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Recent articles by Sophia:

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Trump breaks fundraising records — after he guts elections oversight agency

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Trump counterprogramming: New immigration crackdown while Ukraine scandal unfolds

While the political world focuses on impeachment, Stephen Miller pushes new limits on refugees, asylum seekers → Read More

How many of Trump's minions will go down with him: Bill Barr? Mick Mulvaney? Possibly Mike Pence?

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Pressuring vulnerable Republicans on impeachment: Key to flipping Senate in 2020?

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Republicans return to Congress: More bad faith than ever! Democrats fight back, a little

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A new endorsement of Elizabeth Warren over Bernie Sanders exposes a growing rift among progressives

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have managed to keep their competition for the Democratic presidential nomination cordial thus far, consistently occupying the second and third positions in public polling behind frontrunner Joe Biden. A surprise announcement this week, however, threatens to rock → Read More

Bernie or bust 2.0? Working Families Party endorses Elizabeth Warren, fueling progressive split

Warren picks up left group that backed Sanders in 2016: How did it happen — and what does it really mean? → Read More

Covering up the corruption: GOP tries to block probe of Mike Pence's Ireland trip

Mike Pence spent $600,000 on limousine rides so he could stay at Trump's resort in Ireland. Republicans don't care → Read More

Is the Trump administration squelching a whistleblower — and a major scandal?

Intel Committee chair Adam Schiff thinks there's a major scandal brewing — and it may touch Trump personally → Read More

Not just in North Carolina: Republican lawmakers across the country rebel against democracy

North Carolina's sleazy 9/11 veto override is just the tip of the iceberg: Republicans don't respect democray → Read More

Is Trump aiming for talks with Iran after chucking John Bolton to the curb?

Trump is thoroughly incompetent — but ditching Bolton may be his best decision, and reduces risk of war with Iran → Read More

In the wake of Dorian, Bahamian refugees are greeted by chaos — and Trump's cruelty

Refugees from the stricken island nation might include "very bad people," Trump claims. So they must all suffer → Read More

Trump’s wall doesn’t exist ⁠— and even the GOP is backing away – A

Not a single mile of wall has been built. And even Trump's allies are beginning to back away from the whole fiasco. → Read More

Trump's wall is officially a flop: Even Fox News now calls his big campaign promise a mistake

Not a single mile of wall has been built. And even Trump's allies are beginning to back away from the whole fiasco → Read More

CNN's climate town halls were better than the debates. What was the DNC afraid of?

Several hours of substantive conversation; only one dopey question about light bulbs. More like this, please! → Read More