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Past articles by Ashley:

Apparently It’s Pretty Gross (and Unsanitary) to Use a Toothbrush Cover, According to Dentists—Here’s What to Use Instead

Using a toothbrush cover is unsanitary, according to a dentist, because bacteria can build up within minutes, compromising your oral health. → Read More

Mental Restriction Can Be a Major Roadblock for Intuitive Eating—Here’s What Helps

Do you have a voice in your head that whispers certain foods are “bad” or “off-limits”? Here's how to counteract that. → Read More

Here’s the Most Likely Reason Your Eyes Water When You Yawn, According to an Eye Surgeon

If your eyes water when yawning, it's probably due to a physiological reason, and it's nothing to be concerned about, according to an expert. → Read More

Here’s Why Your Teeth and Gums Might Feel More Sensitive Before Your Period Starts, According to Dentists

If you experience sensitivity in your teeth and gums around your period, you may have what's called menstruation gingivitis. Experts explain. → Read More

‘Gentle Nutrition’ is the Final Principle of Intuitive Eating, and It's All About Honoring Your Body

A breakdown of gentle nutrition—the final principle of intuitive eating—according to anti-diet registered dietitians. → Read More

An Honest Oko Living Yoga Mat Review

My Oko Living yoga mat review: I'm never going back to rubber mats again after trying this woven version for yoga. → Read More

Dealing With Chest Muscle Tightness? Try These 6 Moves For Relief ASAP

Here, a personal trainer and physical therapist share the six best stretches to help relieve tight chest muscles. → Read More

How To Abandon Idiot Compassion for Wise Compassion

Not all forms of compassion are the same. Here, learn what separates idiot compassion vs wise compassion and how to prioritize the latter. → Read More

5 Yoga Poses That Can Help You Heal From Trauma

Your body has a way of holding onto trauma. Here are 5 yoga poses for trauma that can help you release it, according to yoga instructors. → Read More

What Relationship Therapists Want You To Know About 'Fexting'—AKA 'Fighting Over Text'

Here, relationship therapists dig into the question of what is fexting and whether the practice of fighting over text is bad news. → Read More

4 Best Practices for Exercising With Endometriosis

Exercising with endometriosis, while difficult, can potentially reduce pain. Here, five experts share pro tips to keep in mind. → Read More

What Is an Anchor Partner? Unpacking the Polyamory Term

Interested in exploring non-monogamy, but unsure where to start? Here's why having an anchor partner may help (and what it means). → Read More

The TikTok Health at Every Size Influencers Inspiring Me

A writer shares how two TikTok Health at Every Size influencers are reminding her that you can be fit *and* live in a curvy body. → Read More

3 Tips for Living With Partner With a Different Sleep Schedule

Having a partner with a different sleep schedule doesn't need to be a deal-breaker. Here, experts give their tips for handling the situation. → Read More

How To Deal With a Lack of Emotional Permanence

A lack of emotional permanence reflects feeling unloved if you're not actively receiving love. Here's what to know to about the concept. → Read More

4 Tips To Stop 'Spectatoring' in Sex and Have More Pleasure

Spectatoring in sex refers to what happens when sexual anxieties get in the way of pleasure. Experts share tips to stop that from happening. → Read More

‘Groundhogging’ Is a Relatable Dating Trend That Sabotages Your Relationships

Groundhogging is a recent dating trend where people date the same kind of person and expect different results. Here are the signs and healthier next steps. → Read More

To The Boy Who Took Away My Hope

A letter to the man who made me feel hope in love and in relationships again, then took it away: I'm so much happier now, single and without you. → Read More

The 5 Apology Languages in Relationships

You've heard of love languages, but what about apology languages? They explain the types of apologies we find most meaningful. Here's an explanation. → Read More

Types of Narcissists and How to Spot Them

Thinking a family member or ex may be a narcissist? Here are signs of the different types of narcissists, as well as symptoms of the personality disorder. → Read More