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Past articles by Vince:

Bullpups' breakthrough: Gonzaga Prep's rise in 2010s sparked by dynamic duo of Otiona Gildon, Laura Stockton

Year after year, Gonzaga Prep girls basketball coach Mike Arte would travel to the State 4A basketball tournament and ask a simple question. → Read More

Grip on Sports: As soon as one NCAA test ends, another awaits Gonzaga on Saturday

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Not to get ahead of ourselves, but Gonzaga’s win last night over Florida State, while a big one, was just prelude. Now the team that always seemed to be the biggest impediment to another Final Four trip looms Saturday. Isn’t that the way the NCAA Tournament is supposed to work? Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: After two decades, the Gonzaga basketball phenomenon just keeps rolling

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Some of us are old enough to remember 1999. Y2K, The Matrix, Jose Mesa, Livin’ la Vida Loca, Vin Baker’s knee, Jar Jar Binks. But most importantly, Gonzaga’s first NCAA Tournament run. Man, was that a long time ago. And yet, Zagmania seems to still be growing. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: UCLA, BYU bring back memories for local college basketball fans

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Memories are where the present collides with the past. So this morning we are going to invoke some memories of college basketball games past and how they relate to the present. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: College basketball is about ready to take over our nights

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Yes, there is one more college football game remaining. And the NFL playoffs begin this weekend. But if you are not into college basketball today, then maybe it’s a good day to skip over to ESPN or CBS Sports or some other site. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: It's time for our annual gift-giving exercise

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Merry Christmas Eve. Or, if I am talking with the woman who used to live down the street, Merry Christmas, Eve. We have presents to hand out. Really cool presents. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: When it comes to college football recruiting, there are no saints

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If there is one personality trait that angers us, it’s hypocrisy. Doing one thing. Saying the opposite. Covering oneself in a cloak of righteousness while being underhanded. Of course, it is college football recruiting that has riled us up this morning. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: It's celebration day for high school football players and college coaches

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s a big day around the nation for a segment of the high school sporting community. It’s football signing day, once the only day of the year the fax machine emerged from the dust bin. And the day every school welcomes the best incoming class ever. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: Gonzaga hits the road again for a fourth meeting with North Carolina

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Traveling can be fun. Or not. It depends on your outlook going in, I guess. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: Despite Wilson's off night, the Seahawks smothered Minnesota

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Let’s get this out of the way quickly. Russell Wilson had his worst professional game passing last night. And yet the Seahawks still won 21-7. Progress or warning sign? You decide. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: The M's that were will not be the M's of next year

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Nothing is final until it’s final. Didn’t Yogi Berra say that? Well, he should have. I do know one thing. If Yogi had been a Mariner this season, Jerry Dipoto would have traded him and his malapropisms to the Nationals or someone. And thrown in money to help cover his contract. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: An 'empty' Sunday never turns out to be as empty as you might think

A GRIP ON SPORTS • With no Seahawks yesterday, the day was filled with DIY and RedZone. And the evening with magical beasts. But now it’s back to apples and the like. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: The weekend gets off to a running start tonight

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s Thursday, which means, in sports-speak, the weekend begins. And it begins in Seattle, where the Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers get together for another night game. They've had some exciting ones in the past. But as we said, it’s only the beginning of the weekend fireworks. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: As years rank, this one is pretty much on the top of the list

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Woke up this morning and realized something I should have realized long ago: There are three area teams in football and basketball ranked in the top 10 nationally. That’s pretty amazing. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: How many times can Jerry Dipoto be allowed to trade for one guy?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Your cell phone rings. You look at the caller I.D. It is Mariners’ general manager Jerry Dipoto. If you happen to be one of the other 29 major league general managers, you certainly don’t let it go to voice mail. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: Gonzaga does what it needed to do in season opener – win big

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There will be bigger challenges ahead but the bottom line for Gonzaga last night in their season-opening blowout against Idaho State is it was just that: a blowout. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: The best part of winter begins today and continues until the spring

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It gets dark outside really early. There is the occasional frost on the windshield in the morning. The dogs don’t want to get out of bed until the sun warms the windows. You know what that means? Yep, college basketball season is ready to begin. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: Sunday didn't live up to expectations for Seattle's football teams

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It was not a good Sunday for football teams in Seattle. Not good at all. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: Sometimes sports can be exhilarating and sometimes it can be cruel

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There isn’t a lot going on, is there? Dead time of the year and all that. Ya, right. Read on. → Read More

Grip on Sports: The pressure continues to mount on Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Want another piece of evidence times have changed (as they always do)? One of my friends used to have a toy, a blow-up, hard-rubber clown that was weighted at the bottom. No matter how hard you slugged it, it bounced back. And always did. I thought about it this morning when reading about Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott. Read on. → Read More