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Past articles by Sharif:

How a keyboard case can turn your 8-inch tablet into a productivity machine

What's up with 8-inch tablets? Microsoft reportedly canceled the Surface Mini at the last minute. Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 is long overdue for a → Read More

Google says it's struggling to cope after being asked to censor 250,000 EU webpages

Google's top lawyer has spoken out to try to explain the mess that happened last week, when the search giant censored, and then partially reinstated, → Read More

ZTE clones the LG G3's specs for a lot less money

Aside from a couple of intriguing revelations earlier in the year -- including a phone with a rumored 4GB of RAM, and another with a 13MP selfie camera → Read More

Samsung admits 'weak demand' for its phones is damaging profits

Samsung's marketing budget has always been vast, but in the last quarter it was far larger than even the manufacturer itself would have liked. The → Read More

Retired NASA probe brought back to life after 27 years drifting in space

The last time ISEE-3 fired its engines, Madonna was moving up the charts, the stock market was booming and President Reagan was busily denying that he'd → Read More

Google forced to 'forget' history of Merrill Lynch CEO's incompetence

Welcome to the happy Google search page. Where links to historical articles can be deleted at the request of cowards people with fragile reputations. → Read More

Third-person Oculus Rift hack delivers a true out-of-body experience

Who says VR needs to be experienced in the first-person? Using a stereo pair of GoPro cameras, mounted to a tall antenna carried in a backpack, some → Read More

Listen as a Google-backed piano turns live radio streams into 'world music'

If Google promised to fund your bohemian lifestyle for six months, in return for some kind of interactive art installation, what would you create? For → Read More

Tinder co-founder hits company with sexual harassment lawsuit

The corporate culture at Tinder HQ is about to get a public airing, now that its female co-founder and former VP of marketing has raised a lawsuit over → Read More

Samsung's new consumer SSDs shoot to the top of the benchmark league

For the last year or so, Samsung has been touting a "paradigm shift" in the way it constructs flash memory: from a horizontal to a vertical arrangement → Read More

Boston turns park benches into solar-powered charging points

Let it not be said that public parks are anti-technology. Over in Boston, city officials are more than happy to try new things in green spaces, including → Read More

Robot builders work together to create structures much bigger than themselves

If you've ever read a novel from Iain M. Banks's Culture series, then you'll know that builder-bots play a huge role in his vision of the future: A → Read More

Germany's green energy boom is leaving a 'trail of blood' on coal companies

Ever since it started, the commercial growth of renewable energy has been a laborious, often painful matter of government pushes, tax incentives and → Read More

Google will pay for coding lessons for thousands of female tech workers

We know the stats by now, and they're grim: women hold just a quarter of IT jobs, and they make up a mere 18 percent of recent computer science → Read More

Google Play for Education comes to student Chromebooks

If Google really is on a quest for global domination, as some folks loudly proclaim, then it's wisely starting its efforts in the classroom. In addition → Read More

Roku's remote control app comes to Windows Phones and tablets

This is not a great day for developers of the various third-party Roku apps available at the Windows Store. It's an excellent day, however, for those → Read More

Ford and Intel want to make cars that respond to your face and gestures

Where do anthropology students go when they leave college? Apparently, instead of travelling the Andaman Islands investigating the social impact of → Read More

Toyota's first hydrogen car is priced to go head-to-head with Tesla

Sure, Elon Musk is giving away Tesla patents to boost the battery-powered car industry, but don't surprised if more established manufacturers politely → Read More

Safety zealot hid a phone jammer in his SUV to stop other drivers taking calls

If you happen to notice a second-hand Toyota Highlander being offered for a quick sale in Seffner, Florida, you'll know exactly who it belongs to. A → Read More

Russian government dumps Intel and AMD in favor of homemade processors

Russia's policy on Western technology is clear: It can live without it, especially if key issues like economic sanctions, NSA spying and GPS cooperation → Read More