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Past articles by Daniel:

Path to Victory: How Israel Can Win the Palestinian Conflict

The right policy is to convince West Bankers, Gazans, and Muslim Jerusalemites that Israel is tough and permanent and that they have lost and should give up the war on Israel. Convince them to abandon → Read More

Israel’s Partial Victory

The State of Israel celebrates its 75th birthday in 2023, a year that will also mark a major but generally unnoticed milestone in the Arab–Israeli conflict. → Read More

Denmark Leads the West to Immigration Sanity

Denmark’s example can inspire but it does not smooth the path forward. → Read More

Why the Death Edict on Salman Rushdie?

The death edict was neither about rivalries nor geopolitics. → Read More

Why Ukrainian Refugees Are Different From Third-World Migrants

After the Russian invasion on Feb. 24, Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland reacted with delight and even shock to the... → Read More

How to Live as Long as Methuselah

The Nation of Islam has great importance as the bridge for many black Americans to move from Christianity to normative... → Read More

Middle East Migrants: Stay in Your Culture Zone

As the prospect of great numbers of Afghans fleeing their country — five million have been mentioned — comes into focus,... → Read More

Atheism Among Muslims is “Spreading Like Wildfire”

Atheism among Muslim populations was once unthinkable. But individuals are now renouncing Islam at greater rates than ever before. → Read More

Bibi, Thank You for Your Service!

Netanyahu has been an excellent leader, but is now the focus of national dispute. → Read More

Muslim Life in 2021, as Predicted in 1921

The Muslim world "sunk to the lowest depth of its decrepitude" in the eighteenth century; "the life had apparently gone out of Islam, leaving naught but a dry husk of soulless ritual and degrading superstition behind." Meanwhile, Europe discovered ocean → Read More

The Leper Colony: Conservatives

This intolerance means that conservatives under the age of 45 have effectively been shut out of leading institutions → Read More

What does 'victory' really mean to the Israel Defense Forces?

Momentum rightly aims to win on the battlefield, not coerce the enemy to give its long-term goals; that is the province of politicians. → Read More

Is the Israel Victory Project Still Necessary?

{Reposted from the MEF website} Where does Israel Victory stand in this era of Arab-Israeli peacemaking? Slightly diminished, but not by much. To understand why requires starting with a step back in time. The 1993 Oslo Accords sidelined the Arab states and focused on Palestinian-Israeli relations, expecting t ... → Read More

Annexing the West Bank Would Hurt Israel

A conservative American commentator on Middle Eastern affairs gives six reasons to believe that taking over Palestinian territory would harm both U.S.-Israel relations and Israel’s status as the Jewish state. → Read More

Will Arab anti-Zionism revive?

The old wall of Arab anti-Zionism has fractured, but lingering hostility against Israel could explode anew. → Read More

Middle Eastern Gyrations: Oil, Water, Islamism and anti-Zionism in Flux

{Reposted from the MEF website} As ever, the Middle East is monumentally in flux. As usual, most developments are negative. Here’s a guide: Water replaces petroleum as the key liquid: Oil and gas still provide nearly 60 percent of the world’s energy, but this number is declining and even the wealthiest oil producers are feeling the pinch (“GCC states look to new taxes as oil revenues remain… → Read More

My Disastrous Meeting With the Soviets

Introduction: With the Cold War still raging, I joined a group of 10 American specialists on the Middle East and related topics who traveled to Moscow in November and December 1983. We met intensively over four days with Soviet counterparts... → Read More

Making Sense of Palestinian Logic

Palestinian logic boils down to blackmail: You Israelis are rich, strong, and happy, so we will make you miserable unless you give us or give us access to more money. It's weird, it's sick → Read More

Harvard’s Radical Uprising, 50 Years Later

The would-be revolutionaries of the late 1960s went on to change the fundamentals of American academic life, eventually bringing on such delights as women’s studies, political correctness, micro-aggressions, and intersectionality. → Read More

Europe’s Jews vs. Israel

A battle pitting the mighty State of Israel against small and shrinking Jewish communities, takes place in many European countries, invariably arguing over the same subject: what the press calls far-right, populist, nativist, or nationalist parties – and what I call civilizationist parties (because they primarily aspire to maintain Western civilization). → Read More