the family of hatreds comes an unstated reckoning between Zionist expectations and a bitter reality → Read More

As failure follows failure, coalition in uphill battle against inexperience

An untested prime minister, a huge cabinet and 20 neophyte MKs brought in under the Norwegian Law have brought the government a string of painful losses → Read More

Trust or bust: New honor system coalition learns from Netanyahu’s fall

Lapid gave up a key measure this week that would have helped protect him from a potential betrayal by Bennett when the time comes to rotate premiership. Was it naivete? → Read More

In bid to topple government, Netanyahu seeks a dysfunctional Knesset

The new coalition has proven surprisingly resilient, but a state budget law must pass by November if it is to survive. The opposition is hard at work making sure it doesn't → Read More

Can the Haredi parties afford a long stay in the opposition?

The Haredi community depends on government largesse; the new narrow coalition needs Shas and United Torah Judaism to assure its hold on power. So why won't they work together? → Read More

Netanyahu knows he’s no victim of election fraud. So why peddle the claim?

There’s more to the opposition leader's rejection of the new government's legitimacy than Trumpian denial. Victimhood, he well knows, has its uses → Read More