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Past articles by Maddy:

17 Non-Alcoholic Thanksgiving Drink Ideas That Are Still Just As Delicious

If you're looking to experience Thanksgiving sober, check out these non-alcoholic ciders, tonics, coffee drinks, and hot chocolates. → Read More

The Godfather of the Modern Mindfulness Industry Was an 8 Year Old Birder

Ludwig Koch was born in 1881 in Frankfurt, Germany, a city steeped in centuries of musical tradition. Koch quickly fell in line, studying violin and vocal performance. But Koch's aural fascination extended far past his instruments. After being given an Edison phonograph and some wax cylinders, considered the height ... → Read More

Co-Star Astrology App: How It Works, Why Its Horoscopes Wreck Us

Co-Star has exploded in popularity since its debut a year and a half ago, racking up tens of thousands of positive reviews in the Apple Store and nearly three million downloads. In an announcement on April 16, the Co-Star team, anchored by Banu Guler, Ben Weitzman and Anna Kopp, announced they'd hit a $5 million fun... → Read More

Elon Musk and POTUS Candidate Andrew Yang Discuss A.I.'s Dangers on Twitter

In an interaction on Wednesday that only be described as “a lot of tweet,” 2020 long-shot presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, who has made thwarting automation-related job displacement the focal point of his campaign, and Elon Musk exchanged ideas on Twitter about our soon-to-be-reality with A.I. technology. → Read More

Facebook Tributes: How Facebook's A.I. Will Help Honor Deceased Loved Ones

Our digital profiles often linger after we die, in some particularly traumatizing cases reappearing as suggested friends or triggering birthday reminders. After years of horror stories, Facebook has now turned to A.I. to help automate the digital grieving process. → Read More

The Fight Against Runaway Spam Calls Hits Another Snag: The 1st Amendment

If it seems like you’ve been getting a lot more robocalls lately — you’re right — and not just if you’re on the receiving end of a John Oliver prank. Robocall frequency rose nearly 60 percent over 2018, according to the national call index, YouMail. There’s also no end in sight. → Read More

Legit Tay Updates: How the Popular T-Swift Parodist Wound Up in Prison

Have you ever read a sentence more on brand for 2019? → Read More

Google Maps Snake Game Is the Best April Fools Gift — Here's How to Play

Often heralded as the granddaddy of mobile games, Snake, inspired by the long-running arcade game of the same name, launched on the Nokia 6610 in 1997. Users were tasked with directing their snake towards bits of "food," while avoiding both the edges of the screen and the snake's own body. With each new ssssnack, th... → Read More

A New A.I. Used Data From 500K People to Successfully Predict Early Death

Using health data from roughly 500,000 middle-aged people in the U.K. a new machine learning algorithm was able to correctly identify the cases of early death (as opposed to who lived to the projected 80 year lifespan in the U.K.) roughly 79 percent of the time. → Read More

A New A.I. Used Data From 500K People to Successfully Predict Early Death

Using health data from roughly 500,000 middle-aged people in the U.K. a new machine learning algorithm was able to correctly identify the cases of early death (as opposed to who lived to the projected 80 year lifespan in the U.K.) roughly 79 percent of the time. → Read More

Video: The Mars-Like Island NASA Uses in Tests Is Now on Google Street View

The world’s largest uninhabited island, so isolated and otherworldly it’s used by NASA to run Mars exploration tests, now appears on Google Street View. If you’ve ever longed to see the earthbound terrain where future versions of the Curiosity Rover could be field tested, now’s your chance (Google has helpfully prov... → Read More

Video Shows a New Rubber Computer That May Hold the Key to Invisible Robots

In a paper published today in the PNAS journal, a research team led by Daniel J. Preston and funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy has introduced a soft computer made from silicon tubing and pressurized air, eliminating the final metal bits that have lingered in "soft" robot models over the past decade. → Read More

MySpace Loses 12 Years of Music, Underscoring the Work of Museum Archivists

The disappearance of 50 million songs from Myspace over a server migration has renewed attention on the ephemerality of digital art. As servers go off line, and new technologies emerge, museums in particular are contriving new ways to make sure digital art can be preserved. → Read More

NVIDIA Research's "GauGAN" Is an Incredible, Magic-as-Hell Coloring Book

NVIDIA Research, the company behind StyleGAN, the This Person Does Not Exist's learning model, has introduced a new way of using their generative adversarial networks (GANs): a virtual art app that can best be described as a "magic-as-hell coloring book." Dubbed "GauGAN," after the post-Impressionist painter Paul Ga... → Read More

The Average U.S. Computer Science Grad Outperforms China and India's Elites

The results show that American computer science graduates are still vastly outperforming peers in China, Russia, and India, the three countries who along with the United States produce more than half of the computer science graduates worldwide. The U.S.'s competitive advantage in tech is more resilient than some fea... → Read More

Operation Varsity Blues: How the High Stakes College Cheating Ring Worked

The main villain in college cheating ring known as Operation Varsity Blues was William "Rick" Singer, a college counselor who ran an organization called the Key Worldwide Foundation. Between 2011 and 2018, Singer helped the offspring of hyper-wealthy parents gain admission to some of the country's top schools. → Read More

63red Safe: New App Helps Trump Fans Find "Safe" Restaurants and Businesses

63red Safe is a new app that aimes to to help the MAGA-hatted crowd locate businesses that are havens from the roving Antifa boogey men and “Socialist goon squads." Founder Scott Wallace has argued in interviews that the app actually rates storefronts on their impartiality. Here's how it works. → Read More

Study Upends Common Theory About Music and the Brain's Ability to Focus

Taking refuge in a dramatic Spotify playlist is a common tactic for coping with noisy offices, but a new study might change your mind about trying to work to a soundtrack. But a study not only disproves the belief that music helps us focus, but shows that tunes actually “significantly impair” peoples’ creative verba... → Read More

Rotating Solar Panels Can Increase Efficiency by 32 Percent, Study Shows

The maximum theoretical efficiency for the most commonly-used photovoltaic cell is only 29 percent, so every drop of sunlight counts. So, using just a bucket of water and some rocks, Beth Parks built a new kind of slowly rotating solar panel that follows the sun, collecting 32 percent more energy in the process. → Read More

Video of a Backflipping Cheetah Robot Belies a Far Loftier Goal for MIT

MIT’s quadruped “mini cheetah” has become the first four-legged robot to successfully do a backflip. The 360 degree jump from standing position is the latest in the mini cheetah’s arsenal of tricks. Kick it over, and it gets back up. Push it away, and it maintains its balance. → Read More